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Swap and Swapfell!!

im still trying to figure out how tf to draw these boys lmao


im still indecisive af on what sf!sans’ color scheme is rip

I woke up today with a feeling that something was missing.

And realized it was the continual need to rip my lower jaw away from the rest of my skull that I’ve had for the last six months.

Like don’t get my wrong the surgery has still left me in pain and I might need more work done but I didn’t even need ibuprofen when I woke up this morning.

Do you know what that’s like? To wake up and not need immediate pain relief??? I’m???just???so???happy???

  • fandom: i love him sm he's the smolest bean!! ahhh!!! so pure and perfect; the Daddest™
  • also fandom: i hate him. i want to slap that little bitch. i want to rip off his jaw open with my bare hands, take out his organs and use his little bitch body as a trashbin. and now i think i also hate his twin brother.
  • pineapple pizza.
Book Review: The Art of the B-Movie Poster

When a movie has no big stars or advertising budget to rely on, they often utilize eye-catching artwork to draw audiences to the theater. The Art of the B-Movie Poster collects over 1,000 such posters from the 1940s through the 1970s. Although most people have never even heard of the majority of the titles highlighted across the more than 300 pages, editor Adam Newell treats each one as if it’s a classic cinematic achievement.

The tome is divided into five convenient chapters: moral panic, action, horror, sci-fi, and sex. Each subject is then broken down into subcategories that receive a 2-4 page spread of art with a little blurb about the films featured. For example, the horror section - which, I’m happy to report, is the longest - highlights everything from Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee movies to Jaws rip-offs and Mexican horror.

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EXO react to the condom breaking during sex

Xiumin: “No! But you put it on right!” Sitting back on the bed, he stares down at the mess of the broken condom and how it’s smeared on your inner thighs. “I know it’s ungallant, but fans would lynch me if they saw me buying a Plan B pill.”

Luhan: One moment of wide eyed terror is all it takes for you to understand something’s gone wrong, but he gets defensive at your accusation. “No, I did NOT come already! This stupid condom broke! How old was it anyway?!”

Kris: It’s only through very strong will power that he keeps himself from continuing after he feels the rip. His jaw clenches as he pulls away, still panting. “We need to pause. There’s got to be another condom around here.”

Suho: Talking to himself and you after he finds that the condom ripped, he tries to comfort both of you while he himself is slightly panicked. “ There’s nothing to worry about. We can- perhaps it’s better if you do, actually… That pill…”

Lay: His first thought is to comfort you rather than freak out that he only realized after the fact. “Please don’t cry! If I go down to the pharmacy and get that morning after pill for you now, it’ll be okay. And we can have a bubblebath after!”

Baekhyun: A long string of expletives is followed by a groan when he realizes what this means. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for kids. I’ll call a friend to go buy the pill so it can’t be tracked to us.” Now he can comfort you.

Chen: Disbelieving laughter bubbles up from his throat as he pulls away from you just when you were about to reach your orgasm. “Oh god, this isn’t happening. Jagi, stop kissing my neck and whining! The condom broke!”

Chanyeol: Horror of horrors, he doesn’t realize until after you’ve both peaked and he has to explain to you, sweating bullets. “So… Something kind of… happened to the condom, but… You’re on the pill, too, aren’t you?”

D.O: “There really has to be a better way than this. Why hasn’t science come up with a more foolproof method yet?” He’ll be a little awkward about how to handle it, but would make sure that he still gets you off to make up for it.

Tao: Feeling your core squeezing around him without any barriers, he almost cums then and there, but manages to pull out before spilling onto your abdomen. “Oh shit. Baobei, you can’t get pregnant from precum, right?”

Kai: He pulls out as soon as he realizes, keeping his hands on your arms so you don’t straddle and start riding him when he sits back. “Wait! I’m so sorry, jagi. The condom ripped and we have to stop now, at least to find another.”

Sehun: With how fast he’s moving, he doesn’t realize anything until after you’ve both fallen over your edges and he looks down to pull out, seeing white cum dribbling out, too. “Oh shit.” He looks up, panicked. “What do we do?!”

- Admin J

Anger is an art.
Take it in and harness it.
Let it burn like a gaseous fuel. Do not hold on to it for too long or you may combust; ripping the jaw into slanderous gore,
The eyes melt into a puddle of blood and bile. Yet, keep in mind that the best art, the best work, the best ethic is brought on by the quiet restlessness.

Anger is a skill.
Develop it quickly. Let it sift through the cracks in your soul. Let it equalize inside mind and body and balance all out. Let the anger calm, not deminish. Let all sadness evaporate until the very core of conflict is revealed like a pearl.

I vow to stay enraged.
Quiet and patient.
I am my own promise of justice.
I am my own living will of vengeance.

I am angry.
And I am everything you will
have to fear.

—  The prayer. The promise.

@mai-valentine tagged me for this quiz, thanks! :D

a - age: 26.

b - biggest fear: Being alone, dying.

c - current time: 1:54 AM.

d - drink you last had: Water.

e - every day starts with: A legendary battle within to rip myself from the jaws of slumber. Which translates to me waking up and falling back asleep a few times and then, once I do really wake up, not being able to move for a half hour, then having 15 minutes to actually get ready for work.

f - favorite song: currently? Hmm… maybe I Love You Dake by hi-posi or basically anything by Charan-Po-Rantan.

g - ghosts, are they real:

h - hometown: Kinda secretive about precise locations, sorry. >w>;; It’s in WV somewhere.

i - in love with: my boyfriend, my friends, anime boys with long silver hair, and

j - jealous of: People with houses! OF THEIR OWN!!! My house/apartment envy is so strong.

k - killed someone: … decline to answer. nah

l - last time you cried: I can’t actually recall. It’s been a while. Maybe as far back as when we lost Peanut.

m - middle name: I try not to say this publicly online for personal reasons. >A>;;

n - number of siblings: Two little sisters.

o - one wish: To be immortal. Or a magical girl. Or a unicorn. an immortal magical girl unicorn

p - person you last called/texted: Texted my dad.

q - questions you’re always asked: “How old are you?”

r - reasons to smile: Cats. Nice daydreams. People remembering me.

s - song last sang: Take Me On. :v

t - time you woke up: Today… mm… close to 1 PM.

u - underwear color: … none, currently. >w>;; I often just sleep in pajama pants. Don’t look at me like that, I have 10 million pairs. :B

v - vacation destination: Like, real or desired? I don’t really take vacations, but if I did, I would love to go to Japan.

w - worst habit: Oh, goodness. There are many. Putting myself down, maybe.

x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth, chest… I think that’s it. Not actually x-rays, but I’ve also had multiple MRIs.

y - your favorite food: Strawberries and whipped cream.

z - zodiac sign: Leo, sidereal Cancer, moon Aquarius, year of the Metal Horse… etc. :v

Erm, I never know who to tag. Maybe @atern @professorslubgob @marufujiryou (if you wanna!), and whoever else sees this and would like to. :,D

  • most martial arts: precise, controlled movements and intense, almost serene focus
  • krav maga: scream, shove your hands in a man's mouth and attempt to rip off his jaw, if your opponent isn't in a coma after the fight YOU HAVE FAILED

Hey lovelies! I just had my wisdom teeth out (RIP my jaw) and was wondering if I cold request some 00Q where Q is ridiculously doped up on drugs from being injuried or something and Bond is just trying not to laugh. Thanks :D – anon

Oh, you poor love, hope your jaw is better <3 Jen.

“Hi,” Q mumbled, with a disconnected smile. “How’re you?”

“That’s the third time you’ve asked,” Bond replied, with a smirk. “I’m fine. And you?”

Q’s eyes narrowed sleepily. “Haven’t you asked that too? Whether I’m fine? I’m great, really good, s’nice here and comfy, and you’re here so yay, that’s good, very good, and I’m fine, but my leg hurts which is annoying.”

Bond was trying his level best not to laugh, but watching Q slur his way through roundabout sentences was honestly hilarious.

“Bit drugged up though, aren’t we?”

Q beamed. “Yep,” he replied, popping the ‘p’ with palpable satisfaction. “Really drugged up. Tastes funny.”

“I know the feeling.”

“When’m I let out?”

Bond couldn’t quite believe it. “Q, you’ve been conscious for less than two hours.”
Q blinked at him. “Well yes,” he agreed, “but it’s boring here. Just pack me off with whatever stuff I’m on and I can go do fun stuff. Like you. Fun stuff.”

“You’ve been shot in the leg.”

“So?” Q retorted, sounding genuinely aggrieved. “Doesn’t stop me.”

“I really think it might,” Bond smirked, reaching out to Q’s hand in his own. “You need to rest. Not to mention physical therapy.”

Q’s eyes widened. “No. I refuse.”

Bond raised an eyebrow. “Then you can say goodbye to walking properly ever again,” he pointed out; Q let out a whining noise. “Don’t sulk, you know you have to. You’d be a hypocrite if you didn’t.”

But,” Q pointed out, “it’ll hurt. Won’t it?”

I don’t want to.”

“I gathered as much,” Bond laughed, as Q continued to blearily glare at him. “You’ll have to, though. Sorry.”

Q’s expression didn’t change. “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

Abruptly, Q smiled smugly. “Nah, I don’t,” he agreed. “You’re too handsome for that. Would be stupid to hate somebody attractive. Life’s too short.”

“I’m inclined to agree,” Bond replied, debating filming Q has blackmail material for the next century. “And you’re gorgeous too.”

Q let out a truly bizarre noise, grin plastered across him, before his body conceded defeat and he blacked out, allowing Bond to let out the laugh that had been caught in his throat since the conversation began.

Until Dawn Deaths theory *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I’ve noticed some strange goings-on with the deaths.
Let’s look at them.

All Possible Deaths:
•Mike can die in a fire

•Chris can have his throat cut/head cut off by a Wendigo

•Ashley can have her head cut off in the trapdoor or die in the fire at the end

•Jessica can get her jaw ripped off

•Emily can have her eyes gouged out by a Wendigo or be shot in the eye by Mike, or die in the fire at the end

•Matt can have his mouth smashed in or be hooked up (both by a wendigo), or be thrown off the cliff by deer

•Josh can have his head smashed in by Wendigo!Hannah

•Sam can be stabbed in the abdomen

Now let’s look at the characters’ personalities and how they might relate to their deaths.

Character Personalities:
•Mike is hot

•Chris likes to use his head to solve problems

•Ashley loses her head because of how jumpy and scared she is

•Jessica is a loud mouth and very open about things

•Emily only seems to have eyes for herself

•Matt can mouth off to several people

•Josh is losing his mind

•Sam has a lot of guts

Yes, there were a lot of Puns in there.
Another thing I noticed while writing these out is that the people who pranked Hannah have more opportunities to die, and in more gruesome ways.

From most to least:
•Jessica (loved the prank), 4 opportunities

•Emily (loved the prank), 3 opportunities

•Matt (followed Emily), 3 opportunities

•Mike (centre of the prank), 2-3 opportunities

•Ashley (regretted the prank), 2 opportunities

•Chris (was drunk during the prank), 1-2 opportunities

•Josh (drunk while his sister’s were pranked), 1 opportunity

•Sam (hated the prank) 1 opportunity

Now, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t mentioned Josh turning into a wendigo, and he’s higher up on the death totem pole (sorry) than Sam. Well, that’s why.
Why was he turned into a wendigo?
Two reasons.

1. He was acting like a monster already

2. “Why didn’t you save us, Josh?”

Agree? Disagree? Anything I missed? Lemme know.

  • me: I'm really sorry that I'm late or really early a lot. Or I say something will take me a certain amount of time and I'm not even close. Or I forget how long its been since I've done something simple like shower or eat or talked to you. My sense of time is almost non existent and I sometimes lose chunks all together.
  • some neurotypical: oh I know what you mean! Sometimes I get on tumblr and only mean to be on for ten minutes but stay for an hour lol! You just need to learn how to manage your time better :)
  • me: *rips own jaw off face*