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Lee Jeno || Beartastic Day

“Y/n! Hurry up we’re going to miss the bus" Jeno called to you from the front door, quickly grabbing your shoes you ran to him, slipping into your shoes on the way. He grabbed your hand as soon as you reached him before starting to run towards the bus stop, continuously looking back to make sure you can keep up as he ran at full speed. You turned the final corner before the bus stop to see the bus just starting to pull up, you had arrived just in time.

You both stepped onto the bus, greeting the driver and scanning your cards before making your way to the back of the bus to some free seats. You sat next to each other in silence as you both caught your breaths, tired from the running that had just occurred. Jeno was the first to fully recover, pulling out a zoo brochure from his pocket he held it in front of the both of you.

“Where do you want to go first?“ He asked you excitedly, clearly already anticipating your date. You looked through the brochure trying to decide where to go first, but everything seemed interesting it was proving to be a challenge.

“Why don’t we just start at the front? We can work our way around, I want to try and see everything!” He nodded at your reply, seemingly agreeing with the suggestion. Both of you grew more excited as the bus got closer to the zoo, looking over at Jeno you noticed him basically bouncing in his seat making you smile fondly.

As soon as the bus stopped you both sprang up, impatient to get off and into the zoo you gathered your things and left the bus as quickly as possible, making your way towards the entrance line. The queue to the entrance moved slowly, Jeno already had the exact amount of money you needed for your tickets in his hand not wanting to hold the line up. Finally, you reached the front of the line, Jeno immediately handed over the money buying your tickets as fast as possible before leading you inside the zoo. He took out the brochure again, turning to the map section to look for the nearest exhibit.

“The giraffes are nearby do you want to go there? It says it’s almost feeding time we might be able to feed them.” He looked at you expectantly, subconsciously already making his way to the giraffe exhibit. You agreed before following along, and before you knew it you were already there. The first thing you saw was a zookeeper handing food to a line of visitors, letting them offer it to the giraffes. Jeno grabbed your hand and excitedly pulled you to the end of the line, taking two pieces of carrot from the zoo keeper as soon as they were offered.

Jeno reached his carrot out as soon as you got to the front of the line, encouraging you to do the same. Even though Jeno reached out before you the giraffe ate from your hand first, neatly taking the carrot with its tongue and consuming it before leaning down to take Jeno’s. Jeno yelled in surprise when the giraffes tongue brushed against his hand, leaving a trail of saliva and a confused Jeno with nowhere to wipe it.

“Why did it only do that to me?“ Jeno whined as you walked away from the giraffe exhibit making you laugh. “Don’t laugh! It didn’t do that to anyone else, now I have giraffe saliva on my hand” His complaining only made you laugh more. Suddenly, Jeno had an idea, with a smirk spreading across his face he reached his saliva covered hand out to you. “Y/n my lovely girlfriend~ don’t you want to hold my hand?“ You quickly shook your head, backing away from him as he continuously reached for your hands.

“Jeno! I won’t laugh anymore I promise. Here, I’ll even give you a tissue to clean it” You reached into your bag getting the promised tissue and handing it to him, he thanked you before finally cleaning the saliva off his hand. 

You continued to walk around the zoo for the rest of the day, trying to experience everything before closing time. Now, you were finally at the end, the black bear exhibit and the merchandise store that lead to the exit. You both watched the black bears together, they weren’t really doing much but they weren’t animals you saw regularly so you were both fascinated. Eventually, you noticed Jeno being distracted, looking in the direction of the merchandise store.

”Do you want to leave now?” You asked him, he shook his head smiling before letting go of your hand and heading towards the store.

“We can stay for a while longer just wait here, I’ll be right back" He assured you as he walked away, disappearing into the store. You watched the bears as you waited for him to come back, looking back to the store every now and then to see if he was coming.

After a couple minutes he came out with a bright smile on his face, making his way towards you while holding something behind his back. As soon as he reached you he pulled his hands from behind his back, handing you a big stuffed bear.

“Y/n, I can’t bear to be without you.“

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