rip my heart out i don't want it

A little later, Paris broke my heart for the second time that day. 

“Auntie La Toya, I want to die,” she said. “I want to be where Daddy is. I don’t want to live anymore. I just want to die. I don’t want to be here anymore.”


“Daddy told me that I have to be strong,” she said. “Because he told me, ‘You’re going to have to take care of Prince and Blanket if something ever happens to me. You’re going to have to be the mother if something happens to me, Paris.’”

“When did he say that, Paris?”

“Last night, before he went to rehearsal. Prince and I were arguing, and Daddy said, 'Stop fighting with your brother. I’m not always going to be here, and you’re going to have to be the lady and watch over them.’”

As Paris relived the memory, she seemed to realize that this had been the last moment that she saw her father alive, and she began to cry harder.

-La Toya Jackson, Starting Over 

716. Upon reaching the afterlife, Fred got to choose whether to change to white clothes or not. He immediately declined the offer, as he wanted George to be able to find him when he arrived as easily and quickly as possible.

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28th March 2016

I survived term 1! I can chill out a bit now I’m on holidays !yay! spending my day reviewing psych notes, reading up on the next chapter and drinking green tea (I’m always drinking green tea tbh) ig: @shystudy

P.S : !!!WARNING!!! do not watch Haikyuu!! Or Kids on the Slope if you don’t want your heart to be ripped out. :-)

I get really overwhelmed by how great she is sometimes

The Fallen Star 

(Or, The Legend of Clarke told by Bellamy aka rip my heart out and stomp on it)

For clarke-griffin because she is the human form of Satan, and all I can really say is I’m sorry for what you’re about to read?


“Uncle Bell! You’re back,” Cleo squeals, launching herself into the man’s arms. The makeshift crayons - sticks and berries - already forgotten on the floor; he’d clean them up later, he decides.

He wraps his arms around the small figure and pulls her - his niece - into a hug. “Of course. I could never miss story-time with my favourite girl.”

Cleo pulls back and giggles, “That’s what I told mommy when she said you might not be back in time.”

Crouching down, he tucks a strand of her long dark hair behind her ear. “I’ll always be back for you. What story do you want to hear tonight?”

“The Legend of Clarke,” she says, hopefully.

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