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If it fits it sits

BIG THANKS TO OUR GUEST ARTIST @joycew-blog!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for all your amazing work Joyce!!!! These are absolutely incredible and hilarious! I am super happy that Meg and Angel were included in the shenanigans.

If you would like to see more of Joyce’s choice work please go to her art blog [here]!

Ignore Them

Pairing: Meg 2.0 x Reader

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Meg

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: smut, fluff, the tiniest bit of angst, NSFW gif (kinda) , poor writing skills

Notes: This imagine was a request from @sassyspn67. I am so sorry it took so long for this to come out, I’ve been a bit busy with school and crap (can’t wait till summer). Btw I’ve never written smut so sorry if this sucks. Request: Do u like doing lesbian imagines de spn? If u ever did or something idk

Omc, yaassss. I would love one with meg 😍 The reader is in a hunt with the boys and mag come to say “hi”, then they start flirting, the boy get uncomfortable (sorry idk English well) and, ONLY IF U WANT, smut 💕💕💕💕💕💕 Ps: i’m bi 🤘

Main blog: @blackfandomtrashandproudNSFW GIF BELOW CUT

“Meg?” Dean asked checking to see if he heard you correctly. Not minutes before you had brought up working with an old enemy of the boys, the demon Meg, on a case in Lewiston, Idaho where some killings have been taking place. Reports have said all bodies had giant bite marks on their necks and a part of their throats had been ripped out. “Yes, Meg. She could help us considering the large amount of vamps that are hiding in that warehouse” you justified.

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Hey if you want to could you please post some spoilers for the dark prophecy under a read more? If you don't want to that's totally cool I'm just kind of dying to know more haha

Heads up! This is basically like the barebones of the plot right here so don’t read it if you don’t want to know!

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after walt;

From the start, Meg felt being sent to Walt was the second to worst thing that happened to her. The first being the deal she made with a cold man that made her his servant for some odd years. Things were never easy, but she got by on a small glimmer of hope that her future would be better. If there was one thing she was absolutely certain of was that she’d never find love again. After her first heartbreak she deemed true love to be non-existent. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. It wasn’t until she met Berlioz Beaumont that her view on love stated to change. Granted it was hard at first. Letting down her guard for another man wasn’t easy- she was afraid of her past romances repeating itself. But luckily enough Berlioz wasn’t that type of man, and she couldn’t help but to fall. It’s cheesy but the first year of their relationship was picture perfect, besides the few insecurities Meg had. Meg was finally in love with someone who loved her back. Berlioz honestly spoiled her rotten and supported meg through the thickest of mud. He even took her to visit Paris a couple of times and Meg was honestly overwhelmed with awe. She knew-thought he was going to be the one. Her person to grow old with and share their life together, maybe even start a family with. But soon things turned sour, and when they did it happened fast. 

For one Berlioz’s mother didn’t approve of Meg one bit. Meg wasn’t really sure as to why, the girl had been nothing but kind and generous to her boyfriends mother. Maybe because Meg wasn’t from a high class family, or maybe it was because Meg was literally a “no one” and she wasn’t good enough for her baby boy. The reason is still unknown but it drove a wedge between her and Berlioz. A constant battle between them, and it broke megs heart when at times during arguments that Berlioz took his mothers side instead of hers. She tried to understand, it was his family after all, but it still hurt. But she felt agitated that had the situation been the other way around, she wouldn’t care what her family would say. If she loved someone, that should be it. If that wasn’t stressful enough on their relationship they had paparazzi constantly following their every move. Berlioz was a rising star and everyone wanted to cash in on him to get their picture featured in a spread in some magazine. Soon Meg wasn’t even her own person anymore. She quickly became “that girl” who was dating Berlioz Beaumont. From being completely no one to being shoved into flashing lights and having to keep a quiet voice she grew irritated with it all. More and more Berlioz continued to side with his mother and Meg felt completely helpless. Meg would often call her mom after Berlioz fell asleep asking for advice, but no matter how much advice her mother offered it wouldn’t help. Meg loved Berlioz, more than she ever thought she could and now for the first time she had to contemplate leaving him. It was heart-breaking thinking about being without him. He was the first man she honestly truly loved and the thought of that being completely taken from her- well, it scared her to death. 

She didn’t act on the thought of leaving until they got into a storming argument. The fighting just seemed to escalate further and further until she couldn’t hold it back anymore. They ended it. And Meg packed all her things and bought a one-way ticket back to Athens and didn’t look back. And even thought she felt relived about being home again and being with her mother as soon as she was by herself she couldn’t help but to cry for the loss of her true love. Weeks came and went but on one seemingly normal day was when Megs life changed. Something felt off so she took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive that she was indeed pregnant. What was worse- it was Berlioz’s. After planning for weeks she thought of ways to tell him, to contact him. He needed to know, he was the father after all. A couple of months later she bought a plane ticket to see him. It was a few days before her departure and she had already gone over a million times over what she would say to him. But something stopped her- she was reading some article online and pop-ads came up about celebrities in the side bar. She read the title Berlioz Beaumont’s new budding romance, and as much as Meg tried to ignore it she found herself clicking on it. And there it was. The love her life with his arm wrapped around some other woman. Meg felt like she had been stabbed in the gut. He looked so happy- and here she was still crying over him. That was when she made the hardest decision of her life. Meg ripped up the plane ticket and threw it into the trash. She couldn’t go tell Berlioz about their child. His reputation would probably take a downfall if the public found out. So instead she kept the child’s father a secret. And when her child did grow up they would know nothing about their father, it would be like he never existed. That seemed to be the easiest way in this whole mess. So she kept all the small things and pictures of them together in a small box in her closet.And when she shut the closet door, she was finally closing off a part of her life that she always thought she would have.

The years of Xoe growing up were hard. Xoe asked about her father non-stop, mostly because she was strong-headed just like her father. But Meg refused to talk about him, and soon eventually Xoe stopped asking. It hurt Meg that she couldn’t tell her own daughter about her father but it was best to keep it this way. If she told Xoe she knew her daughter would set off to find him, and to think of how that would affect Berlioz in the media. After everything she couldn’t do that sort of thing to him. For a long time Meg thought she was done having to worry about this secret. Until Xoe came home day with her rooster sheet from Walt, and read the names of the students who were in her class this year. And when the name Ivy Beaumont escaped her daughters mouth, Meg became skittish. There was a small chance that she could run into Berlioz at Walt during Parent’s week, and she’s not sure if she can handle that, let alone being face to face with her daughters father.


  • Roslyn — Bon Iver
  • To Build A Home — The Cinematic Orchestra
  • Let Me Sign — Robert Pattinson
  • Satellite Heart  — Anya Marina