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What happened on Flight 2511? It’s a question the FBI have been trying to answer for 57 years, but the case remains as mysterious as ever. 

On the 6th of January, 1960, National Airlines flight 2511 took off from Idlewild Airport in New York city for it’s final flight. Around midway through the journey, just over the state of North Carolina, something happened to the plane that still cannot be explained to this day. The case remains officially unsolved, but it has been theorised that a suicide bomber let off a devise which caused the aircraft to explode in midair. At 2:45 a.m, a local farmer reported to police that he heard “metal tearing up”, followed by an explosion. Several hours later, he found a wing of the plane strewn across his field, and a full investigation followed. Emergency services found 32 mangled bodies during the first day of search and rescue, leaving only two missing bodies. The 33rd body was found at the crash site, and the 34th body was miles away, laying in a marsh with strange injuries, injuries that didn’t correlate with those of an aircraft accident at all.

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Yo my hand hurts like nobody’s business now but I’ve been itching to draw ever since I hurt it. It’s not an Inktober drawing since this is all pencil. I might ink it after I get my stitches out but for now this is all I’m going to do.

Anyway I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head for a while.

Taking care.

A/N: While I’m in Spanish Linguistics class I’m writing this instead of paying attention. Yeah, okay, dishonour on my cow. But believe me, this is SO boring…Anyway, I’ve been MIA for a while here as I was playing Life is Strange. (OMG I FINISHED THE GAME AND OMG) also, I have to deal with my novel so…

Well, I have here some smutty Matt Murdock for you. I hope you all like it and maybe I’ll post a smutty Bucky in a few days. Depending on you.

Warnings: Language, Smut, Unprotected sex (Use a fucking condom kids!), Dom! Matt.

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You had no idea the power you had on him.

Of course you didn’t. But you were driving him mad.

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Quick Escape

Requested: No

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warning: tw:kidnapping, tw:guns, tw:blood

Summary: Jerome kidnaps Jim Gordon’s girlfriend to get under his skin.

   You tugged at your restraints as Jerome watched you.

   "Not gonna get out you know. And even if you did what would be your next move?“ He teased. Sighing, you stopped.

   "Why don’t you let me go. This is between you and the GCPD.” His face lit up.

   "Speaking of the GCPD, why don’t we give ol’ Jim a call.“ He said picking ducktape up off the table and taping your mouth shut. He drew out his phone and dialed a number. Jerome hit speaker phone and let it ring.

   "Who is this?” Jim asked.

   "Hey! Jimbo!“ Valeska said letting out a maniacal cackle.

   "Jerome you hurt her and you’re dead.” Jim growled.

   "Me? Hurt her?“ Jerome asked mockingly. "Jim Jim Jim. I’m not a monster.” He tssked looking over at you. You stuggled against your restraints that held you to chair. “I’ll give you credit though. She’s a real peice of work. Feisty. I like it.” He said chuckling and waltzing over to you.

   "You’re pushing it kid.“ He caressed your cheek with his gun and laughed.

   "What’s she like in bed Jim? Does she like it rough? What does she taste like? Sweet as candy I bet. I might have to have a taste myself.” He taunted staring down at you. You rolled your eyes, unimpressed.

   "I’m gonna find you Jerome and I’m gonna kill you myself.“ Jim said hanging up. Jerome looked down at the phone and quirked an eyebrow. He looked back at you.

   "What’s got him all wound up?” He asked before bursting into a fit of hysteric laughter. You watched in mild fascination. How can one person harbor so much insanity. He stopped abruptly. In one swift motion he was hovering inches from your face. He peeled the duck tape from your mouth and you immediately spit at him. He inhaled fondly and sighed.

   "Would it be gross to you if I said I liked that?“ He asked cackling. You grimaced.

   "You’re sick Jerome. You know that?” You spat watching warily as he toyed with his gun.

   "Sure. You could say that.“ He said pulling a chair and putting it backwards in front of you. He strattled the chair and laid his head down on his folded arms on the back of the chair. "And since we’re gonna be here for awhile I think we should get to know eachother better.” He said watching you. You raised your brows in disbelief.

   "Get to know eachother?“ You asked eyeing him carefully.

   "Yeah. I’m real curious. Does Jim make you feel good?” He asked.

   "Not any of your business.“ You scoffed. He ran the gun over the exposed skin of your thigh. You shivered and watch the gun fearfully.

   "I guess it isn’t.” He said standing up and startling you. He paced with the gun behind his back. You kept your eye on the gun in his hand still. “But if we don’t get to know eachother. Then how can we become friends? And we aren’t friend then why shoukd we keep you alive? You see where I’m going with this babe?” He asked stopping in front of you. You nodded. He swiftly pressed the gun to you throat. “Use your words.” He giggled.

   "Yeah I get it Jerome.“ You said shutting your eyes. You felt him remove the gun from your neck. You opened your eyes to see his manic grin.

   "Good. I’m glad we’re on the same page. Now how are we gonna fix that?” He murmered. He wandered away muttering to himself. You watched him go and as soon as he was gone you began working at the tape on your wrists. You heard yelling throught the window behind you.

   "Y/N!“ You heard Jim yell in the street below. You began frantically tugging you hands. You heard a tear as your left hand ripped free. You reached down and undid your feet. You freed your other hand and raced to the window. You looked down at the dizzying height. You saw Jim wandering below.

   "Jim! Jim up here!” You whisper yelled. Jim looked up and saw you.

   "What room?“ He called up.

   "217! Hurry.” You said. You heard Jeromes steps nearing and you panicked. You quickly sat back down in the chair and positioned yourself like you were before. Jerome came in whistling.

   "Who you talking to babe?“ He asked. He had tucked the gun in his waist band and stuffed his hands in his pockets. You shook your head.

   "Nothing sugar.” You mewled. He quirked an eyebrow.

   "Sugar?“ He asked taking a step towards you.

   "Yeah. Being friends seemed better than getting my head blown off ya know?” You said. He nodded.

   "I knew you were a smart girl.“ He said. You heard faint footsteps running up the stairs. You needed to distract before Jerome caught on.

   "Mhm. Now, you said you wanted to taste me? Why dont you come try a lick.” You purred. He grinned wider than you’d ever seen him. He waltzed over and looked you over.

   "Don’t mind if I do.“ He said placing a hand on you neck and kissing you softer than you expected. You fought the grotesque feeling of vomiting and kissed back. He slipped his tounge into your mouth and you took this as you slim window of opportunity. You bit down on his tounge as hard as you could. You felt warm blood in your mouth and Jerome pulled away quickly. He pressed his hand to his face and began swearing at you. You jumped up and took him by suprise. You tackled him and took his gun before he could react. You spit out blood next to his head and pressed the gun firmly to his temple.

   "Well well well. Aren’t you a tricky little bitch.” He said as blood dribbled down his chin.

   "Maybe so. But you’re a sick sick son of a bitch.“ You growled.

   "Y/N!” You heard Jim shout just outside of the door.

   "Jim! I’m in here!“ You called out. The door was kicked open and Jim rushed in. You took your eyes off Jerome for a second to look at Jim. Jerome giggled beneath you and pushed you over. You dropped the gun and it sounded off causing chaos. Jerome jumped up and began running to the window. Jim was torn between getting you or following Jerome. Jerome had gotton to the window and proceeded to pick up the chair and smash the window Jim shielded you from the glass and you watch as Jerome took hold of a pipe and slide down out if sight. You felt Jim relax and look down at you.

   "You’re bleeding.” He said helping you to your feet. You shook you head.

   "Not my blood.“ You said quickly rushing tk the window and looking down. Unsurprisingly Jerome was gone. You look back at Jim who motioned for you to come with him. 

   You followed him closly out of the building to his car. You climbed in and he sighed.

   "I’m sorry you got sucked into this.” He said starting the car.

   "Not your fault. You know it.“ You said looking out the window. You sighed and whipped your face. The ride was silent as you prayed for the taste of Jeromes lips and tongue to stop plaguing your mouth.

Heathens - Demon!Dean x Soulless!Reader

A/N: Part Two in celebration of 800+ followers. I’m ALMOST at 900! Thank you ALL so much! You’re the best!  I went kinda ham here, but I hope you all enjoy!

Read Part One Here! Also @kazchester-fanfiction did say everything, so here you go, Mandi! 

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Warnings: Rougher sex, bit of a blood kink thing, A fairly twisted relationship between the reader and Dean, Violence, Manipulation, VERY different from the original Demon!Dean Arc. I believe that is all!

Word Count: Roughly 4,000

“Moose!” Crowley had finally given up. He had no one else to turn to. No one else stood a chance at getting near the power couple that had quickly made their strength known.

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dressed up and tied down

aka i wrote a thing for @slaughterme-barnesthing

“I’ve left something for you on the bed.” Steve’s voice rumbles through their apartment, and Bucky can’t help but shiver a little as he pauses by the couch and glances over. Steve’s sitting at the dining table, chair pushed back, feet crossed at the ankle. “You should put it on.”

Bucky can hear the command lining the suggestion, and his eyes unfocus for a second. It was pretty normal for Steve to surprise him when he got home like this, but he could hear a faint line of tension in Steve’s voice, beyond the steel of command. He dips his chin slightly in a nod, but Steve stops him with a look before he can go into their room.

“C’mere first.”

Bucky goes, he can’t refuse. Even if it had been a request.

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