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Rest In Peace Plaid.

Got straight up white bags again…definitely an opiate cause I’m not sick and I was FUCKED UP, but didn’t feel like fent and I feel like if it was an opiate pill of some sort I wouldn’t have been so rocked cuz when I do pills I need like 80 mg to even feel anything (although a lot of it didn’t mix up so either massively cut or a filler from a pill so 🤷🏼‍♂️ it’s possible ig, but pills are so expensive round here that option just don’t make sense to me) anyone else get white dope like that?

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((Hello! BTW love you guys. Anyways so I am making a Radio Play on youtube. And I'm having difficulty making sound effects, finding voice actors, music making, ect.. So I was Wondering if you guys would give me recommendation or even help out! Thank you!!)

Ah! I recommend using the site, you can find a lot of great voice actors there! As for sound effects, rip em off youtube. And for music, when we got our own music made we just emailed around! That’s how we found our lovely composer for tale of two rulers! Look for remixes on youtube, find their contact information, and shoot em an email! I DO RECOMMEND HAVING SOMETHING TO OFFER THOUGH, in the sense that you need at least some work done. Show them a sample of your work, because I can’t speak for everyone but if someone asks me to be in a project and they have had no previous work nor have anything to show me, I will decline. 

so apparently lotor’s super handsome with silky white locks and glowing yellow eyes and the first thought i had was that during the paladin’s first encounter lance immediately flirts with him and thats how we get a sexuality reveal outta the way LAY IT ON ME SEASON 3

[Final: Mutual Ver.] Tumbleweed, Her (M) #20 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

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[A/N] Three versions, remember? Now you know why it took so long. I couldn’t decide.

Ever been stuck between two roads?
Have you ever been so terrified about something you can’t change?

Ever wonder what life the human next to you could be living?
Can you cry out loud and tell everyone how you feel?
Can you say the exact words your hearts are telling you to feel and make them understand?

Ever realized how small you are, when you stand in the midst of endless crowds of strangers?
Did you ever looked in the television screen and wondered, why powerful people are powerful and why are you, you?
Ever think of that?

Daehyun was thrown in jail. He lives in orange jumpsuits now. Because of his threats and the things that he knew, once the prosecutors got their claws on him, he was never going to escape. The only thing he set his life for have stabbed him in his back. And it’s a lonely life he chose. He was standing behind brick walls, never to see freedom. His cases were confiscated and retained. He realised now that avenge is difficult, when you’re up against the wrong people. He spent hours looking out a small window, smiling grimly. “The powerful stays powerful.”

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You Wish - Stella Carlin Part 2

So after a very long and excruciating wait, this part is finally here :) As you can tell, I have no experience whatsoever in the art of sex, and this is the first ever smut I have posted anywhere, so please don’t be to judgemental!

I seriously recommend reading part one, but you don’t have to, it just makes a bit more sense :)  

Previously on You Wish 

“Just please at least put a towel on,” I pleaded, picking at the end of mine nervously. She tugged on mine playfully, making me squeal and bat her hands away.
“What about if I just take yours hmm…” she bit her lip, raising her brows suggestively. “Then I get to see your beautiful body.”
“You wish babe,” I stuck my tongue out, giggling when she began to pout childishly. “Maybe one day.”

It had been a few days since the incident in the bathroom, and things had been awkward; for me at least. Stella had been acting normal, if not a bit more flirty that usual, always sitting next to me during meal times and cuddling with me in my bunk after a hard days work. I wasn’t necessarily complaining, but I was entirely sure where we stood, and I didn’t really know how to bring it up in a regular conversation.
“Alright chicken, what’s on your mind?” Alex placed her tray in front of me, breaking me from my train of thought.
“What? Nothing,” I said quickly, keeping my eyes trained on my food.
“That’s bullshit and you know it,” she fired back, pointing her fork at me accusingly. “Is this about what we said the other day in the bathroom? Because if it is, you need to man up and admit your feelings cause she quite obviously likes you too.”
“I don’t…” I paused, frowning down at my food. “I don’t know what to say to her…”
“Just say ‘Hey Stella, I like you and I hope you like me too, because we’d make a pretty great couple.’ Simple as that…” she shrugged, picking at her food. “Then y’all would probably fuck in the church or something and bada bing bada boom, you’re dating.”
“Did you really have to say that last part?” I screwed my face up, rolling my eyes at her crudeness.
“Yes, I really did,” she sent me a smug smile, glancing over my shoulder and letting out a scoff. “Looks like she wants to do it, considering she stole a pair of lacy panties.”
“She what?” my brows flew up in amusement, whipping around and just barely catching a glimpse of the pink lace hidden under her pants. “Jesus…”
“Close your mouth Y/N,” Alex chuckled, making me turn back around and glare at her. “I’m sure she’ll let you rip em off her later.” I gave her a sarcastic sneer, sticking my finger up at her.
“What’s going on ladies?” Stella appeared with Piper in tow, each taking their respective seat at the table.
“Y/N here was just telling me something that is of great interest to you Stella,” Alex smirked, tilting her head and gesturing for me to talk.
“Oh really?” Stella turned to look at me expectantly, brow quirked in interest. I sent Alex a glare, turning to the curious girl next to me.
“Alex is just being a little shit, ignore her,” I smiled, eyes flicking down to the waistband of her pants briefly. She shrugged, seemingly not bothered by it and didn’t appear to notice the small peek I had taken.
“So,” Piper cleared her throat, trying to avoid the awkward tension that was bound to loom over our small group. “Did you guys hear that Morello and Nicky and hooking up again?”

“Alright everyone, lights out in 5!” Pornstache yelled through the common rooms, making everyone groan.
“God I fucking hate that guy,” Piper poked her head above the wall separating the cubes, a scowl on her face.
“Don’t we all,” I sighed, kicking my shoes off and beginning to get ready for bed. “I wish he would just fucking quit already. We’d all be a bit happier.”
“Ladies! In bed! Now!” Pornstache bellowed from the door, making me scowl in annoyance.
“Jesus Christ  , calm your fucking man tits,” I muttered under my breath, collapsing onto my bed and spreading out like a starfish.
“Night Y/N,” Piper blew me a kiss, disappearing from view and lying down on her own bed.
“Wait!” I whispered, making her pop back up. “Where the fuck is Stella?”
“Oh yeh,” she laughed softly, face palming herself. “I knew there wasn’t enough sexual tension in here.”
“Ha ha ha you’re fucking hilarious,” I sneered, sticking my finger up at her. “But seriously, she’s gonna get a shot if she doesn’t get here in like 2 minutes.” Piper simply shrugged, plopping back down on her bed and letting out a loud sigh.
“Not my problem,” she simply said, muttering a soft good night. I rolled my eyes, pulling my poor excuse for a blanket up and over my body, turning so I was facing the entrance to cube incase Stella decided to show her face any time soon.
It was another 5 minutes of silence before I heard a soft shuffle of feet padding across the floor, obviously not caring about getting caught. Stella slipped into the cube without being seen by any of the guards, who were probably asleep by now, and sat down on her bed.
“Where were you?” I asked, making her jump slightly.
“What are you still doing awake?” she avoided the question, pulling her jumper over her head and throwing it to the end of her bed. “Were you worried about me?” she cooed, making me scoff and turn around so I was facing the wall, not wanting to run the risk of her seeing the blush that was forming on my cheeks.
“Well sorry if I didn’t want my friend to get in trouble,” I huffed, pulling the blanket over my head to sign al that I didn’t want to talk anymore. It was quiet for a few moments before I felt my bed dip down slightly, the blanket being tugged on gently. I let her pull the blanket down, not having the strength to resist.
“Is that all I am to you?” she mumbled, running her hand down my arm, playing with my fingers when she reached them. I shifted slightly, turning my head and gesturing for her to get under the covers, shuffling closer to the wall. She slipped in beside me, tangling her legs with mine and wrapping her arm around my waist and slipping her hand under my shirt.
“If you were just a friend, would I let you in my bed?” I sighed softly, pushing my back against her chest. She simply tightened her hold on me in response, pressing soft kisses to the back of my neck, making me shiver in delight.
“Since I’m not a friend anymore,” she spoke softly, beginning to trace circles on my stomach, slowly moving down to the waistband of my pants. “Can I try something?”
“Stella,” I let out a deep breath, catching her hand before it could slide inside, making her whine softly. “We can’t do this here.”
“Sure we can,” she chuckled against the back of my neck, nipping playfully at my tattoo there. “You just have to be quiet so we don’t get caught.”
“I’m not exactly know for being quiet,” I huffed, tensing slightly when she continued to poke at my lower stomach.
“Do you want me to gag you then?” she asked, making me scoff. “Never knew you could be that kinky.”
“Fuck you,” I hissed, finally letting go of her hand and inside bringing mine up to rest near my mouth, ready for the sudden need to cover it.
“I plan to,” she chuckled, flicking the waistband of my pants playfully before sliding her hand under it, ghosting over my heat. I whined childishly, wriggling slightly in her grip, trying to get her to do something. “Don’t. Move.” I halted my movements, opting to bite down slightly on my thumb. Her hand began to draw circles on the outside of my panties, brushing over my clit as she switched sides.
“Stella!” I huffed, getting annoyed with her lack of touching. “If you don’t fucking touch me I will kick you out of my bed and do it myself!”
“Gosh, someones inpatient,” she giggled, sitting up suddenly, rolling me on my back and straddling my waist, the blanket being thrown to the floor. She leaned down so her chest was resting against mine, capturing my lips with her own. I let a soft grunt of approval, tilting my head slightly to get better access to her amazingly soft lips. She smiled slightly into the kiss, poking her tongue against my closed lips, hands tickling my sides to try and get me to open up. I rolled my eyes, parting my lips and moaning against her mouth as her tongue invaded mine, playfully prodding against my own. She broke the kiss once I was really starting to get into it, making me pout and raise my head, trying to bring her lips back to mine. She simply smirked, sitting back up and pulling her shirt over her head, throwing it across the room, doing the same with her bra a moment later. She slid down my body, tugging gently on the end of my sleep shirt. I quickly sat up and threw it off me, squealing slightly when she pushed me back down. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my pants, tugging harshly till they were resting at my knees. I hurriedly kicked them off, reaching up to place my hands on her shoulders, roughly pulling still she was once again lying against me, connecting our lips in a messy kiss, her body grinding against mine. 

“Fuck,” I mumbled against her lips, breaking away from the heated kiss and closing my eyes, trying to ignore the tingling feeling in my lower regions.
“What do you want Y/N?” she asked, leaving a trail of kisses down my neck, ghosting her teeth over my nipples, making me whimper.
“You!” I sucked in a deep breath, arching my chest into hers, smiling slightly when her fingers slipped behind to undo my bra. “Fuck, I want you Stella!”
“As you wish,” she chuckled darkly, pressing one last peck to my lips before she all but ripped my bra off my body, enveloping one of my nipples in her mouth. I let out a sharp gasp before I remember that I had to be quiet, opting to squeeze my lips together. She sucked until it was almost painfully hard, doing the exact same to the other one, leaving me to whimper as the cold air brushed over the hard points. I almost didn’t feel her fingers slid themselves down the sides of my body and fiddle with the lace of my smuggled in panties. She moaned approvingly against my skin, pulling the barely there material down my legs and threw them carelessly. She sat back on her feet for a moment, eyes running up and down my exposed body, making me flush in embarrassment.
“So beautiful,” she gave me a soft smile, running her hands along my thighs, biting her lip. I let her pull them apart, my breath hitching in my throat when I felt her warmth breath against my core. Her nose nudged gently against my clit, making me let out a strangled whimper and try to clench my thighs together only to have them pinned open. “Don’t.”
“Please,” I whined, bucking my hips slightly only to have her rest an arm across my waist, keeping me firmly secure against the bed. I almost gave up all hope before she licked a long stripe up my heat, making me moan loudly, my hand slamming over my mouth a moment later. She chuckled against my core, making me let out deep muffled groans behind my hand. She flicked my clit a few times with her tongue before covering it with her mouth and sucking softly. I let out a shaky breath which soon turned into full on pants one I felt her finger gently poke at my entrance before slipping inside.
“Fuck, why are you so tight!” she murmured against my core, making my eyes roll back in my head at the pleasure it was giving me.
“I h-haven’t been f-f-fucked since I g-got here,” I managed to get out. She let out a sound of understanding and without warning, inserting another finger knuckle deep inside me. I bit my lip harshly to keep the moans quiet, fisting the sheets tightly. She began to mercilessly pound her fingers into me, keeping her tongue pressed flat against my clit, the other hand holding me down still. I felt her fingers curl in me, brushing against my g-spot and making me see white, my body convulsing slightly at the intense pleasure. “Do that again.” She obeyed, continuously curling her fingers so they hit my g-spot until I felt my climax begin to bubble up. “Fuck fuck fuck! Stella!”
“It’s ok babygirl,” she shifted so she was now hovering above me, her fingers still buried deep inside.
“S-Stella, I’m going to-“ I couldn’t even finish my sentence, the pleasure too much for me to handle.  
“Cum for me Y/N,” she whispered, giving one last prod at my g-spot before I finally came undone, eyes squeezed tightly shut and body convulsing violently against hers. Cum dripped down my thighs and onto the mattress, making me screw my nose up slightly at the mess I was bound to clean up. I was distracted however by the fact that Stella had removed her hand from my core and was now licking my juices from her fingers, humming in content. I whined slightly, trying to grab her attention. She chuckled, resting her arms either side of my head and nuzzling her nose against mine affectionately, lips brushing over mine.”Did you enjoy yourself?”
“Very much,” I blushed, averting my eyes from her own. “Thank you.”
“Any time babe,” she winked, pressing her lips to mine once before before sitting back up. “Let’s go to my bed and we can clean yours in the morning.” I nodded in agreement, letting her pull a shirt over my head and my discarded panties up my legs before we shuffled over to her bed, collapsing on it and instantly cuddling together.
“Night Stella,” I whispered, resting my head against her (unfortunately) clothed chest.
“Night Y/N,” she whispered back, pressing a kiss to my forehead. We began to drift off to sleep curled against each other, the only sounds being the soft breathing of the various girls in the block.
“Fucking finally, I thought they would never stop!”  Piper suddenly spoke, the rest of the girls giggling in agreement.
“Oh my god!” I squeaked, my face turning a bright red. Stella simply laughed, pulling me closer to her chest. “Sorry!”
“It’s fine babe,” Piper chuckled. “Atleast the sexual tension is finally gone.

Imagine arguing with Dean about Backlash and it leads to angry make-up sex.

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“That sonuva bitch fucking screwed me, y/n!”

“You think I didn’t notice that?! He freaking low blowed you and got away with it but don’t you raise your fucking voice with me, Ambrose!”

“The hell I can’t cause I have every right to!”

“Oh, you goddamn idio-” you didn’t get to finish as Dean grabbed your waist and yanked you in for a rough kiss. His tongue pushed past your lips and ravaged your mouth to the point where you were getting weak in the knees but he crushed his body to yours, forcing you to stay standing. Pulling back and admiring your dazed features, he gave a small smirk.

“You dunno how fucking hot you look when you’re pissed but you better start takin’ those clothes off, y/n, or I’ll rip ‘em off ya…”


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+ x as much as you can come up with in 8 minutes step it up fam!


Tetsu doesn’t bite his nails but he does pick at them and just kinda rip ‘em off when he’s bored, nervous etc. It’s such an ingrained habit that he doesn’t even realise he’s doing it.

He gets along with his dentist but at the same time hates going to the dentist. He tries to put off the actual check up by asking his dentist about her children and her sons. Her children are her cats.

He dislikes feet. He really hates dry heels of feet and thinks that they are completely gross, moisturise your heels people!!

He was in his swim team in highschool and still has his jacket. 

He writes letters to his old neighbours back in Japan. He has attempted to teach them how to use facebook to facetime him but unfortunately they haven’t gotten the hang of it!!

Hates monopoly with a passion. He’s very unlucky when it comes to rolling dice!


                                             𝐇𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐘 𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐂𝐊 // accepting! // @blithened

Woke the Fuck Up

Take your clothes and rip ‘em, rip 'em off
Call these hoes and tip 'em, tip 'em off
You can tell them you are mine
I’m sick of, sick of games
No more time, you lit the, lit the flame, yeah

We live in an age where everything is staged
Where all we do is fake our feelings
I’ve been scared to put myself so out there
Time is running out, yeah
Need to let you know that

Last night I woke the fuck up
I realized I need you here, as desperate as that sounds, yeah-eh
Take these walls and rip 'em, rip 'em down

Take my, uh, and snip 'em, snip 'em now
I will tell them I am yours and very, very proud
I am forced to give in, give in now cause..

Hello! My name is Hortensia J. Perez from Stockton, CA! My grandfather, who’s 93 years old, from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, still continues to plant & work in our backyard, especially maíz in the backyard! I actually took these earlier today before we rip em off to make some tamales w/ hojas de maíz tomorrow! Just came across your post so thought I’d share! Saludos!

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What's Michonne's fav colour and how does Rick find out?

While on a run, Rick, Michonne and the others clear a department store. He finds her standing near a clothing bin holding up a sheer lavender-colored set of lingerie.

“You like those?” he says as he steps up behind her.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite color,” Michonne informed him.

“Take ‘em. It’ll look good on you,” he offered with a devilish grin playing on his features.

“Not very practical or necessary,” she replied, always the pragmatist.

“Doesn’t matter,” whispered Rick as he leaned closer to her ear. “Pretty sure I’ll be ripping 'em off you anyways.”