rip dread


Summary: Your husband is in the hospital after a car accident, and a stranger helps distract you from your thoughts getting to you.

Members: Sehun x Reader

Type: Angst/ Fluff

Length: 1,555

~Admin Rated M

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 “Is he going to be okay? Please! Tell me he’s going to be okay!”

    “Ma’am, please. You need to stay here. You’re not allowed in the operating room.” They push you back outside the double doors, one of the nurses giving you a sympathetic look. They rush into the operating room, and it takes every ounce of strength in you to not follow them. You look around, trying to find anything to comfort you. After a few seconds, you don’t find any, and your head drops in defeat. You look for a seat, but you can’t seem to think straight enough to properly find one.

    “There’s one over here sweetheart,” a sweet looking elderly man says to you. You don’t have any strength in you to smile back at him, but you nod your head slightly in appreciation. You quietly sit next to him, and put your head in your hands, your elbows resting on your knees. You start to cry, not really caring about people watching. You’ve never been one to cry or show any sign of vulnerability, but you feel every wall breaking the moment you get a second to breathe. Your husband of seven years is lying on an operating table, and you have no idea how to help him. You feel a hand on your shoulder, ripping you from the dreadful thoughts starting to form in your head. “It’s going to be okay. Whatever the result will be, you will be okay,” the man next to you says.

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In which Sara has a nightmare

I’ve been working on this fic for awhile but here’s a lil blurb I thought you guys would like. Sara’s been pretty stressed lately (which they don’t seem to go over very much in the game)

“Sara!” I looked around, my vision was blurry and my head was pounding like a drum. Dad? 

“Sara!” This time it was more insistent, definitely dad’s voice. I tried to sit up and realized I couldn’t move… or breathe. 

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Vanessa. And where is she? When did we lose her, Ethan? She was standing in a quiet room, gazing up at a cross. She reached out, took it from the wall and put it in the fire. And then she was lost. And so alone.