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“[Rick’s] very much a family man. That’s one of the things that I thought, ‘Oh this is interesting.’ Because I know what it feels like. I know how powerful a driving force that can be, ya know, a father and a husband.”

One year ago, April 20th 2016, we lost a character crucial for WWE at their most important time. Chyna was not just a trailblazer for the women, winning the Intercontinental Championship and participating in the King of the Ring and Royal Rumble, she provided people a sight of the unusual and different. A very muscular woman can also be beautiful and have emotion, as well as work in the ring. She was really a one of a kind. Hopefully a Hall of Fame induction is soon. It’s LONG OVERDUE!

I have completely stated that it’s totally fine to like loli/underaged Anime characters as long as if you don’t like them in a sexual way, yet the alarming rate of lolicons who find lolis sexually appealing rather than falling in love with them for their cute character designs or personalities is quite saddening. It’s people like them who give people like me who enjoy Kids Anime meant for little girls like Aikatsu!, and Precure a bad image, intentionally making people who know nothing about Anime think we watch those shows because we are lolicons (when clearly for me that’s not the case, the characters are very appealing and I love the cheery air most of these series tend to have without having any random BS ruin it like in most modern Anime) such claims have even made Pro-Lolicons claim that I’m one myself since I like the characters from these shows when clearly I only like them for their designs and personalities, not their body build (there was even one person who’s a pro-lolicon claim I was one because I liked Akari from Aikatsu! despite knowing the former claims I have made, like wtf bro) I’m just hoping that majority of these Pro-lolicon people are under 18, because sadly I believe that’s not usually the case… btw I’m against lewding lolis and all underaged Anime characters. my beliefs are influenced by the laws and morals my country has (Canada) if you’re a lolicon who lives in a country where it’s OK to view characters or actual people under 18 (age where we consider all humans adults in Canada) in a sexual way, then I won’t push my beliefs on you, but for those lolicons that live in the U.S or Canada, where it’s illegal to have any form of child porn (this includes loli/shouta hentai) I will push my beliefs on you. That is all, I’m not surprised why so many people view the Anime industry or community in a negative light after all of this, it really says something when a man like Filthy Frank says that “masturbating to Animated 13 year old girls just makes you a potential pedophile.” Even though sadly that video where he said that spawned the Weeb meme and most people are fine keeping loli hentai since it’s a “suppressant” for actual pedophiles, I rather have it be a method to catch them and give them the help they need rather than have it be a suppressant for their mental disorder tbh. Have a good day all, I’m sorry if I can’t see eye to eye with all you overaged lolicons, but there’s a point when “IT’S TIME TO STOP.”

casual reminder that i, a transgender person, was on a forum about 3 years ago and referred to transgender people as tr*nnies because i literally had no idea that it was an offensive slur in this decade.

i was gently admonished for my remark, and i corrected it right away, since i then knew that it was a bad thing to say. i was so grateful that they educated me instead of telling me that i was a transphobic piece of shit and should kill myself or something.

don’t fucking shoot people in the face for saying a slur, BECAUSE THEY MIGHT NOT KNOW THAT IT’S A FUCKING SLUR.

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Sorry if this is random but I am so frustrated by the lack of Sebastian's emotional character development (or any development at all really). He's my favorite character mostly because of the potential that he has to grow but any hint of that is just splat at this point and can only be fulfilled in my dreams. ):

Not random at all anon!  Sebastian’s character development is my raison d'ê·tre.  I hear you anon, I hear you.  You are so right: he has so much potential.  Tear-inducing potential.  There were hints of it in the very last episode of Season 1.
But in the manga…  :-/

The thing is, he has shown that he can change.  He changed how he was a butler because of what Soma said to him.  He appreciated how Agni treated the servants.  He’s shown he prefers being a butler over being a savage beast, as he outright stated in Green Witch.  It’s just that all of this isn’t really leading up to anything, because no end goal has been determined for Sebastian.  (And perhaps the plot as a whole, too….?)

I’ve been struggling with this whole manga for months now, and it just looks like there is no end goal for anyone.  Other mangas I read have a very clear sense of where they are headed, what will happen if X character fails to do Z, and so on.  In SnK we know we’re heading for that basement–it was brought up right in the first couple of episodes.  D.Gray-Man is all about the Millenium Earl and Noragami pits Yato’s existence against other forces.  There’s a very clear sense of “if X happens, Z will happen as a result.”  Stories just seem to work better when the ending is known.  But with Kuro…?

Everyone is just floating around, aimless, like we’re in the middle of someone’s NaNoWriMo where they just keep throwing characters and ideas into the mix hoping to stumble upon some direction.  The end goal isn’t known because no one knows it.  Sebastian doesn’t develop because it isn’t central to the plot, i.e. Sebastian developing as a character will not affect the outcome because the outcome was never established.

I remember on the forums (RIP) we had a whole thread guessing the ending of Kuro.  A good number of people thought that if Sebastian grew as a character, it would affect the contract.  (i.e. he lets Ciel go–a little too sentimental for my tastes, or he has a small moment of realization that shows something in him changed because Ciel was a master unlike any other he had had–my preferred take, kind of like Petshop of Horrors…)  (PSOH shows that even a story can be episodic without leading towards any one goal and yet still answer a question about the main character.)

So, yeah, I guess we kind of just have to live with it or focus on something else?  That’s the only two options I can think of.  Sebastian’s development isn’t important to the plot for whatever reason, and we can all entertain our own ideas about him as a character.  His development, or lack thereof, isn’t crucial to the outcome because it hasn’t been established as such.  (Unless it will be shoehorned in later.)  It’s frustrating.

He’s nice to look at, though.


i can’t believe homestuck is finally over!!! holy shit!! gosh it feels so so so strange to be able to say that for real… homestuck is over… homestuck is over. homestuck has ended. there was a time where i had begun to think i’d never see the day, and yet some part of me had secretly hoped i’d never have to. but all things must come to an end eventually. even homestuck.

and what can i say other than what a literally fucking life changing journey this has been.

i first got on board with homestuck in late 2009, a few months or so after it had begun. a good internet friend of mine, holly, had been reading it for a while and was desperate for people to talk about it with, so she started pestering me about it. i finally threw caution to the wind and jumped in when she showed me pics of WV and can town like “look at this amazing shit you’re missing out on”. she was right. i did look at this amazing shit i was missing out on and thought, “holy shit, this is some amazing shit im missing out on”. by the time i caught up, act 2 had only just ended, with only a small handful of pages of act 3 available. WV: Ascend is still one of my personal favourite [S] pages to this day. not only was it virtually the last thing i got to see before catching up and having to start waiting for upd8s, but its also the first time HS really pulls back the curtain and gives you a real glimpse of the true scale of this story thats only just beginning to unfold. it really sets the tone and makes you feel like you’re getting into something truly epic.

and SHIT boy, it just started getting better and better from there!! i even ended up managing to drag my sister into it as well, because just talking to one friend online about it wasnt cutting it anymore!! this shit was so good, and i needed more ppl to yell at. and well, to be perfectly honest, i really didnt have very many friends back then, in real life OR online. but ive always been really close w/ me sis so of course i was gonna drag her along for the ride.

like a year and a half later, in april 2011, my sis and i were going to attend our first con together, brisbane supanova. homestuck was right in the thick of act 5.2 by this point, and we were both HELLS of into it, so we were wondering if we’d see any homestuck cosplays there. we kinda doubted it tho, homestuck still felt like this weirdly niche internet thing back then, and on top of that we lived in australia, where basically nothing cool ever happens. yet to our surprise we did end up seeing a few homestucks about. not many, but a few. enough to be REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. there was even a john wearing the wise guy slime suit and they had a fear no anvil hammer!! and at one point we were even standing in line for food and we happened to see a really good Dave cosplay walk by, with a SORD and everything!! without a second thought, or even a first, we both ran straight out of the line to chase him down and get a photo. it wasnt until after the encounter that we realised… fuck… we lost our place in the queue lmao. it was worth it tho. totally worth it.

later on that very same day, i was waiting outside the bathrooms for my sis, and out of the ladies room came this adorable karkat cosplayer. i didnt talk to them, tho, and then my sis came out right after and i pointed like “look!! karkat!!” and she told me that yes, she already saw her in the bathroom, and even got a photo. lmao.

our first ever con was a lot of fun, the highlights definitely being the handful of homestucks we happened to see. i wasnt really even expecting to see one, let alone a handful… and apparently, neither were they!! after supanova weekend, i was checking out the MSPA forums (rip) and i stumbled upon a new thread somebody had made saying they were an aussie homestuck fan, brisbane local, and that they were surprised and excited to have seen a few homestucks at the supanova they just attended over the weekend, and wanted to know if there were anymore brisbane local homestucks lurking the MSPA board and if they wanted to organize some kinda fan meetup in the city sometime. enough excited responses started popping up and eventually the plans were settled.

i was definitely interested in going, tho i was really nervous about it. im a pretty shy person in general, and these were a bunch of complete strangers, not to mention that brisbane is like an hour train ride from where i live, and is also a city i was not familiar with. and i was gonna have to go all by myself, because sis was busy that weekend. i almost didnt go because it sounded so daunting, but i ultimately decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge because HOMESTUCK!!!

the plan was to meet by the wheel of brisbane, which was. easy enough to find, even for someone stupid like me who didnt know the city. the main thing i was worried about was actually finding the people because i didnt know what any of them looked like. we were all strangers!! luckily some of them had homestuck shirts so once i spotted a conspicuous crowd of Nerds standing around with a couple of HS shirts i was like. welp. there they are. my people. i swallowed my nervousness and went over and said hi.

it was a good day. no, a GREAT day!! there were about 12 of us at the meetup, and after introductions, breaking the ice was pretty easy since we all had the common interest of homestuck to spend literally all day as a group discussing and laughing about as we wandered the city. we even took a photo together of us all laying all sprawled out on a set of steps into the botanic gardens like we were all pieces of shit who failed to heed our bros warning of stairs. they told us, dog.

at one point we attempted to cross the road at a stoplight but half the group got stuck on the other side of the road. “haha, we’re roadstuck” somebody said. i dont remember who it was, but that became The Big Meme of the day, and went on to become the name of the facebook group that was set up later that night for us to all keep in touch and arrange future meetups and hangouts. over the following months, we met up more and more, word started spreading, and little by little more local brisbane homestucks began to hear about us and our group began to grow and grow.

it was amazing. i was having the time of my life. in such a short amount of time i had gone from having almost no irl friends, to having almost more friends than i knew what to do with!!! homestuck had helped brighten my life in ways i never expected. heck, i even ended up finding my first ever girlfriend through roadstuck. remember that karkat cosplayer i mentioned we saw at our first supanova?? that was her!! of course we didnt realize that until quite a bit later. she didnt make it to the first couple meetups, and once she did we didnt recognize her as the karkat either. it wasnt until she one day mentioned she cosplayed karkat once and showed us a pic that we put it together!! how… serendipitous!! ((btw we arent together that way anymore, not for a long time now, for reasons that are really neither here nor there, but we are still BEST FRIENDS FOREVER to this day, which is even better if u ask me!!))

during the heyday of roadstuck, we used to have huge group chats on facebook basically all the time, every night. with so many of us in the group, these were a blast, and it was always active at almost all hours of the day. there were enough of us that there was always SOMEONE online. oh, i should mention!! one particularly fateful night in the roadstuck group chat is where my nickname seab first came about!! typos of our names became quite a meme in the group, and a number of my friends still go by these nicknames today!!

ohh, lets not forget one of the most iconic moments in homestuck history. one that happened in late 2011. the night that the end of act 5 was released, aka the day homestuck destroyed the internet. [S] Cascade!!! what a night that was!! ahh!! it was my birthday too!! my birthday is 10/25, one of the homestuck magic numbers. getting to finally sit down together with my sister, and watch this 13 minute epic, on my bithday, after months of anticipation, during the very height of our homestuck craze, screaming and giggling together as we flipped our shit over stuff like the screen starting to get bigger as jack was charging the red miles, and the kids going god tier, and then logging onto facebook to scream about it all night with the roadstuck crew… it was truly special, and remains one of my most treasured birthday memories to this day.

it was also around this time in late 2011 that i started to get into using tumblr!! i had already made a blog earlier in the year, but i only made a single pointless post and then abandoned it forever. but once a bunch of ppl in the roadstuck gang started getting way into it, i decided to get in on the fun too. i didnt really know much about what the point of tumblr was for a while but it was pretty fun using it as another social platform for fun times w/ the pals. it also ended up being a pretty good place to start sharing my silly homestuck videos i had been making occasionally in my spare time!!

speaking of, remember my [S] ancestors: whats going on video i made in march 2012?? lmao!! that really shot me into The Big Time and got me my first really huge influx of followers on here. some people started calling me a BNF (“big name fan”) for a little while!! can you believe that video has almost a MILLION views now?? i sure cant!! thats still so crazy to me!! one time, at another supanova, a friend introduced me to their friend as “the person who made the ancestors whats going on video” and their friend was really ecstatic like OMG NO WAY. that was a surreal experience, having someone who didnt even know me excited by my presence, as if i was someone of legitimate importance, and not just some silly kid who cries a lot and has too much time on their hands.

anyway, roadstuck, as it was, doesnt exist anymore, because… of reasons… but the friends i made still do, and thats what counts, because it turns out the real homestuck was the friends i made along the way, and im thankful for them all each and everyday. 

in fact it was through meeting so many different kinds of people during our time in roadstuck, and the stuff i started to read about as i spent more and more time on tumblr, that i first started to learn about trans people and gender and sexuality and all that stuff, which really opened my eyes to the world and helped me begin to understand things about myself i had struggled with for years without realizing!! who knows if i ever would have learned about all this stuff if i never got into homestuck???

it is honestly no joke when i say homestuck literally changed my life. all the friends ive made these past 6 and a half years, my identity and sense of self, my entire livelihood, everything i care about, its all thanks to homestuck, and i genuinely have no idea where i would be, who i would be, or what my life would be like today if it werent for this silly webcomic. i owe literally everything i am today to it and i can’t thank andrew hussie enough for what the past 6 and a half years has meant to me.

the end of homestuck is not just the end of a long-running webcomic 7 years in the making, but the end of a huge, incredibly important chapter of my life, and sitting down with my sister one final time to watch [S] Act 7, and say farewell to all these characters, some of my most favourite fictional characters ever, who have been with me every step of the way all these years, and getting to see them all finally be safe, happy, and living their lives together freely and peacefully after everything they’ve been through… just… its indescribably moving and im beside myself with emotions.

thank you, homestuck. thank you all the artists and musicians for all your hard work taking me on this incredible journey. thank you my dear friend holly, for pestering me into reading it in the first place all those years ago.

thank you, andrew hussie. thank you for my life

you’re literally my hero, and i just started crying as i was typing this sentence so i think it’s time to wrap this up before my tears start making it too hard to type. bye homestuck!!! im gonna miss you so much!! keeping up with the updates and discussing theories and meeting new friends and learning new things about myself has been some of the most fun ive ever had in my life!! ill never forget you homestuck!! BYYYEE!! WAHHH!!!


when clam goes ham

the most ridiculous part abt leto’s joker isn’t even leto’s joker tbh it’s the fact that david ayer is reacting to him as if he’s really out on the set dropping forbidden knowledge when it’s probably word-for-word ripped from a libertarian forum. that and saying it’s “scaring” him when it’s jst rlly boring method acting? it’s like the real life version of that text post where someone downloads the mcdonalds font to write “capitalism” and the people who listen to muse are like “holy shit”