rip babies x

I was in the mood to doodle mouse-

And then it spiraled into this.. thing- WELL WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOUR HAND SLIPPED

I think I remember somewhere in the fic that he mentioned he like Neapolitan ice cream or something? And how Rick also comment about Mouse not being “no chocolate or bust”- idek my memory fails me-


So when GOT wants you to pay attention to something they bring it up over and over again and in episode 6 (SPOILER) they bring up babies sooooooooooo many times. Tyrion brings up the fact that Dany doesn’t have an heir; Tormund talks about the babies he wants to have with Brienne; babies have been casually brought up several other times by the supporting cast. It clearly means Jonerys is about to bang and either Jon cures Dany’s infertility with his magic penis or some magic is about to go down and babies shall rain on the Jonerys ship. Anywho i’m dead now, RIP me. Babies are almost hear. Long reign Jonerys


You knew that Laurel was gonna die. And now you’re gonna take me back, and I’m gonna save my sister.

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What are your thoughts on Uma and Harry's relationship? I never read the books but in the movie, he looked so smitten with her. It was adorable! But yeah, I just wanted to know your thoughts whether its their relationship in the book, the movie, or both! :) Whatever you prefer! Thank you for taking time to answer!

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the book actually comes before D2 supposedly. 

smitten isn’t really the right word. harry has more of a distanced intimate obsession with her. like not - weird stalker style ?? more as though she’s a religion that he worships. in the book, we meet harry in chapter six. he enters the classroom and the first thing he does is slide into his seat - which is next to uma - and drawls well, helloooo.we’re told that uma is harry’s oldest friend on the isle. meaning already we understand he - undisclosed out loud - considers her a friend.

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Happy Birthday Killua!

Ya’ know, Dipper’s real name could be “Peter.”


I won’t write any introductory comment about it ‘cause it’s too FUCKING OBVIOUS WHAT THE FUCK DO WE FEEL NOW! so, let’s begin


Doffy! You’re fucking monster and piece of shit! You’re so pure devil! Hope there’s special VIP room in hell waiting for you!How can you kill your own family just like that??? You’re worse than shit!

Your father was such a great guy who wanted to be sympathetic to all people in the world! Even if he was a Tenryubito he got a huge respect from me!


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So, I’m 100% sure that this guy must be X Drake. there’s no doubt about it…

aww… Baby 5 is so cute here

the fuck???

and He probably wants me to make me feel so sorrowful and depressing seeing Rosianate’s death. I-AM-SURE!

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I don’t want to witness it…. 

I’m so scared…..

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stop doing another hot shot!

no! Oda! Don’t do such a dramatical scene! My fucking tears has already become a fucking Niagara!!!

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FUCK! just that…. Law’s smile… is so…

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give faye kisses, @stargazeris

          “Just – Just wait for it…” her voice an excited whisper as she looks down at the round stomach given to her within four months of her pregnancy, holding the palm of his hand to rest against it. She could still feel herself practically vibrate with the sensation of that first movement. That first KICK. At first, she wasn’t sure what had happened, at first feeling a sort of butterfly feeling within her – and so out of the blue. But then the KICK came and she knew, and her first thought was to get to David and show him. 

          Except it seemed their child had grown a little shy – as if they knew they had an audience now, causing Faye to bite her bottom lip as if to will the little one to show their father what they could do. “I swear, it just happened… I know – I know the doctor said it could be too soon but… I felt it. And –” She laughed, shaking her head. “It was just… I never felt anythin’ like it before – Like I KNOW we’re havin’ this kid but… Now it just… It’s so real, I can’t even comprehend it properly I just –” 

            And then her face lit up with a smile, looking up at him. “Butterflies…” With hope in her eyes, she repositioned his hand as best as she could and waited with baited breath. One… Two… Three… K I C K ! A laugh erupted from her lips, one of joy as he kicked not once, but t w i c e ! There was a sense of giddiness that filled the future mother to be that she never felt before, looking up at the father of her unborn child with glee. “Did ya feel that?! My God, he’s a kicker. I mean. Or she. Either way, definite kicker for sure – boy, girl, I don’t care, but they’re gettin’ a soccer ball or somethin’ ‘cause that’s some impressive kick–”

          Her words came to a halt as soon as his lips came upon her own, and she was welcoming to the interruption. His hand remained on her stomach while her own ascending and cupped his face as she returned the sudden kiss with the sweet and tender affection it was given, savoring this moment between them and the simple feel of lips brushing against one another – something Faye would never grow tired of. Pairs of lips that seemed to fit perfectly against one another – as if existing to come together in every way – lips that were meant to be kissed. Another fluttering sensation coursed through her, though notably over her heart, she noted. Which made her smile against his lips, causing the kiss to end perhaps too quickly than both intended. But she couldn’t help it. With David, the smiles just come out, whether she intends to or not. It was amazing to think that at one point she was scared when she found out they’d made a life together, that a child of their making was growing inside her. But with David, all she could feel was brave and happy. And she wanted to share every moment with him, bringing this child into the world. 

          David was the one that made her realize just how happy she could be. Giving another kiss to his lips, short and sweet, she smiled once more. “I love you. Thanks for knockin’ me up. It’s… It’s really shapin’ up to be…the most…excitin’ and wonderful experiences in my life… And more than that… I’m really glad I’m experiencin’ it with you.”


Apart from water there is no ice; apart from ice there is no water

If you have love in your life then you have to keep on living.