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Title: home

Member: seungkwan

Genre: fluff fluff fluff // domestic au + established relationship 

Word Count: 1007

Seungkwan feels like he’s finally gone insane after being in the practice room for six hours straight, perfecting Soonyoung’s choreography for Highlight, which, by the way, is the most exhausting song he’s ever danced to. His feet ache, his thighs hurt, and his lungs burn.

He swears if he hears Soonyoung call him out for not bending his knees low enough, he’s going to bend Soonyoung in half.

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So hard to see them go, really hard. But it’s okay, because we all know they aren’t okay with each other anymore, so all bad things must come to an end, even if we hate it. I’ll never forget that amazing night in Düsseldorf, I was TRULY happy, enjoying every second of the show. I wish I could go back every night, because all the negativity and bullshit from my live faded away. I remember when I saw Mick before the show, my sister and me were freaking out, we were like GOD IS MICK FUCKING MARS. We have a lot of respect from him, and everything we can say about him is good. Oh, and when the show started… When I saw Nikki, when I saw Tommy I almost faint. I have always been a lover of Terror Twins but also I was feeling like crying my heart out because their friendship is null. Well… and when I saw Vince. I almost fucking die there! I don’t really have a favorite member but he’s like… special to me. Of course I love them all, but yeah. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, with my heart on the floor and already missing them so fucking much. I remember when Vince was in his platform and I was under him screaming and dying, he looked down, looked at me and smiled. When Nikki pointed at me in Motherfucker of the Year…

These are moments I won’t forget. They are special to me, that’s why I feel so devastated. Wish I coulg hug all of them and say thanks face to face for making me so happy. I don’t have words to describe how grateful I feel.

And also, a little shoutout to my sister. @screamat5 she was with me in the concert and also, I was the happiest person on the Earth because we shared an amazing moment together. I shared an amazing night with one of the persons I love the most!