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The Fabric of the Human Body

Andreas Vesalius’ groundbreaking De humani corporis fabrica (The Fabric of the Human Body) of 1543 is a key Renaissance text, one that profoundly changed medical training, anatomical knowledge, and artistic representations of the body, an influence that has persisted over the centuries.

The new book recreates the masterpiece of science and art for the first time in a way that is understandable to 21st century readers who do not have any knowledge of Latin. The texts of both the 1543 and the 1555 editions have been translated, a task they completed in over 20 years of painstaking and dedicated work. Annotations give the reader keen insight into just how innovative De humani corporis fabrica was, and high-resolution digital scans of the almost 300 woodcuts provide the images with a sharpness they never had before.

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As some who shares your pain about Chester's sudden passing, I send you the biggest hug of comfort. It was such a hard blow to all the fans, and I think it might take us a while before we fully accept that he's actually gone. He'll stay alive as long as we keep him in our memories. Stay strong, friend. Remember that you're never alone, and reach out whenever you feel down. Much love, and many more hugs. 💕

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