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Bear’s Story (part 4)

A couple weeks later, realizing that snapped wands were too powerful of a weapon, our DM concocted a method for Bear’s return. He took her player into a side room at the beginning of the session and nothing seemed to come of it for some time. The player just drew pictures while we hunted and fought a Remorhaz in the snowy mountain caves.
DM: Alright, and with that barrage of psionic arrows from Nomad, the Remorhaz is almost dead. (waits) Ahem, I said, ‘the Remorhaz is almost dead.’
Bear: Oh, right. Bear rips off the Remorhaz’s jaw from inside while growling fiercely as blood and brains rain down upon her. She then reaches back casually into its throat to grab her battle axe.
Cleric: “What, the? By the Light of Pelor, where have you been?”
Bear: “Bear no know. Bear got hot. Then scary guy make promise with Bear to return to her sorcerer.”
Sorcerer (while actually crying a little): He’s stunned, dumbstruck, jaw open and staring. “I never thought I’d see you again.”
Bear: I hug and lift the sorcerer. “You are my sorcerer. Bear always protect her sorcerer.”
And she did all the way until the end of the campaign a couple months later.

Today Morning

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Reader x Jongin

EXODUS, College AU; A sleepy Jongin suddenly and accidentally exposes his power to you one late night.

First installment of Nikah, @lovesehunright and I’s college au series!

Jongin’s voice is low and childlike as he whines out his protests at your stubborn self. “Y/N, really, I’m walking you home.” He huffs, watching with ‘cold’ eyes while you step into your worn down tennis shoes and grab for your jacket which- a sigh- was to be found in his stubbornly raised hand. 

“Jongin, please.” You pout, reaching for your jacket with another sigh and a reassuring statement, that no, he didn’t need to walk you home, just over campus, this late. It wasn’t that late, anyways. 

Your jacket is lighter than expected, and you hurry it over your shoulder before placing your arms through the arms of the fluffy jacket. There is only a single light illuminating Jongin’s small dorm room, casting a yellow light over the strewn out empty bags of candies and soda bottles. His bed is messy and unmade after the two of you had spent your whole Sunday night up into it, watching all your favorite movies. 

A few hours earlier, Jongin had called you up and told you that his roommate was out for the night, begging you to come over. And so you did, and now you were as tired as ever, stifling yawn after yawn and stretching out your stiff legs by his door. 

“It is that late, actually.” Jongin says dumbly. “It’s almost one in the morning, you do realize we watched like four movies. That’s like- what, 1,5 hours times four?” 

A third sigh - one that transitioned into a jaw-ripping yawn. “Don’t even start, Jongin, seriously. I have math class at nine tomorrow morning.” 

“Today morning.” 

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Swap and Swapfell!!

im still trying to figure out how tf to draw these boys lmao


im still indecisive af on what sf!sans’ color scheme is rip

Pathways - Katarina/Riven Werewolf & Vampire AU (NSFW)

“You’re a monster, you know.”

“No less of a monster than you are,” the shadow growls, her silhouette hungry against the washed out moonlight coming through the bars of the small window.

“Predictable,” Katarina snorts, unimpressed. She leans against the frame, the heavy metal door slung wide. An invitation. A challenge. A dare.

“Your kind kills with deliberation, with planning, with a sociopathic lack of morality.” The prisoner shifts slightly, her shackles complaining with dull metallic jangling. She doesn’t take the bait of the open door. The smart ones never do, Katarina thinks, and feels herself become moderately more interested in this new plaything.

“And your mindless destruction is better, I suppose, because you feel like you’re blameless?”

“No,” the chained beast says softly, turning away from Katarina. “Never blameless.”

Boring, Katarina thinks. A werewolf who thinks she’s some kind of suffering saint.

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Was working on Beta’s ref sheet and doodled out his skull to figure out how his teeth work. His fangs (3 on every side) aren’t set in his mouth between his actual teeth, but to the side. From a front view, you can see that his teeth continue ‘behind’ his fangs.

To make it accurate it probably needs some color tweaks (looking back his nose scales should probably be the normal color), but I kinda like it.

The version to the left is the skull itself, the other one is with the bits people probably also consider part of the skull: horn sheaths and nose plates. 

Red and Yellow

Day 2: April 18th: Space/FantasyAU/Nightmares for @kiribakuweek2k17

Ao3 Link:

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Summary: Voltron AU! Bakugou wonders how he got dragged into this, and goes on a trip with Iida and Kirishima to recover the Yellow and Red Lions. 

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i can't stop thinking about tye sheridan's lips they're literally p e r f e c t so could you write something about scott eating his s/o out???

I FEEL LIKE THIS WAS WAY OVERDUE. ENJOY u fuckin sinners im going to hell for writing this

scott summers + oral

You want to smack that smug grin off his face.

With your dress bunched against your hips and panties thrown somewhere across the dark room, you’re surprised that he’s only grinning up at you; fingers pressing down lightly on your inner thighs, his elbows tucked underneath your knees.

You’re not sure how you ended up in this position, with the younger Summers brother so close to the most private part of your body; but you’re in no position to protest, as that grin dissipates, as his breath ghosts over your thighs, a soft gasp of surprise parting your lips.

Scott hums against your thigh, and from the feel of his teeth peeking out from under his top lip - you’re guessing that it was a laugh, or at least something akin to that. You huff out a sigh of frustration at that, because he needs to fucking get on with it, dammit!

You’re about to scold him, but before you can even form a word his top lip is brushing your mound; causing an almost helpless whimper to pass your lips, one of your hands going to tangle themselves in his silky hair. His plush lower lip presses against your slick folds, tongue darting out to tease your clit with the tip; sending your nerves into overdrive, back arching off the bed.

And you think he’s going to tease you, prolong the pleasure because of how goddamn slow he’s moving, but-


In an instant he drops his face just a little lower and he’s latched onto you, tongue swiping up your cunt with the perfect amount of pressure. The hand that isn’t buried in Scott’s hair flew up to grasp at the headboard, a choked off moan ripping through your throat.

Scott’s jaw moves up and down as he works his tongue against you, moving lower until he’s earnestly fucking you with his mouth; and it occurs to you that the way he’s moving his mouth, it’s almost like he’s trying to kiss you down there. His tongue licks deep and it sends all sorts of sparks throughout your veins.

It only makes everything way more intimate and it makes you feel impossibly closer to him. Every so often the tip of his nose nudges against your clit and it actually causes your body to fucking twitch and you’re not sure how much better he can get at this -

He proves you wrong.

When his thumb hooks onto your clit and rubs even, slick circles - you fucking lose it.

Scott’s tongue seems to slow as it slides in and out, thumb still rubbing soft circles; riding you through your orgasm, drinking up your sweetness, drawing it all out of you like a fucking pro. When your knees go limp and numb over his shoulders, he looks up at you with that smug grin - just like before he started. But this time, his lips (and part of his chin) is slick with your wetness.

You decide not smack the smug grin off his face, this time.