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omg this is a really random q and you dont have to do it sfghj BUT what are some of your all time fav taekook pics - past and present? :') i was just looking through some of their debut photos together and now im.. mega emo rip

are… are you sure you really wanna do this HAHA akjsdfnaksdjf but here are some because there are way too many :’)))

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New username!

hellasimbyss > churrosims

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Finally decided on the name and from now on I’ll go by churrosims!

Thank you so much to everybody who gave me their input! It really helped me decide more quickly!! :D

it’s night and thanks to an “unknown error” I’ve been stuck in a train that stopped in the middle of nowhere on the tracks for a while now rip

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DL expressing incredulity at the fact that even after a decade, he and CH look like they've only aged a year since they met, Lu still acts like a kid, and coming to terms with the possibility that he'll have to be her caretaker-turned-underling-turned-big-brother-figure for quite a long time... but also feeling happy that he'll be able to live out an aspect of his life that was ripped from him long ago.

He was nearly immortal now, or so Lu told him.

Demons lived for far longer than humans.  And, as he was contracted to a demon and had accepted her power, Ciel was practically a full-fledged demon in his own right.  Yet he hadn’t quite thought about that until he’d glanced in the mirror the other day and seen that he didn’t look a day over twenty-eight, even though nine years had passed since then.

When he asked Lu about it, she just shrugged and reminded him about demon “immortality.”

“It’s really annoying ‘cause I won’t regain my full form for, like, another century,” she grumbled.  “But we can camp out in Elrios until then.  I like wandering around.  Ciel, I want cookies.”

Ciel thought about that now as he waited for Lu’s cookies to bake, sitting on the counter with his legs crossed instead of actually pulling out a chair.  Immortality.  It was a funny concept for a street kid like him, who never honestly thought he’d live past twenty-five, maybe thirty if he was lucky.  But he was apparently lucky.  Very, very lucky, to have contracted with someone like Lu.

And if she wouldn’t regain her full form for at least another century…. Did that mean Ciel was stuck playing the role of her sharp blade for at least that long?  Fighting for her, baking her cookies, combing out her hair when it got tangled?

It wasn’t the life he’d thought he would have.  It wasn’t the life he’d built for himself when he’d had the chance.  And yet, staring at the oven timer in the overly hot kitchen, Ciel couldn’t find it in himself to mind this new fate.

alright so now i’m convinced that when Rowena cast the ‘Manete’ spell and stopped Crowley from supposedly saving Gavin from going to certain death, he was actually intending on giving his son a hug and saying goodbye to him properly. Maybe not at the moment she cast the spell, but you can see the moment his resolve cracks and how his hand twitches and HE WAS JUST WANTING TO HUG GAVIN AND SAY GOODBYE TO HIM

positivity fridays! ( week 1 )

positivity fridays is a day where i spread positive messages to five other roleplayers each week! pass it on and spread the love! (im too busy on wednesdays so its fridays now rip old tradition)

@cinderella-esque – My spicy reaction image provider, I love you. Honestly I only watched a few episodes of JJBA when you followed me so I just read your about page 500 times to keep up with what was going on, but eventually I started watching some more of the episodes because your passion and writing inspired me to try and figure out more about where Yukako came from. I’m pretty sure I follow you on all of my blogs because I just love interacting with you tbh. Keep up the quality content. 

@fiftystars – We haven’t interacted much yet ( but I can tell from the ball-kicking action on my Egypt blog that things are going to be a lot of fun ) but I love reading your headcanons and some of your interactions. Your development is really unique and it really builds off the base Hima gave really well. I really look forward to seeing more from you and strongarms mclifty over here! B)

@a-ffettuoso – Your Italy is a huggable piece of garbage and I adore him. I like chatting through the tags with you and I really enjoy interacting on both of my blogs. It’s funny to see that Italy is still loving and nice despite who he’s with. Your writing moves in a very fluent way while still using eloquent language and great articulation. Honestly you’re just a gem and I love you. 

@tamsusvilkas – And so we meet again, old friend. ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being mutuals with you for so long on my voyin and now that I’m back in town I’m really glad be able to write with you in the (near) future. Your take on Toris is really neat, imo. You really represent the nitty-gritty nature of being a nation with a difficult and silenced past and that’s something to be appreciated. Watching you over the years has been a pleasure. 

@chiyeolhan – Props to you my dude because you somehow make me love this scumboy over here. I’ve liked chatting with you on some of my other blogs and you’re a super sweet mun. Your #aesthetic is really nice and I dig the icon styles and the way you write. I’m mega appreciative of how approachable you are and how you treat everyone around you. The way you play Sangwoo is tasteful (as much as a Sangwoo can be tasteful) and unique and I dig that tbh. Your interpretation leaves room for him to meet a lot of new characters and makes it easy to interact with him.  

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nickname: moses
star sign: gemini
height: 5′5
time right now: 21:16
favorite music artist: >>current faves
song stuck in your head: chelsea dagger
last tv show you watched: voltron! s2 is living up so far
what are you wearing right now: ripped jeans, flannel shirt
what do you post: lots of yuri on ice! trc, voltron, hp, mcu, pacific rim, parks & rec, b99, star wars, star trek, stand up stuff
do you have any other blogs / saved url’s: yeah! @zeldasabel @nickelfic
why did you choose your url: i studied music in college. every flautist has prob played every variation of sonata, sonatine, or sonatina by like,,, every baroque composer
do you get asks regularly: not really? chat feature works well!
hogwarts house: ravenclaw. maybe slytherclaw
pokémon team: i never played pokemon go. team rocket
average hours of sleep: 8
favorite characters: yuri plisetsky, ronan lynch, bucky barnes, rosa diaz, ben wyatt
how many blankets do you sleep with: one duvet; plus another blanket in winter
following: 461, but i think a lot of these are inactive

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tagged by @alucardsemery (I LOVE YOUR NEW URL BUB OMG i didnt realize the third one came out three days ago rip me just ordered it now)

a - age: 22

b - birthplace: australia

c - current time: 12.33pm

d - drink you last had: water

e - easiest person to talk to: @cptandorcassian@bcydbeaulieu 

f - favourite song: always ready to belt out renegades by x ambassadors or shining by them

g - grossest memory: idk?? when i stepped on a chainsaw and my toe was hangin??

h - horror yes or horror no: HORROR FUCK YES

i -`in love?: lol nope

j - jealous of people: ya

k - killed someone: not as resourceful as the kids in the secret history 

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: these boots were made for walking (bless this keeping it)

m - middle name: 👀 don’t have one 👀

n - number of siblings: one but im adopted (i fuckin wish)

o - one wish: give me enough travel expenses for a few years and so i can go to atlanta > texas m8

p - person you called last: good question… idk but im assuming more likely then not it was laura

q - question you’re always asked: are you a 1d blog? (smh)

r - reason to smile: just ordered the 3rd shades of magic book that ive been waiting for since last year asiudyhf so excited tbh im gonna reread the series first so im Ready for it properly welp

s - song you sang last: something by x ambassadors im sure

t - time you woke up: 9:00am

u - underwear colour: black

v - vacation destination?: americaaaaaaaaa

w - worst habit: im hopeless with social media sometimes lolol ya’ll know this if you know me well

x - x-rays: many

y - your favourite food: not sure really… mangoes are fab

z - zodiac sign: virgo

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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

DROP THE MAMBO (ft. Lance)  ► animation meme ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

mambo was created in cuba
lance is cuban
and his hips never lie