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I know we’re in a cemetery and I happen to be terminal. But you’ve gotta admit the stars are lovely. How can you joke right now? I’m not. Under the same stars there’s  s o m e  g u y  and he’s with  t h i s  g i r l.  And he thinks he’s got all the time in the world and he’s right… And I hate him.


“i hate you!” throwing a vase towards Kol, Enzo jsut informed you how Kol was really treating you, each time you both Fought. Kol simply ripped your Necklace off that had vervine and made you forget everything. from the Fight to the reason why you fought. Kol stood there in disbelief he didn’t expect this to ever happen. he didn’t e xpect Enzo to see one night how Kol truely treated you.
“Did you bite me? huh? what else did you make me forget you Jerk!” throwing the closest thing you had at him. Kol took it, “i just wanted to spare your feelings..” “My feelings that my boyfriend is a complete Jerk you promised me you would never use complusion on me!”
“Dont you see what he’s doing? Enzo’ s trying to get in the middle of us!” hearing Kol trying to turn the tables around on Enzo. your only truthful honest friend out of Mystic falls. Enzo explained how everyone Knew, from the Salvitore brothers, all way down to Matt. Enzo forced Bonnie who Also knew to make you remember everything. you knew he idd’t Bite you. at lest. he only used he’s abilities to make you forget each time you were annoyed with him, or when you fought. and even the reasons why you fought. never did he hurt you at lest.. well not physically anyway. Kol was standing their taking his punshiment as you screamed, “Stay away from me!”

Davina Claire

Freya (and Elijah) killed a 19-year-old in order to save people that have lived so many years without actually appreciating the life they were given.I mean don’t get me wrong I understand that it is her (their) family and I adore the Mikaelsons but Davina Claire did not deserve to die for them. She wasn’t perfect but she had a pure heart and did everything for the people she loved. She was on the best way to actually live again - she was madly in love and got closer to Marcel again.

Speaking of Marcel…He fucking had to watch her die - hear her desperate screams. Marcel was Davina’s father and they were a weird broken little family, which is now destroyed thanks to Freya and Elijah (or let’s say the writers).

Davina is -and will always be- my all time favorite TO character and Kolvina was one of the most adorable couples (and my precious OTP). 

I just don’t get why the writers have to destroy all the good stuff on the show.

Rip Davina Claire - another awesome character that got killed of

please stop spreading hate in the kolvina tag. please stop saying kol is ooc and he would never fall for someone like davina and how he’s just using her.

it’s not ooc. it’s called character development. you know, that thing klaus went through because of caroline, hope and cami?
that thing damon went through because of elena, alaric and bonnie?
what even katherine went through because of nadia?

the right people can change you for the better. davina has done that with kol. hell, she was the only one to believe in him and love him despite of who he was. and that’s why he became the person she knew he could be.

besides, it won’t change a character’s entire personality. klaus is still a sociopath, and damon still likes the rip hearts from chests. kol’s not a wuss all of a sudden.


Since the moment you meet Kol you instantly fell in love. Love at first sight? Well it could of been if Kol wasn’t so against you since you were a human. Honestly Kol could be a major pain in your butt
, but you loved him for his flaws and he loved you for his. ( like being a human. You said he was a idiot each time he threw you being a mortal into a fight) the one thing you always said to Kol was that you would never need him to sweep down and save you. But today that was changing you were cornered by two vampires. Everyone knew your Kol’s girl and that if you were ever touched. Kol would rip there fingers off with there heads.
Kol was very protective of you. So when he saw you cornered by two vampires in a alley. He broke into the store he was near grabbing a baseball bat and rushed over to save you. He couldn’t help but have a smile on his face. Kol loved swooping in and saving you.
You always tell him you had it covered but he loved seeing your nose winkle knowing he wouldn’t let it go that your knight swooped down to save you. Kol saw it as romantic you saw it as annoying. He swing the bat at there heads beaking one guys neck. While the other tried to flee. You watched Kol Rush after him.
He returned with a large smile on his face as you stepped over to him hugging him. He hugged you back as he spoke,“no kiss for your savior?” You laughed loudly reaching up kissing his cheek.
“ I had it under control.” He smiled saying of course you did.

I am STILL not over Kol's death :( Kol Lovers where are you? And how do you deal?

How are we supposed to be okay with never hearing Kol say “darling” again or bringing his cheeky adorableness to the show?!?! He was FINALLY getting more screen time and revealing that “other” side to him we ALL knew he had…and then… POOF. Up in flames just like that. 


Kol Lovers, reblog so i can find you!! I need more Kol on my dash! Because reasons. Thx!! 

I hope Elena doesn’t ever get upset by anyone killing anyone in the future.  If she does, she’s extremely hypocritical.  She knows they had another way to take care of Kol. She asked Klaus to protect Jeremy, and what does she do in return?!?!  They could have daggered him temporarily, not STAKED him.  How did this make things better for Jeremy?! Instead of killing a few vamps, he caused the genocide of an entire line of vampires?!?!? 

Did Elijah totally escape her mind?! She killed their brother.

I hope Elijah comes back with a vengeance.   

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I know you are a Klaus fan mostly but my favorite has been Kol and you won't even imagine how OOC they have him in TO. Aside from the fact that Kol for me is only Nate the characterization aside from the actor that plays the role is atrocious. This is not Kol.

Plec doesn’t discriminate does she? Once a character is in her hands it will get totally dismantled and ruined. 

R.I.P Kol Mikaelson. Along with your siblings you where once upon a time one of the greatest characters to ever exist!