rip one

VOICEMAIL ONE: hey. take the words and do what you want with them, just get them away from me. i am tired of having you in my writing and my thoughts (even if it’s only the late night ones)

VOICEMAIL TWO: how do i say sorry and make it sound like it’s true?

VOICEMAIL THREE: i am not sure if i am trying to rip the pride out of my body or if it’s the one ripping apart me but either way i am a battlefield and there is nothing pretty- there is nothing left for you to want, inside or out

VOICEMAIL FOUR: anyway. i’m by myself. still. it’s hard. (still.)

—  [A]LONE[LY] (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

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for the writing prompts: 99 with Lucifer and Gabriel? Romance or brotherly all up to you ^^

A gasp tore itself from Lucifer’s lungs.

His hand fisted the cloth–or rather, the fine comforter of little bits of fluff–that his youngest brother had bestowed to him, his front teeth sinking into his bottom lip as tears welled up in his eyes.

“He called them ugly,” the archangel murmured to himself in disbelief, jolting up in surprise as if he’d been charged by electricity when another dark gray feather was being plucked from his wings. A shuddering breath left his lips before he continued in a quavering voice. “Said he would rip them apart one day, said he’d crush them with his left foot and make me watch them burn before everyone. He–”

Lucifer stopped talking involuntarily, words dying on his tongue and thoughts pushed in the far back of his mind, before he relaxed back against Gabriel’s tender touch, fingers dispersing and losing themselves into his wings and the soft flesh beneath his feathers. Blunt nails scratched him there, and he drew a soft, happy noise, reveling in the warm sensation that envelopped his entire being.

Years of quarreling with Michael and this had yet to be the best part about it. Gabriel finding him no matter how desperately far he tried to hide and volunteering to aid him, to touch him, to love him. The youthful hands of his little brother were unfathomably soft, brimmed with experience and were like a blessing – a miracle, in fact.

Lucifer had never wanted anything so bad. The feeling of skin against skin from two beings that had possibly always shared an equal amount of mutual understanding for each other. They both had fought wars, gotten bruised and broken bones, spilled blood with their own hands and the weapons that they wielded that were crafted for them, owning the same flaws – scars over their hearts, souls and memories.

The elder archangel felt Gabriel shift behind him, and in a beat, he could feel hot breath being blown against the nape of his neck and one supportive hand being placed on his shoulder for mere comfort.

Lucifer’s heart accelerated when a single black feather came into view, held by the Messenger.

“Look at it,” Gabriel whispered, which sounded almost like what seemed in pure awe, and for a moment, Lucifer refused to listen, mostly because he didn’t quite understand yet. It was simply a feather. A blemished, perishing, ugly feather – as Michael had the guts to call each one of them. There was nothing special left in Lucifer, let alone his wings. Every time his brother insulted him, they would lose their charm and turn raven. What was the point of looking anymore?

Instead of replying, Lucifer ducked in shame.

“They are ethereal,” the Messenger said, whiskey eyes focused on the soft vanes and the barbs of the feather that danced into the tender breeze blowing past them. “Beautiful.”

“They die,” Lucifer stopped him. “They become hideous. There has never been anything even remotely beautiful about this.”

“But who says tragedies aren’t beautiful? Who says that they are meaningless?” Gabriel asked. “And who do you think that each one of them would die for?”

Lucifer cast his eyes over the single feather that his brother was still holding out in front of him, and observed it carefully, seeing how it progressively blackened for another few seconds and his heart sunk farther behind his ribcage. It had lost its life, its grace, its beauty. He wanted to scream in indignation at the heavens.

“They die for you, because they were made to love you,“ Gabriel reminded him, and forced Lucifer to grasp the feather. “They aren’t hideous. Only when you treat them with such hurtful names will they will lose grace and die in your name. Never think that they aren’t worth the respect and the adoration.”

Lucifer’s eyes turned softer, warmer when the black feather slept into his open palms, bare to the sky for every bird to see and the sun to shine on it.

“And, you know… I don’t care what Michael said, it doesn’t mean crap. You are still the Morning Star.” Gabriel smiled brightly at the view of his older brother, “And I think you are still full of surprises, and beautiful just the way that you are.”

Emperor Abuse

“Using the immense power he had acquired during the Battle of Molech and imbued with the energies all four Chaos Gods, Horus crushed the Emperor’s windpipe, severed the tendons of his wrists, broke most of his ribs, plucked out his left eye, and set his hair alight. As if this weren’t enough, Horus lifted the Emperor high above his head and brought him down upon his knee, crushing the Emperor’s spine. Further punishing his father by ripping one of his arms from its sockets, Horus howled over the beaten body of the Emperor in triumph”

@sisterofsilence I wonder how Arlette would react to all this 0.0

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The way you said 'i love you': Starco 26 and Moonriver 28

(send me a ship + a no. 1-35!)

jo i love you but why do you always want these precious loves to suffer

starco + 26: “i love you” — [broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket & beg me not to leave]

Wait! M-Marco, wait!”

She looked like she had been ripped right from the storybook pages; silver dress flowing, swaying in her heels, running down the castle’s perfect ivory and marble stairs…

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Its Voltron but soft #2 (full)








Youtube lower octave

Yall free to make covers of this and write sheet music and download it with youtube converters for whatever purpose you want! Please message me if you make something so I can yell about it!!