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The signs as Alfredo quotes prt 2

Aries: “Sorry, I was not listening.”

Taurus: “He runs like the wind, bullseye.”

Gemini: “I have no pity. Someday I’ll stay for good, but until that day know that you’re my little man with a small surprise.”

Cancer: “Copy- Cope- I’m coping with it.”

Leo: “Believe whatever I tell you and I’ll show you the world or…create…parties.”

Virgo: “This man knows god!”

Libra: “Fun. A four letter word for distraction.”

Scorpio: “Fuck with me, I’ll break your heart!”

Sagittarius: “Excuse me Autumn. Your voice is ruining me.”

Capricorn: “Whatever. You spatter me with a nationality.”

Aquarius: “You should have taken his life when you had the chance.”

Pisces: (reading a Pinche’s Tacos mug) “Pinch…Me? I am dreaming.”

Looking back at the 1992 Los Angeles riots, people often remember tensions between African-Americans, white law enforcement officers and Korean small business owners. That story gets even more complicated when you step into Pico-Union — a neighborhood that was, and still is, predominantly Latino.

In the wake of the Rodney King verdict, riots broke out around the city. The first day, they erupted in South Central; by the second, they had spread north to Pico-Union. And while people all over the city had to deal with looting, fires, and general chaos, many residents of Pico Union had to deal with an additional fear — the threat of deportation.

Mike Hernandez was the neighborhood’s city councilman in 1992. He said that in the 25 years since the riots, Pico-Union hasn’t changed that much. The area is still more than 80 percent Latino, with lots of immigrant families from Mexico and Central America. And, in 1992, a majority of Pico-Union constituents were living below the poverty line in crowded conditions. Hernandez said he knew long before the riots started that Pico-Union was just as combustible as South Central LA. “We had twice the density here of Manhattan,” Hernandez said. “And our fire station here, Fire Station 11, was the busiest fire station in the nation.”

But in the midst of the burning and looting, Hernandez said the few law enforcement officers who made it to Pico-Union were not protecting and serving. He partially blamed it on the fact that in the early 1990s, “Latino” was often synonymous with “illegal” in California. In a 1992 interview, he told NPR that his request for reinforcement during the unrest didn’t get him the results he wanted. “The response to me when I said I needed the National Guard to protect the people of the area and I needed to protect the businesses and protect the homes, they gave me the Border Patrol. It was totally an insult,” he said.

As Los Angeles Burned, The Border Patrol Swooped In

Photo: Gary Leonard/Corbis via Getty Images

[ if there is ever anyone who is brave enough and strong enough to start a revolution, the world won’t ever know about it. But we will. And when that day comes we’ll all have to make a choice. Fight for freedom or live like a slave. ]
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“You’re a new hero aren’t you! What’s your name?”

“Oh its Ruby– Ruby Riot!”

so I drew a comic of my take on RR and her origin story and I had such an urge to draw her as an adult/hero?? And I love her?? Her quirk is clay manipulation ;o;

@unbreakable-red-riot I hope you enjoy this take on her ;w;/

Take me away :

Late nights.
Dreaming of space.
A new world, another place.
Days lasting maybe decades.
So much unknown, undiscovered.
Life made from another molekyle.
Nature all new.

Just take me away.
If someone asked.
I wouldn’t stay.
I would give my life.
To someday set foot, in a beautiful strange new place.

We are explorers!
Cheers to the human race!

Now, let us forget our disputes.
And turn our eyes to space.
Earth is counting days.

- Engsted


I think the mystery there was what romanced me
The farthest edges of the ocean but images I’ve seen
Pictures on a screen, some seeming new, laced in déjà vu
Like something I knew, a whisper I’d heard on the wind
A song I’ll sing again or a hand I held, a face I kissed

And I’m churning out this memory now
It’s sat there between my lungs and ribs like a stick
This wound since the beginning, in all things, I fall quick
A trial on my brow, an error in how, my encumbering love
For you is, without a doubt, my perpetual downfall

Maybe I’ll see you again, my heart beating for the next one
When will I calm, chill like the river in the winter
Sit at the foot of a throne where there are my own feet
Breathe, no longer stifled from what I thought we’d be
I’ve dreamed your arms around me enough to see  

I’m leaving behind the footsteps of one who loved
Entirely, who tried to be everything and anything
For a life that was so far out of reach, waiting
Praying as the sun set on a fifth summer
Watching it rise changes, changed, nothing

dibidibidani  asked:

Single Dad!Leo if you're still doing the game?

  • proudest father of the cutest lil girl in the world. she’s his universe, his literal EVERYTHING 
  • takes like 20394833 videos of her singing along to the songs on music core and sometimes she’ll even ask him to play gr8u and sing along and it …… it makes leo’s heart swell. his lil angel gonna be an amazing vocalist just like her dad
  • she wanted to join the soccer team but the coach was like “it’s for boys” and leo started a damn near rIOT until they changed the rules and made it unisex 
  • and now leo frets over letting her play soccer because whaT if you gET HURT and she’s like dad!! don’t worry!!! im tougher than everyone out there!!! im strong like you!!!!
  • quiet leo? hell no. at his daughter’s games he’s sCREAMING his damn lungs out along with uncles ravi, hakyeon, and ken. 
  • if someone makes her cry. leo will probably need to be restrained by six or more people because he’s so so so protective of her
  • you meet leo at the parent-teacher conference because you’re schools librarian and like at first leo is like “my life surrounds my daughter. romance is in the past.” but then he sees the way his daughter like runs into your arms and the way she begs for you to read to her and it’s like he’s watching a scene from a heartwarming family movie
  • and when you look up and smile at him leo’s heart swells even more and he’s like ……………fuck im falling in love again
  • and it’s cute your daughter sees the way you turn red when leo keeps staring and she like whispers in your ear like : “you like my dad??” and you’re like ADFHEI what no and she grins and  scrunches up her nose like “yES YOU DO!!! you should write him a note and ask him to hold your hand!!!” and you’re like whhhhhhat no sweety-
  • but she like runs over and whispers into leo’s ear that you wanna hold his hand and leo’s like oh? how nice i want to “hold” their hand too
  • and it’s cute his daughter hooks you to up LOL
  • now you and him can both scream for her at her soccer games HEHEHE