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Can you draw Cas grooming his wings, maybe he has a whole kit of grooming tools and he lays them out around himself and he's just so cute doing it and Dean is like sneaky watching him, or helping him. maybe?

boyfriends being domestic

Apology Muffins


Clementine shoes squeaked wildly as she ran down the paved pathway, wagon loudly in tow with her muffins. She already taste tested them, and was finally going to make enough money in order to buy that cute teddy bear she saw in the toy store window!

As she ran, the rag doll could help but notice a single monarch fluttering right past her. Her blue eyes locked onto the creature, and she followed it’s movements with a smile.

A very big mistake.

Not seeing where she was going, the child crashed into the legs of a much larger figure, halting her movements and landing roughly on the ground. She squeaked in surprise, her wagon stopping just as abruptly as she did. Thankfully, it didn’t tip over.


RIP Clem
Unfortunately due to a hiccup in the Vault Tec experimentation a vault dweller has passed. Clem, the most eager vault dweller of Vault 88, passed away while riding the power generating bike. This was most likely a direct result of the discrete Buffout injections that improved pedal speed and duration, but probably also caused cardiac arrest.

Rough Times in Vault 88

with her phone thrown into the middle console rather carelessly, clementine let a choppy breathe guide her hands towards the ignition as she took off. with angel only a few minutes away at a friends house, and surely drunk off his ass, clementine was beginning to realize just how far she’d go for him as she gradually melted more under his soft gaze. with feelings that threatened to rip apart her ribcage, clem felt increasingly more distressed by how every nerve was left on end in his presence. however, she thankfully didn’t have much time to let the thought simmer and drive her to insanity as she pulled up to her destination, shooting him a text that she had arrived before climbing out of the drivers seat. swallowing the exasperating thoughts she had, clementine approached the home clad in pajama pants to knock on the door herself. the last thing she wanted to do was burn gas waiting in the driveway. 

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who are your favorite mutuals?

oh boy am i super lame if i say that all my mutuals are my fave?? yes???

ok. hmm.

these amazing potatoes who i (usually) talk to: @apiaristcas, @whoismisha, @lokisangelblade, @lifeofawinchester, @brinchestiel, @aslongastherespastawewillsurvive, @itstuesdaysam, @assren, @loveisnanelement,

people who i dont talk to much bc i am a shy nugget but i love seeing them on my dash: @whelvenwings, @unholyseraphs@bottomnovak, @mylittlecassbutt, @puppymish, @mishacoliins, @princesscas, @deathstiel, @bittercasblogger, @casbabe, @jenmisheel@sketchydean, @purgatoryjar, @destieldrabblesdaily, @i-miss-castiel, @dearestmish, @starspangledsteve, @chevroletdean, @prettyboydean, @katteens, @danistiel, @mishananigans, @yourfavoritedirector, @uhjimmy, @fiercedean, @soupernabturel, @perfjensen, @perfectopposite, @constiellation, @strengthcas, @galaxystiel, @preciousmish, @baethazar, @casxade, @almaasi, @jewelcas, @deanfucker, @dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala, @deanscolette, @punkdean


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