One tweet shows America’s hypocrisy over white rioters

 "Revelers,“ "celebrants,” “fans” and “students.”

These are some of the words the mainstream media used to describe the thousands of people who flooded the streets of Columbus, Ohio, last night, lighting 89 fires, vandalizing property and requiring the deployment of riot police after the Ohio State Buckeyes’ football team won the National Championship.

The rhetoric is particularly striking given the responses of media outlets to past events.

The multi-millionaire comedian pointed out that poor people would be particularly shocked if they knew all the perks rich people get for being rich.

“If the average person could see the Virgin Airlines first-class lounge, they’d go, ‘What? What? This is food, and it’s free, and they… what? Massage? Are you kidding me?’ he said. 

Read on for more highlights from his interview with New York Magazine. 

excuse me but we shouldn’t forget about Brazil

please don’t forget about them

“Brazilian police killed 2,212 people last year, the Brazilian Forum of Public Safety, a national think tank, reported in a study published Nov. 9. Between them, report the authors, Brazilian state and federal police violence claimed more lives (11,200) in the last five years than did all U.S. police combined in the last 30 (11,090)”

I don’t know much about the subject all I know is that there’s not much articles in the mainstream and barely gets remembered

I only found one but feel free to add more links