ahaha here come a million feelings

wow so that’s a wrap!

it was really wonderful to see my fellow animation kids again and i got to spend most of graduation with kristin which made me really happy b/c we went through a lot of classes together at monty and became great friends and im so so glad i love you gurl ;n; <3

i got to see a lot of my other friends i pretty much grew up with in monty - i miss my seqa kids a ton but most of the ones i knew have graduated (but im happy i got to see the ones that partied w/ me in tokyo hehe :) ), so it was really endearing and goddamn it feels just like yesterday that i was sitting around and suddenly struck up conversations with people and became friends and animation teammates and supported each other during those late nights and monty and its like, shit, we’re done?

im so proud and honored to graduate alongside everyone though - honestly just about everyone i met through animation are such hardworking and wonderful people, being at scad showed me some of the most supportive classmates and classroom environments i’ve ever been in and i am going to miss that kind of community and place to work, so much.

the professors - im sad we didnt see much of them during the event but i guess it was expected, but goddamn im going to miss them a lot too and every professor i’ve had within my majors has been phenomenal and just all around amazing people in and out of the classroom. im so happy prof webber was the one to call out our names when we walked, im going to miss him a lot and even though i didnt bond with him like some of the other kids he still helped me and supported me so, so much in the past year and it means so much to me. he is really one of a kind and i want to be like him someday!

to all my friends i met before dwelling in monty, the ones that stuck by me through it all, just, thank you. i know i’m still talking to all of you now but just, now that it’s over i just want to reiterate how much you guys mean to me.

ashley - girl i’ll probably end up blabbing to you later but just, damn. you’re like my friendship soulmate sister IDK you’re just… everything to me and im so happy we’ve been together since literally day fucking one of SCAD, all through 5 years until we completed our classes. All the freshman year squabbles with all the people we hated (LOL!), sophomore year and getting into our majors, seqa late-nights, CREEPIN ON HOT PROFS, monty parties, Tokyo, SENIOR YEAR INSANITY… I don’t know what I’d do without you and I’m just so happy you’re my best friend and I look forward to when we finally can reunite more and have a lot more adventures together <3 I love you so, so much <3

jordan - im so glad you, me, and ashley had so many fun and crazy times after you became her roommate. all the fun times junior year, bitchin with ice cream, yelling about seqa profs, adventures w/ mark kneece LMAO, PANTY AND STOCKING PARTIES, AWA, FRICKIN MaTH CLASS WITH WEISHENG YANG OMfG, and just, everything ive had so much fun with you and im so happy for all the times you were there for me, it means a lot <3 i love youuu

courtnay - im really happy we got closer in the past few years and got further into cosplay and con fun together!!! all the monty late nights and mcdonalds runs and adventures to plato’s were really fun and i’m really happy and i can’t wait to chill at a con with you again!! <333 love you gurlll

anna- anna where da fuq do i start with you, i saw you at cosclub and immediately was like HOLY shIT WHAT A COOL BB I WANT TO BEFRIEND HER and im so fucking happy we’ve become close in the past few years oh my god you are such a blast to hang out with and you always make me laugh and you’re kawaii as fuck and i just LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU ALREADY. all of your parties were so much fun and you were such a boss officer back when anime/cosclub were still actually fun to go to, and just, you fuckin rock and i always want to be there for you <3 your art is so fucking fantastic too so i know you’ll rock the industry <33 i hope we can hang at a con or something soon justintimberlakestop.mp3

sofi- GURL i feel like i was always a bit more shy w/ you but you know its b/c i really look up to you and you’re like… really badass omfg. i remember when you were there for me freshman year when my roommate was giving me trouble and i’ll never ever forget how you pretty much felt like my big sister, and you still do!! <3 you’re just so cool and i admire your determination and work ethic and i hope to be as good as you one day, you are truly an amazing woman in so many respects and i know you’ll go far <33 i’m going to miss you a lot but we’ll probably meet at a con in the future too <3

savannahstuck crew - i know i only got to hang with you guys for about a year but you all were so sweet and wonderful and every event was always really pleasant. i’ll miss you all a lot and i’m so happy we got to do things like promstuck and parties and everything, i’ll never forget them <33 i wish you all the best :)

and finally im just gonna throw a shoutout to all my friends from home from high school and online - holy FUCK. holy fUCK YOU GUYS. THANK YOU for just, fucking, sticking by me through all of these years, supporting me through all of my hardships even when I was far away at school and always looking out for me, you all are so amazing and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing group of people at home and you are the best friends i could ever ask for.

so there we have it! i could probably say a lot more but im super tired now and its probably gonna really hit me that im done, just, wow. it’s been an incredible five years. i’ll never forget it and i’m so happy for all of the amazing experiences i’ve had through SCAD <3

Now that things have come to an end and some semblance of order is being restored to my life I feel like I need to talk about some things. Mostly me being sappy and dorky so you don’t need to read this. Just me rambling really. (More like a giant love letter to my friends.)

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