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Differentiating between protesters and rioters is “good-protester versus bad-protester” bullshit. It is an extension of the “peaceful protester” myth and is a mechanism of self-policing. The state and capitalist elite want you to feverishly believe in the idea of peaceful protests because it erases the unrelenting violence of capitalism and the state. Their idea of “peace” is more accurately defined as the unabated continuation and invisiblization of their own violence. By sanctioning only state endorsed methods of resistance you help do the work of policing militancy FOR THE POLICE. 


Drunken Bolsheviks and the Greatest Hangover in History,

On October 25th, 1917 Bolshevik soldiers and sailors stormed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, former home of the Russian Czars.  Among the wealth and grandeur of the palace, the revolutionaries stumbled upon perhaps the greatest treasure of the Romanov Dynasty; Nicholas II’s personal wine cellar, which housed the largest collection of fine wines, liquors, and cordials in the world.

Having thousands of heavily armed men and civilians in the proximity of the largest cache of booze on the planet was certainly a big problem for Bolshevik officers and politicians.  Already Bolshevik soldiers were carting out kegs and bottles, beginning a Bolshevik boozing spree that would quickly get out of hand.  At first Bolshevik leaders considered blasting the cellars with high explosives, however it was feared that this would severely damage the palace.  Finally Bolshevik leaders ordered the cellars be barricaded and placed under heavy guard while the booze was disposed of.  At first the booze was hauled out in crates to be dumped, however convoys tasked with this duty were ambushed by drunken soldiers and civilians. Finally it was decided to simply pour the booze down the drain.  This plan failed when people by the thousands gathered around the palace drains with buckets.

Finally, the large drunken Bolshevik mob stormed the Winter Palace a second time, easily overwhelming the guards and overrunning the cellar.  Immediately, St. Petersburg erupted into an orgy of drunken rioting and looting.  Boozed up Bolsheviks began fighting or having sex in streets. Rape and murder was common, so were brawls and shootouts among heavily armed soldiers. Many people were killed by stray bullets as soldiers fired their weapons into the air in celebration.  Martial law was declared and a Bolshevik army was dispatched to gain control over this situation.  However, this did little as many of the oncoming soldiers joined in on the fun. After about a month of alcohol induced chaos, the booze ran out, and order was restored in St. Petersburg.  The resulting hangover must have been terrible.

Milo Yiannopoulos one year on.

February 9, 2016 almost one year ago Milo Yiannopoulos gave a speech at Rutgers University, one that I personally attended, where protesters attended along with other people who were interested in listening to what he had to say. This speech quickly became a news event that spread across the internet and helped to catapult Milo into someone who is much more recognizable in the US.

At this event protesters interrupted Milo while he was talking and then smeared red paint on themselves before walking out shortly after. The security there that evening did not throw them out and were not asked to step in at all. They made their interruption and then left without further provocation. A minor demonstration took place out side but the cold and snow dissipated most of the people before long.

And here we are February 2, 2017 almost a year later and the people willing to show their displeasure with Milo and what he has to say has multiplied several times over. And the intensity that those demonstrations are taking place with has really taken a nasty turn.

I think protesting Milo is perfectly acceptable if you so choose. But vandalism, riots, looting, and arson are definitely not. And not only are these tactics being used completely criminal but they are counter productive to your goals. If you really want to keep him quite don’t make so much noise surrounding him, because the media picks up on it and broadcasts his name and message. The larger your temper tantrums grow the more people will see you as the petulant children you are and see Milo as the victim of a silencing anti-free speech campaign.

A slight deviation from my usual posts.

Grow the fuck up. All of you. Every single whining, mewling pathetic millennial on this gods-forsaken platform. What you have just taken part in (or if you’re American and didn’t vote, declined your right to do so) or witnessed from other countries is democracy. A nation stood up and was counted and a vote came in and it didn’t go your way. Clinton didn’t win. Trump did. It’s that simple. Not that difficult to understand.

How dare you blame your elders for being more conservative than you. They have the same rights as you and exercised them alongside you. You had equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

The same goes for people blaming white people or rural voters, calling them racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, whatever, are you that narrow minded that you cannot consider that these people had their own legitimate concerns and interests to vote for, exactly the same as you? These people who thought Trump offered job security, trade security, internal security and placed their faith in him and made what they believed was the best choice for their country? You have your own interests and agendas and you made that clear when you voted, but how dare you complain that theirs is somehow worth less than yours or is somehow evil from your perspective?

As a British man, we had a similar vote earlier this year for Brexit. I won’t say how I voted as I believe strongly in secret ballots, but in school the next day, we had students from Hong Kong saying how they envied us, being able to vote and challenge a system rigidly put in place by others. Voting is more than a right, it’s a privilege, damn near a blessing when there are many parts of the world where elections are either blatantly rigged, disrupted or just simply don’t happen. You’re fucking blessed to live in a country where voting is damn near sacred.

You whine about how Trump is “literally Hitler”. Shut the fuck up. The only person who is “literally Hitler” was Hitler himself and even he had to participate in elections (notably, he never won one). To throw around terms and compare every politician you don’t like to a monster like that is trivialising every atrocity that man committed. Oh yeah Trump said mean things, but he hasn’t fucking annexed several nations and initiated a mass murder of Jews, disabled, gays, gypsies, slavs etc.

“Oh I’m scared for my LGBTQ+, Muslim, Hispanic, Jewish and black friends”. Oh fuck off. America is an industrialised, modern, mostly secular, media dominated country, what do you think Trump is going to do, initiate a pogrom? You’re frightening yourselves over nothing. After an election, why the fuck would any new leader try to isolate entire groups and risk alienating not only other Americans, but countries watching his every move? This isn’t Tsarist Russia, he’s not going to initiate pogroms on every group he’s insulted. He’ll tone down pretty damn quickly. To consolidate leadership, Trump wants unity and order, not fucking mob rule.

And finally, how dare you even think to undermine democracy by refusing to accept the result, advocating violence, rioting, looting, revolution because you didn’t get your way and so someone else has to pay? suggesting votes should be stripped from certain groups or somehow making them worth less than other groups? Who the fuck do you think you are, thinking that your opinion or vote is worth more, infantilising your fellow countrymen who exercised the same fucking right as you but chose a different outcome?

You’re not going to live in some fantasy, fascist dystopia because there’s something called the status quo that all Governments want to maintain. People work, children go to school, people pay taxes, services run etc. None of that will change. Grow the fuck up.

Every one of you should be ashamed. In years to come, when you’ve grown up and realised how childish you’re being, you will be utterly embarrassed by what you’re posting now.

Espirito Santo has just experienced a real life Purge and it is getting little to no news coverage. The police went on strike in the state Saturday which has lead to rioting, looting, murder, and rape with no consequences over the past few days. At least 50 people have been murdered and they were just left in the streets. The army is finally arriving now to try to start restoring order but it will take awhile to get the state back on track. 

What a way to start the new year
  • January 1st: Gasoline prices rise to 15.99 the cheapest and 17.71 the most expensive.(mexican pesos)
  • January 2nd: Protest agaisnt the rise in hydrocarbons start in the big cities of the country. Rumors of revolution start to spread among the people.
  • January 3rd: Mexico City and Veracruz start to report lootings, starting with small convinience stores and then scalating to chain supermarkets. Protesters take gas stations and give out the gasoline for free, there are threats of burning them down. Rumor says the government is behind it.
  • January 4th: Mexico's situaton makes it to world news, citizens are afraid of leving their homes, people start panic shopping and by now only few supermarkets are open in Veracruz. The lootings continue.
  • January 5th: Five deaths have been reported untill now and the number of detained for the lootings rise to 800. Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto asks to the people 'What would you have done?' when explaining the rise in hydrocarbons prices. Public transportations are in strike in the state of Veracruz. Rumor says water and power will be cut down and a curfew will be installed.
  • January 6th: The panic shopping continues. Multiple panic messages are circulating in social media like whatsapp and facebook. The people start taking matters into their own hands waiting for the looters with any weapon they can find to defend their shops and homes. Several neighborhoods start making watches to protect their homes. Looters are now trying to enter houses. Rumor says the police is asking citizens to distinguish themselves of the looters by wearing white shirts when they leave their homes. Multiple children don't receive gifts in the day of the three wise men.
  • January 7th: Some citizens are traveling all the way to Guatemala to buy cheaper gasoline. Stores report loses of more than 1000 million pesos. Multiple schools have cancelled classes untill new notice. Hydrocarbons price is making rises in everything else.
  • And yet the only thing I see when going through the Mexico tag is people announcing their vacations or posting pretty pictures of Mexico.
  • #MeDuelesMéxico

ordermoremodels  asked:

Ello! I would've never guessed you to be a former feminist and BLM supporter. What was the final straw that changed your point of view about everything? I used to believe in the whole BLM agenda of police brutality as well until I actually looked at the statistics, and I honestly felt betrayed since the media was pushing the agenda as well. It was eye-opening, for sure.

Hey! :) Yeah, that’s why it’s comical when they scream at me that “you just don’t understand” or “educate yourself” when they’re trying to save their failed and shattered argument. I’m all too familiar with their every point and reasoning, I know exactly where they are coming from and why they feel and think the way they do. Their main problem is, and I’ve said this before, they’re intelligent enough to absorb everything they’re taught but they’re not intelligent enough to question everything they’re taught. And what they’re being taught by their professors, the mainstream media, social media, websites, politicians, entertainers etc is all cut from the same cloth, there is only one acceptable opinion to have and they are completely unwilling to question it or allow any opposition to it. They do this because the entire framework of their ideology and logic is built on manipulating our emotions and making us feel ashamed of ourselves if we don’t support them, they don’t have a leg to stand on the moment any kind of factual rationale comes into the discussion. 

When Michael Brown got shot by the police officer, automatically it was because of racism, it was because of oppression, fuck cops, fuck white people and because of this they said blacks were justified to riot, loot and destroy their town. Let’s ignore the fact that Michael Brown had just robbed a store which is why he was stopped to begin with, let’s ignore the fact that he attacked the police officer and tried taking the officer’s gun, let’s ignore the fact that he never had his hands up and he was charging at the officer, let’s ignore the fact that witnesses (black witnesses I must add) and ballistics, autopsy and crime scene reports and analyses without a doubt prove this account. But if you dare to even acknowledge these facts, then you are a racist Nazi who supports black people being shot. This is the way they work. If you’re against the ideas and actions of BLM, you’re a racist. If you’re against the ideas and actions of feminism, you’re a sexist misogynist. If you’re against the ideas and actions of Islam, you’re Islamophobic. It’s black and white to them. Even when you’re a black person, a woman or a Muslim who speaks out against them, then you’re a race traitor, a gender traitor, an uncle tom, a sellout or heretic/apostate. 

I’ve never encountered anyone who is so giddy about their hatred of other people than those within these social justice communities and it took me a long time to realize this and think to myself, ‘holy fucking shit I’m part of something extremely violent and hateful here.’ These are people who on a regular basis call for violence and genocide against “oppressors” - whether it’s white people, men, republicans, heterosexual people, thin people or just anyone who even slightly disagrees with them as they believe it’s for “the greater good” and they’re on the right side of history. Just like any other hate group, they have to create an enemy, one that they insist is hellbent on killing them so they can justify their own violence and hatred against anyone who is associated with “the enemy” as being self defence or morally inclined. “Social justice” has proven itself to be a dangerously authoritarian ideology that advocates the exact opposite of what its namesake describes, the same applies for social justice groups such as feminism and black lives matter. 

Anyone who has dedicated themselves to these movements, only to find out that their whole foundation is created with mythical injustices and fictional statistics to pull on your heartstrings and get you on their side, that you’ve been lied to and manipulated this whole time, like you I felt betrayed and that’s why it’s important to me to get this information and the truth out there. It’s not to make people agree with me or to get them on my side, it’s to provide another perspective and argument that is usually banned from publicly being expressed in the hope that people will actually start questioning what they are being taught and go research and look into it themselves and come to their own conclusion instead of just mindlessly believing what’s being spilled into the mainstream and reacting violently and outrageously to something that is likely to be entirely fictionalized or manipulated.