rip alvin

Time doesn’t wait and slow down for anyone, as much as we want it to. When it is time for you to go, you just have to go as much as you want to stay. So remember to appreciate those around you while you still have the chance to. This goes out to my good brother who left us behind a little too soon. May you rest in eternal peace. We will meet again someday.

what’s with the cabin group boys (luke, nick, carlos) and having sweet af hair??? have you seen those silky locks??? it’s the apocalypse who’s slipping them the pantene/dove shampoo???

Sequel to this one.

magilou  asked:

HAUNTED TALES OF XILLIA CREEPYPASTA [really scary] I bought a copy of ToX from a yard sale it looked normal except Milla was frowning on the cover and I started it up and the title screen was a bunch of screaming children and Milla and Jude were standing in a pool of blood which was kinda weird anyway I started the game and the whole thing was just Jude punching Alvin on a loop.