rip iced tea


Breaking news, the great phantom thief of the century has caught a cold. And a real nasty one at that. As if to prove its fierce disease-ness, another painful cough was heard above the rooftops, only slightly muffled by the thief’s gloved hands. Thankfully, the main mass of helicopters and patrol cars are far, far away by now, chasing after yet another inflatable dummy. Unfortunately, the dummies never seems to be quite as effective against detectives. Could he hope that by sheer luck the detective would miss that previous sound and go check some other rooftops?

If only, but he has probably used up all his luck tonight by just trying not to get caught by Nakamori-keibu while coughing all through-out the heist.  

Staring at the detective-shaped shadow beside him, KID slowly looked up as if in a low-quality horror movie. Yep, it’s Charlie alright, looking down upon him rather an unimpressive look(or is it just the perspective…?). A part of him agrees with her, the thief certainly doesn’t  look impressive cuddled in a tight ball in the corner, trying very hard not to let out another cough.

Should he say something? Or continue to unsuccessfully pretend to be a shadow? What’s that? Is that tea, for him? Should he take it…?

‘’ It would have been more wise to put a dummy right in this roof, you know? Since they would have ignored this poor shadow coughing. ‘’

 Taking slow steps closer to the thief like it was nothing. ‘’ Here, it’s honey tea and help with sore throat, sugary enough for your likings. Could you have just waited till the cold was gone for a heist you idiot? ‘’ The tea was saved in a thermo bottle so it could stay warm enough. Charlie had her uninterested look on the thief but her tone was more concern and a small worry, sitting near him and offering the bottle for him. 

‘’ It’s not like me using drugs or something, it feels like cheating. So enjoy it, the helicopters are way too far to reach you anytime. And they’d mistake me for a random detective helping someone else. ‘’ Tried to reasure the thief, but still a small teasing tone mixed with her concern. It was not like any night you run into a poor sick thief trying his best to escape, and Charlie could not just leave him there. Curses her heart for wanting to help anyone…