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Mentor | Horticulturist | Feminine | Loyal | Badass | Relentless | Assassin | Bitch | Beautiful | All Woman. 

Alberta Watson made this complex character truly unforgettable through her enormous talent as an actress. She had a long and very successful career, but she will always be Madeline to me. It’s still a shock that she is no longer with us but her presence will live on forever through this amazing show. Forever in our hearts. RIP dear Alberta.  

For That Night - TaylorSquared fic

Making sense of the mess that’s in my head has never been easy.
When I put pen to paper, that’s easy. That makes sense. That I can do as easily as breathing, as listening to my own heartbeat. I can arrange things in melodies and harmonies, cross out bridges that confuse the verses, shell out choruses with words that rhyme and roll off my tongue – simple.
But I’ve sat tapping my pen against my notebook night after night, trying to find the words to say, trying to come up with a half-way decent hook…and nothing comes. I try to convince myself that I love him, because I should. He’s the first person in my life who’s felt…stable. The first person who I felt like I could really rely on, who would never, ever cause me heartache. He makes me feel safe and comfortable, and that’s what I should want; I mean, isn’t that what love is supposed to be like? Safe and comfortable?
I can’t write him a love song. I can’t make anything rhyme and I can’t find the words to describe this feeling.

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RIP Madeline💜 She was my little baby. I used to call her and her brother devils because they were so evil but now she’s up in heaven being my little baby angel. You didn’t have a long life Maddie but you were perfect in every way possible. Thank you Maddie for being one of the best and cutest cats I’ve ever had. I love you so much and you will be missed dearly. I hope you can be watching over me from little kitty heaven. I will never forget you Madeline