Zing. People really need some education. 

For those that don’t know, tweeters have organized #riotcleanup as a campaign to clean up the mess rioters have made around London. And looking at the images people have tweeted out, it’s been pretty successful. It’s good that people in London actually intend to do some good. Not all people are bad, you know.

#riotcleanup FTW.


what the hell.

why are these dumass chavs with the IQ of a teapot (no offense to teapots) smashing up their own cities?


i hope they are all arrested.

welldone on hindering the case to get government to spend money on your communities and on investing in young people.

the only good thing about this?

if they burn down all the post offices they can’t go collect their benefits….

i know everyone is talking about this, but it pisses me the hell off, so i had to mention it.

the people of the riot clean ups are wonderful people.

chavs suck.

Now is the time when we make our choices. Now is the time when we decide whether to descend into hate, or to put prejudice aside and work together. Now is the time when we decide what sort of country it is that we want to live in.
—  Laurie Penny
Email from my mum (mom) about taking her broom to the streets for #riotcleanup

My mom/mum - an avid Twitter fan - brandished her broom and went out to help with the post-riot cleanup. Go mom/mum!

Just back from #riotscleanup at Chalk Farm. All is calm and normal apart from 3 shops which are police crime scenes and can’t be cleaned up. Marched on about 50 strong with brooms aloft to Camden Town. Found some broken glass on the way and we all diligently swept it up. At Camden Town Camden Environmental Services man said all OK here, perhaps help in other places. Good to show the broom for sane, normal people. x

(email received this morning)