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so i’m in uni right livin life as a college kid and i am taking chemistry 2 and so we have chem lab for three hours on tuesday afternoons right and so i go to lab but i forgot my lab manual and notebook and like they won’t let you in without it nor do they let you come in late to lab, so i was like oh no i can’t afford to take a 0 on a lab so i haULED MY ASS TO THE NEAREST URGENT CARE CENTER AND FAKED SOME SYMPTOMS AND LIED MY EVER LOVIN ASS OFF PRETENDING LIKE I HAD THE FLU AND GETTIN A THIN LIL COTTON SWAB SHOVED UP BOTH SIDES OF MY NOSE INTO MY SINUS CAVITIES N SHIT JUST SO THAT I COULD GET A DOCTORS NOTE SO I CAN GET A MAKE UP LAB SO I WONT HAVE A 0 IN THE GRADE BOOK THIS IS WHAT DESPERATION LOOKS LIKE THIS IS WHAT COLLEGE LOOKS LIKE.

thank you.



I started a new wolfstar fic, Palo Alto. Non-magical modern AU set in Northern California. Premise based loosely on the show Workaholics, situations based on my experiences in the weird hippie/corporate cyclone that is the Silicon Valley tech industry.

Headcanon Casting

Dev Patel as Sirius Black. Able to sweet-talk free drinks from any bartender. Aced his computer engineering classes without breaking a sweat. Could’ve been captain of the Stanford rugby team if he’d given a shit. Left his controlling family when he was sixteen and hasn’t thought about them since, not even once. Doesn’t date, because the bay area is full of self-absorbed losers who aren’t worth his time. No, he will not be telling Remus that he might possibly want to date him, because he’s not a fucking fifteen year old whining about his feelings, and their relationship is comfortable the way it is. Anyway, it’s just not the right time, okay? No, he’s not insecure at all, why do you ask?

Jordan Fisher as Remus Lupin. The (relatively) nice one. The (relatively) quiet one. The one who gets them out of trouble with a wide-eyed declaration of innocence. Grew up in a sketchy part of Oakland, before it was gentrified. Parents died in a car crash right after they’d learned he’d been accepted to Stanford on full scholarship. Comfortably pansexual for as long as he can remember, but reluctant to enter a long-term relationship. Trying to crack the code for managing his spondyloarthritis symptoms, with marginal success. Music snob, vegan, and yoga enthusiast, but he’s really not one of those NorCal people, he swears. Wants to apply for his PhD in Political Science, but is equally petrified of failure and success.

Suraj Sharma as James Potter. The total package. Star athlete. Certified tech genius. Ripped bod. Hilarious prankster. Ruthless heartbreaker. Snappy dresser. This is all true, ask anyone. Well, don’t ask Sirius. (“He’s an overdramatic mother hen who can’t keep a straight face during a prank to save his life.”) Don’t ask Remus, either. (“He tries to act like a douchebag pulled from a VH1 reality show, but he’s a sappy romantic at heart.”) Just take James’ word for it. He’s a catch, and one day, the ladies will realize this, specifically Lily Evans, his future wife, whom he is currently in the process of sweeping off her feet. In fact, she only mocked him four times yesterday. He’s nailing it.

Michelle Hendley as Lily Evans. Trans activist. UC Berkeley drop-out. Wants to go back eventually, but the sweet health benefits and salary at her job are allowing her to stay on hormones and afford the fancy, organic types of frozen meals. Thwarter of the Marauders’ pranks as often as possible. No, they are not funny, they are hella immature. Especially James, ugh. If you catch her laughing at their antics, she is laughing at them, not with them. And no, she was absolutely not staring at any of them when that prank with the itching powder went awry and they had to strip off their shirts in the kitchen. Especially not at James, ugh.

Jeremy Allen White as Peter Pettigrew. Student of life, not school, okay? His old man inherited some shitty houses in Mountain View that are worth millions now, so he helps out with the maintenance for a portion of the rental income. You know, when he has the time. Does a bit of dealing as well. He delivered some of his best shit to the Marauders’ house five years ago, stayed for the party, started sleeping in their couch, and (much to Sirius’ chagrin) he’s been a member of the gang ever since. He borrows their underwear and eats their food, but he also fixes the plumbing and cleans the pool, so it’s a symbiotic relationship, man, very balanced energies.


I’m aiming for updates every Sunday. It’ll be a long, slow burn, but it’ll be a fluffy ride for the most part, except for the angst that Sirius brings upon himself, the poor guy.

Shout out to @real-live-lycanthrope, @mirgaxus and @whenifeedthetree, who all have mad writing skills and mad beta skills, and are the reason this is being published at all.

Check out Chapter 1 here on AO3 and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading!


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Okay so first off a massive thank you to @holagubler for writing the smut section (which is basically the whole thing) I really couldn’t have done it myself (trust me…I tried) so many many thanks! Go check out the amazing imagines over there! So um yeah…enjoy!-Ash xx

New Year’s Eve 2015; In many ways the best night of your life. After too many shots and glasses of wine you found yourself in the guess bedroom with Dr Spencer Reid and his big beautiful eyes and lips. The explosions from the fireworks outside lit up the room with different bright colours. In the heat of conversation you must’ve missed the countdown.

“Happy New Year Y/N” his smile lit up the room.

“Happy New Year Spenny” You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him in tight to you.

“You know a midnight kiss is meant to be good luck” his breath was hot on your ear and his words sent shivers down your spine.

“Is that your way of saying you want to kiss me Dr Reid?” loosening you grip around his neck, allowing yourself to keep your face close to his.

“Well…ye…kinda…if you…I I mean…” you pressed your lips to his cutting off his rambling. Lips moved in unison each movement deepening the kiss.

Spencer locks your lips in a kiss once more, and secures his hands under your ass. He lifts you off the ground and you are laid down, as the BAU’s resident genius rips off his shirt at the foot of the bed.

You sit up, and wriggle your dress over your head, leaving you bare, apart from a lacy black thong.  Spencer’s eyes work their way down your body, as he bites his lip.

‘That was supposed to be my job.’ He smirks, and climbs on to the bed. Before you know it, your hands are pinned above you, as Spencer crashes his lips into yours. He swipes his tongue over your bottom lip, probing for entrance to your mouth. You let out a moan once again, as you feel him nip and suck on your lower lip. Your hands are freed and you entangle them in the messy curls at the back of his head, pulling him closer to you. His hands trail your sides, as one slips into your panties and runs over your sex, impossibly wet from the gorgeous man who has caused your entire body to be filled with electricity.

Spencer’s lips leave yours, as you whimper at the loss of touch. He begins to plant open-mouthed kisses on your neck, sucking on your pulse point. His mouth works its way down to your chest, swirling his tongue over your nipple, and then taking it into his mouth, causing you to cry out in ecstasy. He traces your stomach with his tongue, placing kisses every so often, as he reaches your panties.

Your panties are carefully pulled down your legs, and flung to the other side of the room. Spencer kneels in front of you, taking in your naked body. He leans down and kisses your inner thighs, while you shake uncontrollably, needing his touch. Your legs are positioned over his shoulders, as you feel him gently blow over your core, and you shudder. You moan as Spencer slips a finger inside of you, and places it between his lips. He looks up at you.

‘You taste incredible, Y/N.’ He said, before bobbing his head back down. His tongue finally meets your sex, as he expertly circles and sucks on your clit. Your hands go to the back of his head as you arch your back, in an attempt to press him closer to you. Waves of pleasure ripple through your body when Spencer slips two of his fingers inside you, curling them upwards, feeling for your sweet spot. He begins to thrust his fingers, hitting the right place, as his tongue swirls around your clit. You begin to cry out loudly.

‘Spence- right there. Please. Keep going!’ You scream, as you feel yourself coming close to climax. With that, Spencer speeds up, and you come crashing over the edge, crying out his name.

He keeps his tongue on your sex, allowing you to ride out your orgasm until you lay there, breathless, and clutching him to you.

As you regain your breath, he slips off his pants, and you see his hardened length. You push him down on the bed, and position yourself between his thighs.

You hear a gasp as your mouth is filled with Spencer’s erection, and you look up to see his face contort with ecstasy. You swirl your tongue over his tip, as you begin to bob your head up and down. His hands clutch your hair as you move your hand slowly around his shaft. A deep moan escapes Spencer’s mouth as you speed up the pace, allowing him to thrust, while he hits the back of your throat.

‘Oh, fuck, Y/N.’ He shouts. ‘I’m so close, baby.’

Seconds later, his body shudders and he tries to remove his length from your mouth. However, you continue to suck until you taste his release, which fills your mouth. You look up to Spencer, who is gazing at you in pure ecstasy, as you wipe away his juices from your lips.  You climb up to his chest, and lean down to kiss him. He smiles into the kiss.

‘I hope you are ready to go again soon. Because I want you inside of me.’ You whisper, and instantaneously he flips you over and moves on top of you.

‘Condom?’ He asks, positioning himself at the bottom of the bed.

‘Pill.’ You reply. After a few pumps, he rests himself over you, as you wrap your legs around his waist. With one thrust, you are filled by Spencer, and you moan in pleasure. His lips are millimetres away from yours as he begins a slow and steady rhythm.

You plant a chaste kiss on his lips. ‘Harder.’ You whisper.

He responds with a smirk, as he begins to thrust and you cry out as he reaches deeper each time. You struggle for breath as you dig your nails into his shoulders, screaming his name as that familiar sensation builds up inside you.

Spencer hears the moans escape from your lips and increases his pace, and your second orgasm ripples through you, leaving you screaming.

A few moments later, Spencer reaches his climax, and collapses on top of you, panting.

He rolls off you and you place your head on his chest, both of you hot, sweaty, and breathless.

It’s not often that you get to start the New Year with passionate, heated sex with the love of your life.

Even if he doesn’t know it yet.


“Holy CRAP!” JJ couldn’t stop staring at you with wide eyes “You had sex with Spencer while we all watched fireworks and sang auld lang syne! I’m impressed!”

“Shut up” you slapped her arm and both began laughing.

You know one thing in terms of relationships that I feel is underutilized when it comes to Rip Hunter? His common roots in science with Ray Palmer and Martin Stein. I feel that Rip should have more involvement with working with Ray and Martin in the various projects the two no doubt have going on aboard the ship. Even in the comics, Rip professes himself to be more inclined to work with the science part of his job than the kicking ass part (not that he won’t hesitate to wreck people that piss him off).

Even in the show, Rip is undeniably a genius. Zaman Druce praises him for his intelligence. He understands the theorems that Martin was using to figure out what Savage was up to in Legendary. Even in The Night of the Hawk, he seemed to get the gist of Martin’s explanation of where the bird monsters came from without further explanation. And, most importantly, he is the inventor of the first Time Sphere, which shows him having the engineering background to keep up with Ray. With that much ability and potential it seems like Rip should be right there working alongside Ray and Martin, but they’ve never shown that on screen. The first season Rip was too focused on his vengeance and grief to really let him connect to the others as much as he could and the second season had him out of the picture for far too long. I hope in the third season we finally get a chance to see him teaming up with Ray and Martin to show off more of the character’s scientific capabilities.