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didnt wanna risk star magics-ing her hair into oblivion so marco decided to grow it out manually. it’s a process, but she’s getting there. (the hoodie remains a staple, obviously,)


Some OTP holiday greetings for you all, Merry christmas to all of you trashbags.

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I finally stopped crying about 2 minutes ago but I am already thinking about season 3. 

What we learned from season 1 is that Toffee is willing to do almost anything to get to Star. Which includes putting up with Ludo’s whiny butt, as well as KIDNAPPING MARCO.

To Star, Marco is her best friend/love interest and one of the most important people in her life, hell she even has a crush on him and felt so inclined to tell him the truth about her feelings, knowing lying to him would hurt her.

Toffee did it before why not do it again, when Star has no contact with earth anymore, therefore meaning Marco could be taken and no one would know.


Star cares about loves Marco a lot and has and will fight a whole army for him.

But let’s not forget Marco has his own dimensional scissors.

“We are victims of this cruel world. I forgive you, Bertholdt”


HD makes a huuuge difference!

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Starco week 3 - Recovery

Ok, this morning was very quiet for me, so I had time to think of a bunch of different ideas, on thing was a concept for Recovery (yes, another one a day late), and so here it is, ISO’S 2ND FIC, BOIS
Here we go.

Thanks for reading!

“Hey Marco!” Star said, excitedly, as she entered Marco’s room.

Well, the hospital’s room, but Marco’s name was on the tag so it was his! The young princess skipped around Marco’s bed and took a seat on a stool next to all the medical monitors.

“The things we could do with this kind of magic on Mewni..” she started, “maybe I should bring it up to mom next I’m in Mewni!”

Star exhaled, calming herself down. She wasn’t there for fun, she was there to check up on Marco. Something that’s become an everyday matter for her.

“3 months, huh?” She asked the monitors, hoping their beeping could somehow give her the answer. Star turned to the little table on the far side of the room and used her wand to create a beautiful bouquet of Mewnian flowers, next to the other flowers she’d conjured for the past days.

“Has someone been throwing out my flowers?” She pouted, noticing there was a definite lack of flowers than the day before. “Ugh, these doctors!” She scoffed. “Can’t appreciate true beauty!” She stuck her tongue out at toward all the nurses in the hospital. They couldn’t see her, but her intentions were there.

She came back to her surroundings again. It was cool in the room. A temperature that wasn’t cold, but wasn’t too hot that one could be uncomfortable in. A simple table, a TV that was airing a rerun of Fravity Galls. Really there wasn’t anything here that could disturb anyone. Not that it would disturb Marco.

Star’s wandering eyes found their rest at her feet. That was the only place she dared to look, because anything in the room reminded her of the state Marco has ended up in. It was the only place she wanted to look, not bearing the sight of Marco.

Marco was laying on the bed with several tubes sticking out of him, connected to one of the machines Star was sitting next to. It were these tubes that were keeping Marco alive. It were these tubes that were gave Star ta feeling of total dread and guilt, as she believed it was because of her that Marco was now in this state.

Marco had been in a coma, and according to the doctors, he would be staying in a coma.

Star was confused to why Marco’s parents would try to “hold on to hope”, expecting Marco to wake up as if any day now.

Where they saw possibility, She saw pain, agony, and torture.

However, today was going to be different from all the other days.

Star’s silent mouth twisted into a smile, “Oh Marco!” She said in the softest and sweetest way possible, as if trying not wake him. “I’ve been doing some research, and I think I know the best way to help you!” Her voice was shaky, but she was able to steel herself. If she was going to go through with her plan, she couldn’t be hesitant or it may not work.

“I know of this place that’ll be able to fix you!” Star was excited. “I’ll take you there, you’ll be all better!” She was wiping away her appearing tears. “The best part is, we can stay there, and we won’t have to worry about anything! We won’t need to come back, because we’ll both be there.” She couldn’t help but choke up a little, “and as long as you’re there, I’ll be happy.”

It was starting to get difficult, but Star HAD to press on. She knew if she did this, she could see Marco again. “So, what do you say, Marco? Let’s go on one more adventure, one that’ll never end!” She didn’t wait for a response, as if she could recieve one.

Star got up from her chair and kneeled next to the machine with all the tubes in them. She grabbed it and turned it to expose the cables.

“Oof, what a mess, they should really organize these cables.” Star said, trying to make herself think of anything else.

She followed one cord, the most important one.

The power cord.

With her trembling hand, she clutched the base of the plug.

Star had a new smile on her face. A hysterical smile. Her mouth wide, a grin from ear to ear, but with these eyes.

Eyes that had forgotten, eyes that had nothing behind them.

With a slight tug, the plug simply disconnected from the wall.

“Huh.” Star said, not as to inquire, but as to add something more to her actions than just a simple tug.

The other machines started beeping loudly, error messages flashing. She could hear sounds of panic and rushing from outside the door.

Star stood up quickly, raising her wand to the door and casting a locking spell on the door, then conjuring a guant rock to block the door, just for good measure.

Beeping and beeping, hands slamming the door, Star just stared. Stared at Marco’s body. Tears running down her eyes, but still giving off that hysteric smile.

She walked over to the bed, and stroked Marco’s hair. “It’ll be ok, Marco, don’t be scared. Don’t worry about that beeping…” She whispered, hoping to calm down the unreactive boy.

The machines were beeping loudly, as if yelling at Star. She ignored them, and started telling stories to Marco, stories of their meetings, how she had a great time living with him and his family. She told him about how much fun she’s had on their adventures. “You’ve given me so much, Marco.” She said through her smile. “So please let me do this for you.”

The machines stopped their repetitive beeping, and let out one, single, droning, beep.


Star finished by kissing Marco’s forehead. “I love you, Marco…” nothing but the flatline responded.

Star stood up straight. Took her wand into both hands, and whispered into it.

The wand lit up in a fantastical glow. Changing form into that of a small dagger. The glow ended with a small flash, a spark, and in place of her wand was an ornate dagger that came up to a fine point, a floral pattern on both sides that shaped a butterfly.

She lifted the dagger, sharp end toward her, up to her throat. She grabbed Marco’s hand, hoping his fading warmth can give her a facade of strength.

Looking up at the ceiling, she gripped his hand harder and told him, “Don’t worry Marco… I’ll see you soon.”


The end


“Hvitserk…? HVITSERK?!”, you said, started to ran towards him and he just stood there and smiled. You hugged him and he hugged you too, pressed his lips on yours. “I missed you my beautiful star”, he said. “I missed you too, Hvitserk. I was so afraid that you wouldn’t come back”, you mumbled in his shoulders. “ I would never leave you alone”, he smiled and kissed you again.

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I think I will start to write One-Shots soon. Some people requested it and I wanna give it a try😊😅