rip flow


Beware that rip

Since it’s still summer where I live and I just got back from a beach where this phenomenon is an ever present danger (depending on Oceanos’s mood of the day) a quick line on rips seemed appropriate. They can sweep you out to sea unawares, and if one panics and tries to swim against it rather than parallel to the beach to get out of it, one could end up in serious, even fatal trouble. These narrow currents flow out from the surf zone of sandy beaches, scouring the sea bed to make deeper calm looking hollows where they occur.

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Keep Your Mind at Peace & Your Body a Beast

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Being active has nothing but positive results, and I have a couple ideas for my witchy friends that may work out for you! Of all people, witches know that everything is connected, so keeping out body happy keeps our mind happy - which means better results for spells too! 

Before The Workout

  • Drink some green or black tea! A little bit of caffeine before a workout is actually good - it gives you a little boost. Most pre-workouts have caffeine too, just be sure to keep it in moderation. 
  • Enchant that water! I always toss some mint leaves and cut up strawberries in my water bottle. You can also use any kind of citrus, or even make some green iced tea to use as your first bottle hitting the gym or studio.
  • Glamours to look as badass as you’ll feel. Sigils in your pocket or shoes, or even enchanting your perfume or deodorant. I know it sounds silly but I can promise you that boost of confidence goes a long way when you’re pushing yourself, and you can look in the mirror and think, “I’m a badass witch.”
  • Ready that playlist. Music is everything for getting pumped, whether it’s working out or spell casting! 
  • Don’t eat something too heavy. Save that reward for after the battle! Then you can ask your local kitchen witch for a hardy recipe!

Witchy Workouts

There are so many kinds of ways to keep your body active, and not all of them are picking heavy things up and putting them back down.

  • Yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga yet I highly recommend this - especially for witches. It’s all about quieting the mind, becoming in touch with your body and the energy around you, strengthening, balancing, and centering yourself. It’s meditation, stretching and a workout all in one; how can you get better than this?!
  • Pole Dancing.  You’re a witch aren’t you? So why don’t you try flying? I’m bias, I’ll admit it - but I teach pole fitness for a reason! There so so many benefits to pole. Confidence, it builds so much confidence. This is an amazing way to enhance your feminine energy, and if you work with any deities that are mainly with feminine power, dancing is a wonderful offering. It doesn’t have to be sexual, it can be sad, creepy, powerful, funny, hiphop or ballet mix, or contemporary! This builds your strength & flexibility and it doesn’t feel like work! It’s all play until before you know it your on the floor sweating and feeling like the sexiest/most graceful/beautiful person ever. Everyone is always supportive, there’s always body love and I’ve had students who are male, female, trans - there’s even a 54 year old man who loves wearing heels & his wife adores it(@manwhopoledances on instagram) and one of the ladies I used to dance with in Colorado named Patty - a 60 year old woman who looks damn good for her age and is so kind and strong! (Any questions feel free to message me!)
  • Aerial Silks. Another way to soar in the sky! This one I find isn’t as ‘dancy’ as pole but you can make it whatever you like. This one is a lot about holding poses and engaging your muscles for periods of time to do so, so it’s kind of aerial yoga but sometimes you spin. This art is graceful, beautiful and can be very dramatic and lovely!
  • Lyra. Another aerial art - what can I say? I think you should fly if your a witch! Hehe. This one is involving a hoop that is suspended in the air. It’s a great workout for sure, and the poses look so beautiful and magical once you get them. Check out @ladyinlaluna on instagram for an understanding of Lyra. Plus her hoop is a crescent moon and what’s more witchy than that?
  • Hula Hoop. This one is a much gentler way to get yourself moving if you’re not looking to get ripped. It’s great for flow, movement, those who like to dance in their kitchen and move freely. It’s a beautiful and hypnotic dance, and I love watching theses artists move. All you need is a hula hoop to start and you can get yourself moving and feeling happy! @danatheleo & @bunnknees are great artists to check out for inspiration. 

Not So Witchy(but great workouts)

  • Boxing. I did kickboxing for a while and let me tell you it is a rush. It’s so fun, the gyms and classes I went to were supportive and kind no matter what level you were on. Plus, a little self-defense was never a bad thing! 
  • Sport Teams. Whether you’re in school or have a community team, try out! Or if that’s too much, get some friends together to play a friendly game of ice hockey at your local rec center, or swim teams, kickball, baseball, or football! 
  • Free running. I haven’t tried this yet but I would love to! Running around, building strength to scale structures and building speed and endurance. I’d say you’d be a survivor in the zombie apocalypse for sure - or at least undefeated winner in a game of Groundies. 
  • Bouldering. This might be harder to access depending on where you live, but this is basically an indoor rock climbing gym. There are some places you are able to free climb, and some places there are colors coordinated to difficulty level. Both are fun, and bringing your family or friends is awesome too. 
  • Surfing. Obviously, if your land locked this might be harder to do. But if you’re close to the beach and have the desire, why not take a class or two, try it out and see how you like it! 

Not About That Commitment 

  • Swimming. What better way to be a sea witch even if your land locked? Especially for the summer! Local beaches, lakes, rivers(if swimming is legal), are all wonderful, or even if you can wear yourself out at a waterpark or local pool.
  • Hiking. Back home I was spoiled with the Rocky Mountains and my easy access to it for beautiful hikes. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the Earth. Get to know the local wildlife! Hikes can very from difficulty. Make sure to pack a few snacks, a lot of water, and a few safety items(whistle, mirror, & bear spray) just incase something takes a wrong turn! Nature can be very unpredictable.
  • Taking walks. It can be as simple as walking your companion around a few blocks or to the park. You still get to meditate a little and get yourself moving a little for the day. 
  • Park day! Bring a ball and some frisbees! Some snacks and water, and maybe some jump ropes or hula-hoops! 

These are the best I could come up with on the top of my head, but please do let me know if I should add anything or if you have any questions. I hope this was helpful for you guys! 

I went to the pub today to watch the rugby

Pearl Jam was playing the whole time. Suddenly Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog came on, everyone went quiet, the barman maxed out the volume, Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder’s voices filled the room, the distorted guitars shook the glasses on the bar. It was amazing!

waitingforasaturday  asked:

For the ways to say I love you prompt - #80 & Check Please, any pairing.

80. “Is your seatbelt on?” - I took some liberties with the definition of pairing here (sort of), and give you some Shitty & Jack brotp, with Jack acting as a bit of a proxy for Lardo.

“Jack?” Shitty said. He had a crick in his neck and his cheek felt like it was stuck to the table where he’d fallen asleep over a textbook. He pushed himself upright and blinked a few times. “Are you actually here or am I finally hallucinating?” He ran his hands through his hair, still momentarily thrown when they stopped short of his magnificent flow, RIP, and then scrubbed his hands over his face. “If I’m hallucinating and I didn’t even do anything fun to get there, I am gonna be so fuckin’ pissed, brah, let me tell you.”

Jack shook his head and got his hands under Shitty’s arms to haul him out of his chair. “No, you’re not hallucinating. I’m really here, you told me where your extra key was months ago.”

Shitty frowned, brows drawing in. “I… think I remember that. I mean, I totally would have done that, for sure.”

Jack propped Shitty against the wall next to his front door and tossed his jacket at him. Shitty mostly caught it before it hit his face. When he pulled it down out of his eyes, he saw Jack disappear into his bedroom and then emerge with a leather bag his pretentious cousin Gloria had given him last Christmas and insisted on calling a “weekender.” Trust Jack to have 1) found it, and 2) use it for its intended purpose.

“You are so your mother’s son,” he mumbled.


“Nothing,” Shitty said, finally putting the jacket on. “Are you kidnapping me?”

“Yes.” Jack tugged his arm to get him moving again.


“Because last night you called Lardo and rambled to her incoherently for thirty minutes straight about how law school was sucking out your soul before you apparently passed out, and she still has to get her exhibition piece finished, so she called me.”

“So Lardo is kidnapping me by proxy?” He stopped short when they got to Jack’s… vehicle. “You know this truck makes you look like a total tool, right?”

Jack just shrugged and leaned over to pointedly push the passenger door open from the inside. “I like it. Now shut up and get in. You can lecture me about how my car is compensating for my fragile masculinity on the way.”

Shitty climbed in. “On the way where?”

“Samwell.” Jack’s tone indicated he thought Shitty still wasn’t firing on all cylinders if he thought there was any question. He glanced over as he turned the key. “Is your seatbelt on?”

Shitty buckled it with a firm click. “Yeah, man, my seatbelt’s on.”

That Don’t Impress Me Much

@letojokerownsme you…just make it all better!  



She’d been distant since their last date and Shannon couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  He did everything right, he thought.  He was early, brought flowers.  He opened every door for her, pulled her chair out.  He was attentive and a gentlemen.  He held her hand, he told her she was beautiful. He didn’t order for her at dinner.  He never left her side at the party, always keeping his hand on the small of her back, rubbing his thumb across the bare space where her dress met her skin.  They shared a passionate kiss at the end of the night and she thanked him for a wonderful evening.  

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Prompt for @ladydrace s anon under the cut. 

Prompt: Something angsty with happy ending: what about infertile omega Stiles? The society say"If the omega can’t give a child, the alpha can mate another omega to keep his line of descent". And it hurts to Stiles, because Derek is the last Hale, so he start to interview another omegas for Derek? But Derek said him that it doesn’t matter, Stiles is only mate.

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