rip good tv


The last thing you see are N͌̐ͣI̡͑̍G͐ͤ͠H͌̍̏̃T̃̊̐̔M͑̑̃A͆ͤ̓̌͌R̷Eͯͣͫ̓͐̑ ̿̿͂̓̈́̇̿Eͥ̓͂ͩ͗̇̋͟Ẏ̇ͩ͐̂̎Ȅ̄ͦ̔́͡S̷̈…

Heh… I tried ok? rip

So yeah I love The Host very much he’s like my son lol. So I tried to draw and color him because why not. And also, I really wanted to try and draw blood wow great explanation, Falls…

And I really liked it, so like I always do, I edit the drawings a bit and I fell in love with some of the effects that made the colored blood even cooler ok? And like always, I’m providing the originals heh

I have my own story for The Host/The Author, but that is something for another day lol

Hope you guys like it :O!!!


television meme [10/10] dramas
wildfire: i saw her on the back of that horse, going god knows where, refusing to give up because she cared about a horse. a single horse.

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