"Women are expected to be nice and sweet , to make other people feel comfortable . A woman who says ‘hey, I think there is a problem here ’ is being ‘negative’. A woman who doesn’t smile while she’s being harassed is ‘humorless’. A woman who prefers to stay focused on tasks is a ‘cold bitch ’ . Significant gendering is involved here ; women have an obligation to look and act a certain way and when they don’t , they need to be hassled until they do . " #feminism #feminist #womenrights #girlpower #riotgirl #riotgrrrl

Close-up of Katie Alice Greer from Priests at DBA earlier this week. #lightroom #dba #deathbyaudio #katiealicegreer #priests

I was tought as a kid not to play with mud just because im a girl.
I was told not to have short hair because its not “lady like”.
I was told not to run whilst wearing my pink dress or twirl because its not something a girl should do.
I was resembeled to my brother for studying hard but not rewarded as much because im expected to do good.
I was told to dress in a certain way so I dont make the boys horny but they are not told to respect me.
When I get a job I will get paid less than my male coworker even though I might have a higher position simply because I have a vagina.
I must shave my body hair because girls shouldnt have them, if I shouldn’t have it then why do I?
I must be carefull of how I walk or where I walk so I dont hear disgusting comments from the opposite gender but they shoulnt be careful? No matter what I do theres a high possibility of me getting raped while they get away with it.
I am not allowed to be president because I cant manage a position as such.
I am an arab women and I demand my simple human rights.
—  Noor Barghouti

Girl hate, or girl competition/jealousy, is one of the most damaging behaviours that our society normalizes, and encourages women to participate in. Recently, I was mocked for using filters to enhance my appearance in photos which, in itself, is not a comment offensive enough to leave a mark. However, what is offensive, is the mere fact that two other girls felt the need to inflict girl-hate on me, rather than expressing support and solidarity towards another girl who had been nothing but supportive towards them. I live strictly under the belief that all girls and women are beautiful. I would rather step on Lego than betray my no-girl-hate policy. I think you are all beautiful, no matter what our society dictates as ‘beauty.’ I see beauty in small eyes, big noses, and thin lips. I see beauty in sagging breasts, big stomachs, flat butts, and short legs. I see beauty in acne-scarred skin, cellulite, and badly-drawn tattoos. Also, I see your beauty no matter how you choose to visually represent yourselves. I respect you whether you pose nude to gain followers, or pose in a niqab for culture/religion… I respect you if you identify yourself as a model, even if you aren’t one, or call yourself a fashion blogger when you have 200 followers. I respect you if your handbag is cheap or your car is old or your hair is dyed from the box. I think you are beautiful and worthy, regardless of what society scoffs at us for. The only thing that makes a woman ugly is a betrayal of feminism and your fellow girls. We need each other in order to survive. Always remember that “another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own.” Fuck beauty standards that dictate our worth, and stand behind your grrrls. #endgirlhate #eliminategirlhate #riotgrrrl #feminist #feminism#girllove #girlpower #beautifulgirls #supportgirls #thirdwave #riotgirl #girlhate #grrrl #loveyourself #girlgang