rip maggie thatcher

Okay but highlights of the episode to get us out of this pit of despair:

- Sherlock’s adorable happiness at the beginning.
- Sherlock throwing a piece of biscuit into his mouth and missing quite tragically.
- Both Brother’s answering to “Mr. Holmes” at the same time.
- Lestrade getting super happy when Sherlock finally called him Greg.
- Sherlock! Working! On! Remembering! Gregs! Name!
- John helping!!!
- Balloon Watson.
- Papa Sherlock with lil baba Rosie.
- Honestly John’s hair? I’m??
- John with a flower behind his ear.
- Sherlock literally ripping into Maggie Thatcher, what a man.
- “What are you Wikipedia?” “Yes”
- So. Much. Water.
- More twirly!lock
- Sherrinford (?? Maybe) chasing PIRATE SHERLOCK in said adorable dream!
- Mrs. Hudson in general, she’s always a delight.
- Sherlock desperately wanting to make himself a better person for John.
- Mycroft and Lestrade in the same room, if only for a second.
- Sleek references to TPLOSH.
- The new skull!! It’s literally lit!!!
- Also so many Elephants!! Bless Arwel!

(Feel free to add more)

In the words of Kayleigh - Rust in piece Iron Lady

Whatever your views on her she was an incredible lady with some unpopular decisions, but none the less she deserves some respect for being the only female prime-minister in Britain and the longest serving one of the 20th century.