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I have a question if you don't mind -- what do you make of the pose of Fai and Ashura in that chapter spread image? What if anything do you infer of their relationship? This was a topic of MUCH speculation in TRC fandom when the manga was still coming out, before Certain Events later made things clear; I'd love to know your read on it!

I’m so reluctant to guess, purely because CLAMP are doing that thing where they wave answers under your nose but deliberately withhold all the context you need for it to actually make sense. 

Like, as a point of comparison, if this was Fai leaning on Kurogane I would have no doubt whatsoever about that that meant, but that’s because I know who Kurogane IS. I have no idea who Ashura is in this world, or who he is to Fai, beyond the fact that a) they know each other, b) Fai sealed him in an underwater coffin, c) Fai is running the hell away from him, and d) Ashura was probably the king.

I think, for the sake of the argument, if they were lovers, I would expect them to be looking towards each other instead of away. And yet Fai is visibly comforted here, and perhaps feeling protected? There’s something about his expression that says he’s entirely relaxed, which isn’t something we’re really USED to seeing on Fai. Whatever it is, they’re both used to this kind of moment and are happy to exist in the silence of the moment (which, again, we don’t see on Fai often).

So if I HAD to guess, I would suggest that maybe Ashura is Fai’s older brother, or maybe father? Not necessarily by blood, but possibly also that.

i tried doing lineart for the first time in, what, 4 years ? and its as hard as i remembered orz

i absolutely love fai and i could go on for hours abt how much i love tsubasa tbh

I did a little math after this chapter.

Do you remember Keith’s conflicting time concept when he was telling Eren & others the story of how he met Grisha?

Chapter 71.

He was not sure when he met with Grisha how many years ago so he said an approximation. Thanks to Zeke, we got more accurate numbers now. 

So here is a rough Jaeger timeline.

  • 806 - Grisha Jaeger is born.
  • 809 - Fay Jaeger is born.
  • 817 - Fay is RIP.
  • 824 - Grisha joins Restorationists and meets Dina Fritz.
  • 825 - Zeke is born.
  • 830 ? 832 - Warrior - Shifter Program begins. Grisha implicates Zeke as a Warrior.
  • 832 - Zeke snitches his parents to Marley. Therefore Dina Fritz and The Restorationists being turned to mindless titans and Grisha Jaeger gains the power of Attacking Titan, aka Shingeki no Kyojin, from the Owl, Eren Kruger.
  • 833? - Grisha Jaeger finds a cure to the plague and saves the city. Carla and Grisha gets married.
  • 835 - Eren is born.
  • 842 - Zeke inherits the power of Beast Titan.
  • 845 - Grisha visits Reiss family and stoles the power of Founding Titan from them. He probably has a few months or less until the end of his term. He passes this power to his son, Eren Jaeger. Fall of Shiganshina Arc takes event.
  • 850 - Trost Arc, Female Titan Arc, Clash of Titans Arc, Uprising Arc and Return to Shiganshina Arc takes event. Also first Jaeger meeting happens. Mid- East Union declares war on Marley Empire.
  • 854 - The four year long war between Mid - East Union and Marley Empire comes to an end with Marley’s victory. With Zeke’s suggestion, Marley decides to focus on invading Paradis Island once again.

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❛  d’you remember that  night at the hotel…  ?  you know,  the night that you were drunk  ?  ❜  the fancy dinner  &  elegant scenery slip him tonight,  not even the somewhat cooled air outside does much to him.  he needs to let it out  &  he has no reason not to,  no reason to pull any tricks.  it’s been a while since he stopped that.  hence,  the astronaut takes the blonde’s hand  &  casually stands outside the restaurant.  ❛  i don’t know.  i heard  that  song on the radio the other day and realized i never came forward to apologize for what i did to you.  ❜  he says,  leaning into her touch.   i wasn’t sure if after a whole year it was a good idea for me to bring that up now.  i just                        i don’t remember feeling that bad in years.  i was a total douchebag who thought he was protecting you.  ❜  his lips turn with distaste.  he cannot believe he was  THAT  twisted.  ❛  i guess i’m still not the guy who will stay,  but i’m the guy who will come back for you against ridiculous odds.  ❜  there,  he pulls a smile even if his guilt makes him feel like sinking before disappearing forever.  there aren’t many loose ends left for them.  in fact,  he’s sure this is the last one.  ❛  i love you Carol.  ❜


I love you. 

This is your life now Kurogane. You are surrounded by people who will troll you for every second of every day for the rest of forever. 

And they’re so good at it. 

Kurogane never stood a chance. 


To avoid scandal, Father Guy Desnoyers decided it would be best to kill the girl he had impregnated and her unborn child. As the priest of the small town of Uruffe, France, in the province of Lorraine, Desnoyerss was still rather young and greatly attracted to the village’s young women. Such was the case of 19-year-old Regine Fay, who was noticeably pregnant in the fall of 1956. Fay decided against leaving home to have the baby or having an abortion - a decision which greatly concerned the priest, who feared the child-to-be might have features similar to his and thus tarnish his name. On December 2, 1956, Desnoyers told his parishioners that he would be out of town for a few days. However, he returned two nights later to keep an appointment he had with Fay. Desnoyers claims he attempted to absolve Fay of her sins. But upon her refusal, he killed her. The priest shot her though the back of the neck, and then proceeded with a grotesque mutilation which he declared was in keeping with his religious faith. He took a pocket-knife and slit open the girls abdomen, and then after further slashing her, Desnoyers baptised the child he had ripped from Fay and proceeded to destroy any likeness to him the baby might have had. Later that evening, Desnoyers conducted the search for the missing girl and was the leader of the party when they discovered her body. Police soon discovered that the bullet that killed Fay was of the same calibre as the 6.35-mm gun owned by Desnoyers, and with the discovery of a blood-stained handkerchief, the priest confessed his guilt. Although the prosecution sought the death penalty, the jury found him Guilty with extenuating circumstances, and the President of the Nancy Court, Judge Louis Facq, sentenced Desnoyers to life in prison.