Ok but real talk is anyone else getting fed up with Official’s “where in the world is Takashi Shirogane” marketing strategy? Like we get it, you’re playing with our heartstrings. That may have worked the first few times, but now it’s just getting old. Can we get something new please?

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Hey, how big do you think its the possibility that Hori will use the inspiration of "he became a hero for the girl he like" that his first design of Kirishima had for his flashback? I mean, Hori has been know to have drastically changed things from where they were, like Bakugou being, well, Bakugou instead of the good person who only hurt others by accident, or how Tsuyu, Mei and Hagakure were supposed to be boys. And it seems maybe Crimson Riot will have something to do with it. What you think?

Ooooooo….let’s talk about beta Kirishima for a minute. I’ll be referring to this translation of beta Kirishima. 

There are some similarities between beta Kirishima and canon Kirishima, but there are obviously big differences, just like there are lots of differences between the all beta characters and their canon counterparts. Kirishima’s and beta Kirishima’s Quirks especially are very different. You can see how Kirishima was inspired from beta!Kirishima though. 

I think I’m the only person who’s not into the idea of Kirishima being a hero for a girl he likes. For one thing, the manga doesn’t foreshadow any girl in Kirishima’s life at all. Plus, there are so many reasons for Kirishima to be a hero, but it doesn’t seem like doing it for a girl is one of them. This is more of a personal preference, but I also think Kirishima being a hero for a girl sounds lame and cliche. XP 

Yeah, I don’t think Kirishima is being a hero for a girl. 

People are so fixated on beta!Kirishima being a hero for a girl he likes, that they ignore other parts of beta!Kirishima. For instance, beta!Kirishima is a high school delinquent. I wonder if his delinquency will come into play for Kirishima’s character. I was speculating Kirishima was a former delinquent without taking beta!Kirishima into consideration. Why aren’t more people talking about the delinquent aspect of beta!Kirishima? Is the romance so interesting that people are overlooking other parts? 

I hope the manga will talk about Crimson Riot soon. It’s been nearly 100 chapters. That was forever ago. I am really curious about how he affected Kirishima and the inspiration he had for Kirishima to become a hero. 

I wonder why Kirishima wants to be a hero.

Does he want to help people?

Does he want to gain back his self-confidence?

Does he enjoy being a hero?

Does he want to have a purpose in life?

Does he want to get stronger?

Is he trying to save someone?

Is he trying to become a different person?

Does he want to be like Crimson Riot?

Does he want to be manly?

Does he want respect?


My car battery died this morning and I am jealous.
No-one faults it for being done.
For recharging just a little slower each day.
For finally just
Refusing to wake up.
The world will gladly make another battery.
The world will gladly make another 6'3" aloof Polish man that writes the pain away
Or so I tell myself in the nights where my bed refuses to be an alternator
My mind races the clouds as I sit on the hill near my home clutching my ribs
It is a stained glass window under those same clouds
A poorly lit cathedral you used to go to
My heart is my grandmother’s clock in the foyer: broken but still good, so many moments and memories before it stops ticking
My body,
Oh mother, I am sorry
My body is a war field
Stomach against brain
Hunger against pain
It is strong
Probably still good, if a little plain
My body is an oak tree with a noose around the boy in me’s neck
Gasping for breath as I grew,
Bulimia has beaten boyhood
I was just gonna try it
Like boys should
And now we are here
My car battery died this morning and I called my Mother
I did not tell her I am jealous
I did not say
Mother, I pray for meteors
Mother, I pray for any way that no-one faults
Mother, I pray you never see my legs
Mother, I am so tired
Mother, I am so sorry but unconditional was not enough
No, Just
Mother, my car battery has died
Could you please
Help me

It's 1:04am Today

Tonight my heartbeat is the ticking of my grandmothers grandfather clock
It’s five past one AM and I can hear her breathing through the phone
I can feel every inch of every mile between our beds
I can taste every second I spend awake without her
Like blood, the metallic tang of something wrong
Days without the memory of her arms around my waist
I do my makeup to disguise the frown that slowly carves itself deeper into my features
Lipstick feigns a smile
Eyeshadow hides the tears
Glitter where I haven’t slept
Just to distract your eye I’ll cut off my hair
As if that severes the past from my future
Dead cell weight lost to mark life gained
Weight gained
A good kind of weight, no matter what the little voices in my head say
My thighs are bigger and better than ever, my arms wobble when I walk and my hips sway
I take up the space they want me pushed from
My lungs are stronger to shout the melody of my thoughts until they wonder why they ever let something so out of tune happen
Out of tune
Out of time
Out of place
Out of friends
Left behind to chase what’s right but what’s right is on my own
I’m not strong enough to chase my dreams yet
I’m trying though

I will feed myself self love until it dilutes the taste of you from my lips, till my mouth is overflowing, till my heart is flooded, till my mind is exuberant with “I love me” instead of “I love you”. And that is how I will forget you.
—  Nikita Gill, How I Will Forget You

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The f'n FBI came to my place of work (badges and everything) to ask me about my brother over some facebook posts. Like, I cannot make this up. This sounds like a joke, but I'm kinda scared. Like, what do I do now?

lmao likes it’s not a joke, the feds really do take interest in social media. border patrol is looking through people’s facebooks for political opinions, feds are looking through peoples facebooks to see like what their protesting plans are and shit, the government invests millions in researching communist memes, they’re putting communist professors on watchlist lmao … like… they really are… doing this shit