rip joon


You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)


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@realist-shit-just-happened ahhh thank you so much!!! I hope you keep enjoying your stay!

Anon 1- yEAAAHHH it’s this fic!! For the anon that asked for any rapson fics this one is really quality 💖👏👏👏

Anon 2- if you’re looking to print a zine that can be saddle stitched (like around 40 pages or less) I suggest researching your local printers! They’re the cheapest that way (no need for shipping) and pretty quality if you find a good printing place! For me, I went with Ex Why Zed that’s based at London because one they had phenomenal reviews, and two because none of the places near me did perfect bound zines, only spiral ones which I’m not a fan of. They do all types of zines too and their customer service is so fast??? I get a reply with in hours! But yeah the catch is that it’s more expensive because of shipping and it’s in pounds :’-( so it’s best for bulk orders to keep costs low. if you live there though, I highly recommend it! If you have any other questions feel free to ask or message me more 💖


Anon 4- YESSS same!! I’d love to do his story when I get the chance :’-)

Anon 5- yepyep thank you!!

Anon 6- I have not!! I’ll add it to my list! I love Ragi and yoonseok so I know I’m going to love it!!

Anon 7- thIS IS SO SOFT I love it 💘💗💘💗

Anon 8- ahHHHh I love supportive joon!!! And Jackson’s probably going to show off a lot (rip his opponent) then joon just laughs but he gives his all cheering him on then when he wins they both run to eachother and Jackson frickin dips him for a kiss woW I AM SO SOFT FOR RAPSON 🗣🔥🔥🔥


You said you’d wandered in Miryang for three years as a ghost. Is this the first time you’ve seen this place?”
No, I’ve seen it a lot. I’ve seen it so much that I was tired of it.”
Are you joking with me right now?”
But it’s the first time I’m seeing it with you. So, what I’m saying is…with you, even the same scenery looks different.” 

if there was something that joon hadn’t expected, or wanted for that matter, to deal with that day.. it was someone fucking whining to him. and that was exactly what he was faced with now as the other tried to get him to apologise.. hell, maybe joon had backed off a little since new year and getting together with ryosuke, but it in no way meant that he’d gone soft of people. probably more the opposite honestly. he was still a leader, after all. “you know, if one of my kids wants to kick your damn ass, then it’s obviously because you’ve pissed them off or bitten off more than you can chew.” he raised a brow, expression somewhat amused, “so remind me again why i should even think about telling them not to. it’s not my problem after all, seems to be yours, actually.”

And the award for episode 11 goes to Court lady Oh.