The first 6 pages of my biggest project yet:
Chronicles of RIOT - Volume 1

If there is any intrest at all, I will upload all of it on here, as well as WIPS and illustrations of further pages and project along this story.
It’s about a young rebel that lives in a world concured by disastrous racism and prejudice. He tries to bring back two sides of what was once a family and belongs together ultimately.
It’s a story about trust, friendship and seeking out the truth.

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When I created Dromea, main villain of my webcomic “RIOT”,I was first experiencing what it means bringing a character to life. Of cource I have a whole stock of awesome charakters that make me happy to no end, but Dromea has a life on it’s own.
When first developing him, I threw together a bunch of characteristics that would make him a dangerous enemy, but also a charming one, that would others fall for him. He is brutal and insane, but also gentle and usually, when not covered in blood, he looks rather friendly. He has soft yellowish eyes and is smaller and lighter in comparison to other raptors from the story. He made a pretty nice character from there on. But when he came in touch with the other characters that I’ve put into a certain role, for example His old friend Nemesis and Kartez, a young traitor to his own kind, Dromea suddenly became even more lifely and….deranged. I developed a whole storyline about how he twisted a young rebel into a braindead killing maschiene, how his love towards Nemesis became unrational hate and what he did, to get Hya to work for him and such. And with this development I changed the whole storyline of RIOT himself. He became the second main character, even though he clearly and without a trace of doubt is the biggest monster I’ve ever created. Thanks to this guy….there will be a lot of huge plottwists ….

Some weeks ago, I drew Crow & Yuusei as dinosaurs and I wanted to do it again. This time + a little bit of plot.

Why dinosaurs?
Well, I’m actually drawing a comic that will be published by the end of the year only with these thingies.

And why make a crossover?
RIOT, as the comic is named, has a lot of similiarities, especially when it comes to being “different” and overcoming prejudice.

Also Jack looks ridiculous as a raptor.

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Wait what ?!
Jah ! Letzte Woche habe ich offiziell meinen Vertrag bei Delfinium Prints unterschrieben !
Das heißt, dass im Verlauf des Jahres die gedruckte Version der ersten Chronik zum Verkauf stehen wird !
Ich freue mich riesig und bedanke mich nochmal ganz herzlich dafür, dass dieser Traum endlich in Erfüllung geht !