rip it apart

Original character idea #28389549: a college professor who’s sexy as hell and makes all the females in his lectures fawn and have an attraction towards him and he flirts with them after class
Only to touch them, pull out their memories and use that against them to make a deal and take their soul for his own power. Or if he wants. To simply make them live a nightmare of their worst fears :))))))))

The truth hurts.
Not like a bullet,
But like a thousand razor blades
Tracing the veins on my eyelids.
Like tiny blue eyes that should be ours.
Like fireworks next door
When you’re sad home alone.
Like vomiting up your memories after
Drinking to forget.
Like veins made of poison,
Like every breath is swallowing choking gas.
The truth fucking rips people apart.
“I am happy for you.”
I say through the tears.
Part of me means it.
Part of me wants to rip that sentence
Into a thousand different pieces,
And on each piece
Write apology after apology
After apology;
To myself and to you.
Part of me wants to cut off my tongue.
Part of me wants to
Watch you marry her, watch you die
Part of me wants to kill myself.
Part of me wants to kill you.
Part of me wants to cry.
Part of me wants to burn the universe down.

The rest of me is consumed with

—  you said ‘infatuated’


Sam took a long time to warm up to Benny. He saved him from Purgatory, for Dean’s sake. For some reason he couldn’t get the image of Dean’s hopeful face out of his head, knowing what it would do to Dean if he didn’t bring the vampire back.

Part of him hoped he was kidding himself. Dean wouldn’t miss Benny. Not that much. But he couldn’t bring himself to leave Benny behind, even when the vampire tried to pull out at the last second and save Sam and Bobby’s hide. Sam had to jump into the thicket with his bare hands and blade, help Benny rip those monsters apart until they had the room to perform the spell.

Benny looked pissed, but impressed. Sam tried not to read into it.

He was right, too. The look on Dean’s face when Sam pulled up his sleeves had been worth it. It had been worth everything. 

They resurrected Benny’s body after everything was said and done. Sam watched his brother hug the vampire tight, hands squeezing the back of Benny’s jacket like he was afraid he might disappear again. Sam wondered what words they exchanged before Dean sent Benny in. He wondered if either of them fully believed Benny would come back.

Either way, he was back now. And Dean had made a room for him in the bunker. A room that was never used, Sam noticed.

He chalked it up to Benny being a vampire. He doubted the guy ever slept. But that thought was put on hold when he found Benny lounging in the library, feet propped up on a seat with his hat tucked low over his brow, gentle snores echoing from his lips. 

It was after that Sam started paying a little more attention to what the vampire did in the bunker. 

Mostly, Benny just played card games with Dean, or sat and studied with them, researched, helped with preparation and hunts. Nothing too noticeable or strange. At least, nothing too strange for a vampire. 

He avoided any social interactions with Benny if he could help it. He didn’t trust the vampire, no matter how much Dean took a liking to him. It was just… odd. After thirty some years of Dean chopping off heads and telling Sam there was no such thing as a good monster, it was disconcerting to see his brother laughing and cheering with one. 

Sam’s perspective finally changed one evening as he was reorganizing the pantry. It was late, too late for Dean or Benny to be wandering around the halls. So Sam wasn’t expecting to spot them when he finally wandered to bed. 

The two had passed out in the living area, tucked up together on the couch in front of an old television Dean had been adamant about getting in the bunker when they first moved in. Benny’s sock-clad feet were propped up on the coffee table, his arm loose around Dean’s shoulders as his brother pressed his face into Benny’s shirt. A blanket had slipped down from their bodies and pooled in their laps. 

Sam stared, unmoving. Then, he stepped forward. He grabbed the edges of the blanket and pulled the blanket back up to their shoulders, tucking it in until he was sure it wouldn’t fall again for the night.

He left them where they were and went to bed. He stared at the ceiling.

Maybe it was time he started to re-evaluate his perspective again.

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I was thinking the other day, not sure how right i am, but, as damaging as the closet has been, don't you think that, in a weird way, it helped H/L? They've been able to keep their love private (more or less) for 5 years straight. They were very young and might not have lasted this long if they were out from the beginning (aka a famous young couple in the public eye since the beginning of their relationship). They had time to grow into a stable, strong and loving unit.

I would say that it’s more like being one of those deep sea creatures that have adapted to high pressure conditions that would rip most other creatures/relationships apart. Not nurturing or protective.

One shot: Being Stiles twin sister and Scott being in love with you

“Stiles isn’t here. I can give him message though?” I said looking at Scott. He was actually pretty cute. I mean he had those eyes and his smile was the cutest thing it made him look so innocent. Not that he wasn’t he just has that whole ‘if I wanted to I could rip you apart’ label. And he could rip anyone apart. “I’m here to talk to you.” Scott said interupting my thoughts. “I have to hurry back inside though. My favorite show is on. Just tell me. What’s up?” I said with a little smile. He looked over to the right and then back at me. “Okay. Fine. I guess that would be okay.“he said and I nodded "I like you Y/N. Please like me back? If you don’t this is going to be really awkward so if your into me do something and if youre not then–” I cut him off, smashing my lips into his. He was shocked at first but began to kiss back soon after. We parted after a good minute or so catching our breaths. Except for scott he was like invincible. I looked at Scott and he had a huge smile on his face. “What?” I asked giggling. He smiled and kissed me again “You’re just so beautiful.” I laughed “I know. I know. But I am serious Y/N. I’m serious about us.” I invited Scott in for the rest of the night. We cuddled and watched movies and we even ordered a pizza. Everything was okay.

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Halt and Catch Fire S2 Episodes

I’ve been waiting until this season was over so I could make this list. Basically I’ve remembered every episode this season due to Joe doing certain things or wearing certain clothes. Here is how I have them titled in my brain.

Episode 1: Joe’s ass in Sweatpants.

Episode 2: Joe’s hardly in this episode.

Episode 3: Joe wears a plain white-t at dinner party.

Episode 4: Joe eats a sandwich and later holds two coke cans in one hand.

Episode 5: Joe and Cam reunite.

Episode 6: Joe rips computer apart…in a black shirt.

Episode 7: Joe and Cam talk at the hospital.

Episode 8: Ecstasy Joe and no pants.

Episode 9: Joe and Cam make-out!

Episode 10: Everyone leaves Joe behind.

Look, yo I swear you guys like are my family. The realest family I’ve ever had. I will always protect y’all, help you through anything and hold your hand through this all. Ain’t no one about to come thru and rip us all apart. I got you all, Trust and believe. stay true and don’t let anyone get into your heads, because I know y'all can pull through and be strong. JADE, ya satan ass is next.

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So my OTP is Bellarke, but I also ship Captain Swan, Merthur, Delena, and Olicity. I have five episodes of Merlin left and then I am going to start Teen Wolf.. Any advice?xD

Teen wolf will rip you apart but you will love every second of it, the first season is ridiculous looking back now but its addictive.. Lydia is Queen never forget that. Umm you meant teen wolf advice right lol? 

       they–they sliced and carved and tore at me in ways that you… until there was nothing left. and then, suddenly, i would be whole again–like magic–just so they could start in all over. and alastair… at the end of every day, every one, he would come over, and he would make me an offer: to take me off of the rack if i put souls on.. if i started torturing. and every day, i told him to stick it where the sun shines. for thirty years, i told him, but then, i couldn’t do it anymore, sammy, i couldn’t. and i got off that rack—–god help me, i got right off it, and i started RIPPING them apart. i lost count of how many souls–of the things i did to them.

       how i feel, this—-inside me… i wish i couldn’t feel anything, sammy. i wish i couldn’t feel a damn thing.


❛Yo, you bring home food by chance? Preferably meat?❜ Zane doesn’t think much of him just sitting there. His clothes torn up and body clearly stitched together. He doesn’t remember anything, just darkness. Not that he had been ripped apart by another alpha and that he has been dead for month now. Licking his lips he stared at his twin, trying to process why he had that look on his face. ❛Dylan, why the fuck are you looking at me like that?❜

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Would you be defending Louise so much if she'd slept with your guy?

Actually, definitely. I know I would. I’m not a petty person about this kind of thing, and I’ve long since unlearnt blame-the-girl type misogyny. It would be “my guy” I would be ripping apart! And I wouldn’t be willing to try to shame the girl publicly, especially through sexist tabloids, over something “my guy” did wrong.

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Sam is allowing Abbie do to this just like he allowed Cody to do it. This is history repeating itself. And the common denominator: Sam Heighan himself. Sorry. Where is that upstanding guy everyone talks about? If he were not a hunk, he would be getting ripped apart. Some of these people need to get a clue.

I agree things seem like it would be just easier if he made a formal announcement, however, that is not our decision to make. Make your own decision based on things you know to be true and use your own judgement. I feel there are things we are unaware of that prevent Sam from saying more. The one true thing I know for sure is his character has never been disputed by anyone. In the showbiz industry that says a lot to me. We need to allow Sam to handle his personal life. The time will come when this will all be sorted out. I’ve let my feelings cloud my judgement before, but I’m over that and will trust in Sam to be the person I feel he is. Hang in there, I hear ya! 

Luckily we ripped apart our couch before throwing it out because my large larimar (not pictured) and my opal pendants fell threw the rips and into a sealed (well without the rip it was) part of the couch!. Huge relief I found them! I’ll be wearing my black opal more because it reminds me of how much sean loves and cares for me and our family. (He bought it on our first Valentine’s day we lived together)