rip faith in humanity

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RIP Kermit’s faith in humanity lol “ Trying to teach kids the ABCs “

Gonna make a vid on the TCC. Rip my faith in humanity.

And for any TCC member who’d like to defend it’s existence or elaborate any points you’d like to make(or be a triggered pos), I’ll make your life easier and offer you a link to my ask box ;)

.please note that I’m talking about the part of the TCC who writes fanfiction and romanticizes criminals and murderers- not the part that shares articles and talks about psychology. 

Such a day as today, we remember Sadly the physical and emotional pain that is able to produce hatred and indifference, such day as today, we remember with a heart full of tears one of the facts more painful of our history, a fact born from the purest hate and left in one and all of US a sadness deep, such day as today, humanity discovered, perhaps even recalled, which the power in the hands of political and ignorant is able to do.

Such day as today, a tragedy committed “in the name of God”, started a piece of our humanity, our kindness and our light, that day terrorists not hijacked about aircraft, that day terrorists hijacked the lives whole of thousands of people, hijacked a part of our history of our lives, we ripped literally a part of our humanity and hijacked our faith as brothers and children of the same Earth.

That day 16 years ago, a group of hate corrupted our humanity and dragged to deepest our darker side, made more suspicious and cold, more indifferent and disinterested even less human.

But the Ashes pain we have learned to get up harder every day, and will be our love how race, the love we have left the forgot, the US a again and we build strong, because Moises, Buddha, Mahoma and Jesus never taught US to hate, they taught US to love, and in your name we will love to the end of the present.

© Elhoim Leafar