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Lea [Michele]’s Rachel was going to have become a big Broadway star, the role she was born to play. Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn’s glee club. “What are you doing here?” he would ask. “I’m home,” she would reply. Fade out. The end.
—  Ryan Murphy on the original ending of Glee

“Be nice to everyone,always smile and appreciate things, because it could all be gone tomorrow” -Cory Monteith
May 11, 1982- July 13th, 2013
Today is 4 years since the world lost Cory Monteith, but heaven gained a beautiful angel. My heart is with Lea Michele on this sad day, along with all of his family and friends who miss him dearly. Forever our quarterback, rest in peace Cory, you are missed.❤

Lea Michele, Cory Songs

With some of Lea songs it’s always a questioning of, “is this for him? is this for cory?” So here I gathered a list of those songs that are for Cory, might be for Cory, and songs she has sung that have a Cory feel to them.

Lea’s songs that are proven for Cory:

“You’re Mine”
“If You Say So”
“Hey You”
“Getaway Car”

Lea’s songs that might be for Cory:

“Burn With You”
“Love Is Alive”
“Run To You”

Songs that Lea has sung that have a Cory touch to them:

“Make You Feel My Love”
“Without You”
“My Man”
“Here’s To Us”
“Who Are You Now”

Childhood Heroes Astrology

The Signs as Glee Characters

Aries - Mercedes Jones

☆ confident ☆ outspoken ☆ headstrong ☆ loyal ☆ supportive ☆ bold  ☆ compassionate ☆ kindhearted ☆

“Why does everyone assume I’m angry all the time? It’s called being sassy.”

River Deep, Mountain High

I’ll Stand By You 

Taurus - Sam Evans 

★ socially awkward  ★ nice  ★ romantic ★ naive ★ self-possessed ★ honorable ★ determined  ★ easygoing  ★

“I’m pretty, but I ain’t dumb.”



Gemini - Santana Lopez

caring ☆ extremely emotional ☆ jealous ☆ perceptive ☆ persuasive ☆ manipulative acts confident ☆

“I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck.”

Nutbush City Limits


Cancer - Quinn Fabray

★ popular  ★ considerate  ★ thoughtful  ★ respectable  ★ judgmental  ★ smart  ★ confident aura  ★ insecure  ★

“Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. Probably because they smile all the time.”

Just Give Me A Reason

You Keep Me Hangin’ On 

Leo - Finn Hudson 

☆ naive ☆ trusting ☆ born leader ☆ loyal ☆ heart of gold ☆ gentle ☆ idealistic ☆ impulsive ☆ romantic ☆  

“What’s the saying? “The show’s gotta go all over the place… or something.”

Losing My Religion


Virgo - Tina Cohen-Chang

★ first shy ★ standing up for herself ★ awkward ★ supportive ★ hardworking ★ funny ★

“If I have no Asian sex symbols to look up to I guess I’ll just have to be one myself. “

Because You Loved Me 

Shake It Out

“Hey You”

Hey you, it’s really good to see you,
I’ve got so much to tell you,
But you should know, I’m doing fine

Hey you, had a story to tell you
But honestly, I can’t even remember
Really doesn’t matter

Never seen you this happy,
Never seen you so peaceful
Even though you can’t hold me
Hurts you, hurts me, that you’re here

And when the days are getting dark, nights are getting hard
I see you
And when I laugh until I cry, I don’t even know why
I feel you

Hey you,
Funny thing, I found that old t-shirt
We’d thought you’d lost it, it’s still the softest
You know it made me put on your favorite Radiohead song
It took me back to, when we were driving, down Laurel Canyon
Too fast, you know you never slowed down

Final days were the hardest, I didn’t think they would be your last
Hope you know I forgive you, give anything to get them back
But know that everything’s okay,
I’m doing okay without you
I know you had to go away,
I’ll tell you everyday, I miss you.

Hey you, I know you always like to get the last words in
Before you go, you should know
I love you more
I said so

                                                          4 years.

                           It’s easier now, but I still miss you so so much.

                 I promise that I’ll never forget you, or your beautiful talent.  

                                      I love you and miss you Cory.