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In which Team Legends meets Captain Canary's baby
  • Kendra: Oh my god, she's so cute. Just like her Daddy was.
  • Jax: You can keep her the hell away from me. She's going to be lethal, man. Cold Canary.
  • Martin: I have to agree with Jefferson.
  • Ray: Come on, guys, she's adorable. I'm going to teach her so much science when she's older.
  • Leonard: We'll see.
  • Mick: Psh. She's going to be a thief. Like me.
  • Rip (suddenly): I helped make that baby.
  • Everyone else: . . . . . What?
  • Rip: Well, Len and Sara would never have even met if it weren't for me.
  • Everyone: . . . . . .
  • Mick: Gross.
  • Leonard: I know.

Really, Legends of Tomorrow makes a lot more sense as a show when you realize that their motto is basically “because, fuck you.”

The reason Rip Hunter decides to recruit eight assholes to shank some dude, hopefully in time to save the world?  Specifically because his bosses/family told him not to.  

The reason the team ends up going after the Oculus?  Because Rip Hunter learned they were being manipulated and controlled like puppets.  Now, there are no Time Masters at all.

The reason Rip Hunter then decides that these people that he couldn’t remotely control when they actually had a clear concise goal would be the best choices to maintain a timeline that they don’t remotely understand and only moderately care about?  You can’t tell me that isn’t meant on some level as a “fuck you” to his old bosses and their old mission.

And that’s the key to appreciating the show in the end.  You can’t expect logic from people who live on the principle of “because, fuck you.”  You just can’t. Their brains don’t work that way.

Rip Hunter is a man who, after losing everything, decided to devote his life to one angry, defiant cause after another because fuck you, that’s why, and he specifically recruited a team of uncontrollable, borderline anarchist assholes to help him out.

And really, I think that’s kind of beautiful.


Woo first thing for Ray Palmer
This was originally meant for a fic but I cut it short bc I didn’t really like it.
It was really fun to write for Ray for once though!

Title: Gravity
Pairing: Ray Palmer x Reader
Summary: Ray breaks into reader’s lab to correct their tech and to recruit them onto the team.
Word Count: 1,246
Warnings: a couple of curses

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             One moment you were wide awake, ready to work on your next invention. It was supposed to be a pair of gloves that could manipulate gravity, and although you knew you were close, it was just missing a few things. The next thing you know though, you’ve been sleeping for hours and are just now being prodded awake by a stranger.

           "Sorry,“ he says sheepishly as you squint tiredly at him. “Ray Palmer.”

           He holds his hand out excitedly, waiting for you to take it. You recognize him as the genius billionaire founder of Palmer Tech, who was supposed to be dead, but you shake his hand anyway. The clock read 4 in the morning, therefore it was too early to be asking questions to a supposedly dead scientist.

           "You know, it you put this piece here,“ he tells you, already dismantling parts without your permission, "and put this here…and shave this bit off, you can maximize your efficiency.”

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  • Rip Hunter: Sara did you just seduce the Queen of France?
  • Sara Lance: Hey. She seduced me!
  • Rip Hunter: Really? And Cleopatra?
  • Sara Lance: I was drunk and she was lonely. It's not my fault Caesar doesn't pay enough attention to his girl
  • Rip Hunter: And Elisabeth The First?
  • Sara Lance: Yeah she is definitely not a virgin anymore
  • Rip Hunter: For god's sake Sara you are a Time Master now! You have to be more responsible
  • Sara Lance: I can't help the fact that I am attractice. What am I supposed to do? Not have sex with gorgeous histroical figures?
  • Rip Hunter: YES!
  • Sara Lance: Well now you are just being unreasonable
  • Carter Hall: [while fighting time masters] *To Kendra* Will you marry me?
  • Kendra Saunders: I don't think now's the best time!
  • Carter Hall: Now may be the only time! I love you. I've made my choice. What's yours?
  • Kendra Saunders: *Turns to Rip* Rip! Marry us!
  • Rip Hunter: *Shooting Time Masters* I'm a little busy at the moment!