rip lewis marnell


What if Lewis Marnell got on Baker?

I made these board graphics after wondering how different Lewis Marnell’s career would’ve been if he had gotten on Baker instead of Almost. If Bryan Herman is considered Reynolds protegé then one could consider Marnell Dustin Dollin’s protegé. Dustin was the guy who discovered Marnell and told his mom the infamous “His skating isn’t getting in the way of school, school is getting in the way of his skating” statement. Dustin was hooking Marnell up with boards for a while til’ he got on Almost. In an interview Marnell said he almost died during a night of drinking with Dollin leading to him quitting the bottle, not sure if that factored into him getting on Baker or not but ya gotta wonder how things would’ve been.

RIP Lewis Marnell