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All is fair in love and revenge

Prompt: “I’m like 85% that’s illegal, but yeah, i’ll help you.”

Characters: ReaderxJuice

Summary: Reader gets some much needed revenge with the help of Juice.

(y/e/b/f/n/) means Your ex-boyfriend’s name

(Y/e/b/f/n). Also known as the Devil himself. You two had been together for almost 6 months. At first it was great, he bought you flowers, took you out, and was the sweetest person he could possibly be. Around 4 months he started to change. He stayed out longer, had a bad attitude, and always smelled of women’s perfume. 
You weren’t stupid, you knew he was cheating on you. You were just waiting until you could catch him in the act. It would be the perfect form of revenge.
You had been planning tonight’s activities for months and tonight was the night you were finally going to get payback on that cheating asshole. 
This is why you are at Juice’s doorstep at midnight, you knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. A few minutes later you heard the quiet stomp of his feet on his wood floor approaching the door. He opened the door shirtless and in blue plaid pajama pants. 
He gave you a questioning look before speaking. 
“Might I ask why you are at my door, dressed in all black, in the middle of the night?” He says while rubbing his eyes and yawning. “
You smile before saying, 
“I need your help with something.” You explain, walking around him and into his living room, taking a seat on his smooth brown-leather couch that you loved. 
He shut the door and walked over to you, taking a seat to your left and throwing his arm over the back of the couch 
You took a minute to admire his tan sculpted torso before he resumed the   conversation. 
“What, exactly do you need my help with at midnight on a Wednesday night?” He looked much more awake and interested in the conversation now.
You decided that keeping your answer short and simple would be best for right now. 
“Vandalism. More specifically, motor vehicle vandalism.” 
He stares at you for a moment before replying.
“I’m like 85% sure that’s illegal but sure, ill help you.” 
You smile gratefully and kiss him on the cheek. 
“Okay, go get dressed and meet me outside in 10.” You say, missing the faint blush that appeared on Juice’s cheeks. 
You ran out the door and sat on your bike, eagerly awaiting Juice’s presence. Adrenaline was flowing through you making your hair stand on end and your fingers twitch. Just like you asked, ten minutes later Juice’s garage door opened to reveal him in a similar attire of black clothing and boots, sitting on his bike. 
“Follow me.” you say, kickstarting your bike and exiting his driveway, driving in the direction of (y/e/b/f/n)’s house.
You arrive a short amount of time later, parking across the street and noticing his bedroom light on and shadows playing across the curtains. You swing your leg over the seat, getting off and walking around to the back of your bike, getting out the tools you’ll need in order to successfully execute this plan, plus a little surprise that you’re saving for the very end. 
Juice got off his bike and walked up to you.
“(y/f/n),why are we in front of (y/e/b/f/n)”s house?” he asked eyeing the tools in your hands.
“The douchebag is cheating on me and has been for the past 2 months. I’ve just been staying with him until I could catch him in the act and let him know that he picked the wrong girl to cheat on.” You say handing him a crowbar and a can of neon green spray paint, and a black ski mask. 
“Are you serious?!” he yells/whispers, anger painting his features. 
You shush him, careful not to give away your presence. 
“If we get caught doing this we’re spending a night in jail so I’d like you to keep quiet please.” You said, pulling out your own assortment of tools which consisted of another can of spray paint, an identical mask, an extra large jar of vaseline, and slipping the surprise in your back pocket for later.
“You see that red Ford truck?” You ask motioning to the shiny new truck in (y/e/b/f/n)’s driveway. 
He nods.
“Good, that’s our target. You are going to give him a new paint job and i am going to clean his windows.” you say, smirking and pulling your ski mask over your face, ducking low so you wouldn’t be seen making your way over to the truck. 
When you reach your objective you motion Juice to take the left side of the truck which was the driver’s side.
 You uncap your spray paint and write,
“I told you not to screw with me.” in big green letters. 
You then unscrew the vaseline jar and scoop a big glob into your hand. You take your time smearing it on his passenger side window and the front and back windshields. While doing this you listen for any sign of of someone noticing you and Juice, but hear nothing. 
When you finish you make your way over to Juice’s side of the truck so you can see his handy work. You find that he has made big, long scratches in the cherry red paint and had also dented in the doors. He had spraypainted some obscenities that made even you raise your eyebrows in surprise of their extra crude and creative nature. 
You look behind you to find him leaning on the waist-height chain length fence that separates the properties of your ex and his neighbor. You go to lean against it with him, leaning into his shoulder as a silent thank you. 
“You didn’t deserve this, you know.” he says, out of the blue. 
You nod, knowing he is right, but you can still feel your eyes start to grow moist.
He sees this and grabs your hand, lacing your fingers together and leaning down to kiss you on the forehead. 
You smile up at him before reaching into you pocket and getting the air horn and duct tape that you had stored for the finale. Juice gives you a curious look and asks,
“What are we doing with that?” 
You reply with
“We’re going to make him aware of the mess he’s made.” you say, referring to his now awful looking truck. “We’re going to make sure that he knows that when you lay with fire, you will get burned.“
You rip off your mask and put it in your back pocket. There was no longer sadness in your heart, but pure rage. You wanted him to know that it was you who had done this and that he was not going to get out of this situation unscathed. 
You felt Juice right behind you as you made your way to the bush underneath (y/e/b/f/n/)’s windowsill. 
You ripped off a long piece of duct tape and wrapped it around the button that would trigger the sound you were preparing to hear. As soon as you and Juice heard the sound, you dropped the air horn in the bushes and ran back across the street towards your bikes. 
When you got on your bike you sped off as fast as you could, starting to hear your ex-boyfriend’s shouts of anger that echoed into the night. 
*Time skip*
You and Juice were now laying together on the couch in his living room, him back in his pajamas and you in one of Juice’s t-shirts and your underwear. A movie was playing on the television in front of you but you weren’t focused on it, too busy replaying the events of this evening in your head. 
It wasn’t unusual for you to spend the night with him. He was your best friend. You had always wanted more but you were sure that he didn’t, that’s the reason why you started dating (y/e/b/f/n), so you could get over your feelings for Juice. 
It hadn’t worked, you now discovered, as you felt his breath tickle your ear from behind. He still to this day gave you butterflies. 
You turned around to thank him again, only to find him very close to you and staring at you with a longing that made you feel as if there was a possibility he felt the same way as you did. 
Your thoughts soon had answers, as instead of creating a bigger space between you two, he leaned in and kissed you. 
It was so much better than any of the kisses you’d ever shared with your ex. It was soft and passionate and you felt as if nothing but you and Juice existed. You wanted it to last forever, to feel his warmth surrounding you as he snaked his arms around your hips, bringing a hard up to cradle the back of your head. 
When you pulled away to breathe he smiled down at you.
“I know this may be too soon but I Just want you to know that I love you so much.” he whispered, placing his forehead against your own. 
“I love you too Juice.” you said seeing his face light up with joy. You smiled back knowing that you would never have to go through that again, as long as you had him.

Thank you for reading loves!

I saw her eyes and the way her lips trembled; something suddenly occurred to me. “By the way, how did you know there were five counties?" 

But she didn’t answer; already she was rushing down the slope. He saw her in time to rise to his feet; she stopped then, several yards away, and for a few seconds both were staring at each other, hard and still and silent. Then he whispered something I couldn’t hear; but I knew in a flash that the gap was closed, that the random years were at an end, that the past and the future would join. She knew this too, for she ran into his arms calling out: "Oh, Smithy–Smithy–it may not be too late!" 

Random Harvest - James Hilton, 1941