rip djrowdya


“Everyone stop!!! Take a deep breath. And say thank you :)… smile… Your breathing :) what a gift.” - DjRowdyA

Four months today Raul, since you have been physically gone.. and you’re missed so Much every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and FOREVER until we meet again.. I know you’re VERY proud of you’re family, Girlfriend, Ateam, who have been so strong, closer than ever and keeping your legacy going through out this difficult moments.. It Sucks that you’re not with us anymore, wish we could bring you back but unfortunately it’s not possible but i know in MANY hearts you live or at least in mine u do! :) memories will never fade. I know you’re in a better place Dj-ing for our God and Every day that passes by is a day closer to seeing you again :’) I’m just glad i had the opportunity to know such an amazing person with an amazing personality, great talent, humble, always thankful and positive. I’ll always hold them “THUMBS UP PINKYS DOWN” for you with a smile on my face as I know you’d like EVERYONE too♥