rip campbell family

ok I’m sure a majority of you have heard about Megan Campbell, her brother and their mother being murdered by Megan’s father, I’ve read a lot about it and everything and even though I never knew her I still cried because it’s just the thought of someone being taken out of the world by someone who helped bring her into the world. I don’t know it’s just hard to imagine anything like that could happen, but it did happen. Anyway, rest in peace Campbell family. I’m sorry this happened to you.


No. I didn’t know them but it’s still sad to hear that innocent lives were taken away. She seemed like an amazing girl, her brother and mother as well (who im sure were good people) didn’t deserve to have their lives taken away from them. Who did this, her father. The man that was supposed to protect and provide for his family….did the complete opposite. I’m not gonna say that he deserved to die, no, he needed to live with what he did. To live with the guilt, the pain, and the shame, and humiliation that comes with it. My heart goes out to the Campbell’s friends and family, you will be in my prayers. They will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.