26 September 2015 - anti-gentrification activists held a street party in the London Shoreditch neighbourhood, during the third Fuck march organised by Class War. Protesters carried torches, flares and smoke bombs, and attacked some businesses representing the shitty developers, yuppies and hipsters taking over the working class neighbourhood and making it unaffordable for the current residents. Among these were an estate agents and a ridiculous cereal café where hipsters can go to eat imported breakfast cereal for £4,- a bowl. [video]

take care; a self-care playlist for when you need to relax, unwind, and just take some time to love yourself

- Rooney

young volcanoes (fall out boy) | summer skin (death cab for cutie) | the mother we share (chvrches) | the city (the 1975) | beta love (ra ra riot) | house of gold (twenty one pilots) | in and out of sight extended (the horrors) | step (vampire weekend) | let’s go surfing (the drums) | kids alt. version (mgmt) | the end of all things instrumental (panic! at the disco)

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