rip chavez

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RIP Chávez

Por toda esa gente que murió o fue víctima de la delincuencia en este país, gente a la que le han matado un familiar, gente a la que le han robado el carro (como si uno cagara los reales por el culo) porque “ser rico es malo”… gente que hasta ha sido discriminada racialmente en este país al momento de buscar empleo… en fin, tantas vainas que han pasado en estos 14 años, igual (peor, mejor dicho) que en gobiernos anteriores… no vengan con la webonada de la moralidad cuando no tienen ni puta idea de lo que han vivido por estar ciegos y aferrados a ideologías.

¿De qué vale ser un autodenominado “librepensador” cuando no se escucha al otro? ¿De qué vale pensar libremente cuando uno vive encerrado en su propia casa, con rejas y cerco eléctrico como si fuera una cárcel de máxima seguridad?

Ahora veremos hasta dónde es capáz de llegar la mediocridad de la gente que pretende seguir alargando esta vaina…

I’ve had the same president since I’m 4 years old. I found unnatural the fact that I don’t even know how to live with any other president, I even found it uncomfortable. Chávez was the responsable for my father to lose his job just for expressing his opinion. He’s the responsable of so many deaths and poverty. Worst part? Things are NOT gonna get better without him. He already did his job: to fuck this country up. Today I got in the middle of a shooting just ‘cause people found out he was death. There’s no services, no food, everything’s closed. Nobody knows when are we gonna be “ok”. I’m fucking scared to death.

Hugo Chavez

You ever stop and wonder why the US was so invested in making Chavez out to be a bad guy?

Venezuela was no threat to us, only to our Governments ability to continue to control us under the guise of your liberty and “democracy” under a financial state of oppressing minorities called Capitalism. We want their Oil, sure, but there was also something to be said about his efforts to have the citizens of his country living and treating each other with equality without regard for their financial status or the color of their skin.

Watching this BBC coverage of memorials in Venezuela, and it is amazing how the blacks, who are a minority in that country as well, idolized Chavez. The Venezuelans who are wealthy and have interest aligned with pimping the countries Oil to the US, are all rejoicing and feeding the Fox News and US broadcasts with stories trying to make Chavez out to be Hitler or some shit.

There was a documentary on Netflix that I watched a few years ago, where Chavez welcomed a few US students down to record and report what is never reported here, and his take on what is happening in our society, and I respected the shit out of the coverage I saw and his commitment to humanity and equality.

Im looking for a book on the president’s life that I can jump into on my Nook this weekend.

Seeing these black Venezuelans mourn for him, means much more to me than anything being spoonfed through our news outlets.