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LGBT(PN) people had to riot at stonewall, stage LITERAL DIE-ins during the AIDS crisis, fight legal battle after legal battle to earn the right to decriminalize consensual sex in their own goddamn homes, get fired from their jobs, get told they cannot use public restrooms, be subject to “trans panic” laws that legalize murdering trans people, have hundreds of programs dedicated to torturing the gay and trans out of us (that were federally funded and mandated!), and you people are acting like being called a plant and getting told you’ll “grow out of it” is comparable?? All of that was the US alone, not to mention the countless other places where you can still get put to death for being gay!

You all want to steal our resources when the resources today for LGBT(PN) people came at the cost of our community’s lives. Our elders died for these resources. Our predecessors fought tooth and nail so their blood could give us homeless shelters, crisis hotlines, legal protection, and better healthcare. Cishet aces did none of that, suffered none of that, and were part of the group that subjected us to all of that in the first place.

If cishet aces want safe spaces and resources, they can do it themselves. Yall don’t have a fraction as many obstacles and roadblocks as LGBT(PN) people did and still do to get to where we are today but yall are still too lazy to organize yourselves and actually create change.

You want resources? Make your own. Stop expecting marginalized people to cater to you. Put in the work. You want to have a community like ours? Then go fucking make one you selfish assholes.

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I have read your works! And I love 'The Stars Incline us, they don't bind us' so muuuuuch. If this is not too much to ask, can you make cherik fic rec? Thank you! Keep writing, awesome!

thank you very much, i’m glad you enjoyed my stuff! :3 

since this blog is exactly 5 years old today, what better occasion is there to do cherik fic rec post, as lurking around cherik fic rec tumblr posts waaay back in the day is actually what originally brought me to tumblr in the first place. the following list is in no particular order, and odds are i like multiple fics by the authors included but i was determined to limit myself to one from each (though in some cases, this was a veeeery close call, haha).

anyway, the actual title of this list is coincidentally the main criteria i used in the interest of not having it stretch on for miles, which is to say:

Cherik Fics Pan Has Reread An Embarrassing Amount Of Times Throughout Her XMFC Fandom Tenure:

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  • Gongenzaka: You want to escape from prison?!
  • Dennis: We were thinking more like stage a riot and flat out break out from it.
  • Gongenzaka: What?! No way!
  • Sawatari: Why not? We already have Serena as hostage from Academia.
  • Gongenzaka: No we don't, Serena is her own person, she can do what she wants.
  • Serena: ...I want to riot.

For two months in 1973, maximum-security prisoners in Massachusetts showed that supposed criminals may be less responsible for the violence in our society than their guards. After the prison massacre at Attica in 1971 focused national attention on the dramatic failure of the prison system to correct or rehabilitate people convicted of crimes, the governor of Massachusetts appointed a reformist commissioner to the Department of Corrections. Meanwhile, the inmates of Walpole state prison had formed a prisoners’ union. Their goals included protecting themselves from the guards, blocking the attempts of prison administrators to institute behavioral modification programs, and organizing prisoners’ programs for education, empowerment, and healing. They sought more visitation rights, work or volunteer assignments outside the prison, and the ability to earn money to send to their families. Ultimately, they hoped to end recidivism — ex-prisoners getting convicted again and returning to prison — and to abolish the prison system itself.

Black prisoners had formed a Black Power education and cultural group to create unity and counter the racism of the white majority, and this proved instrumental in the formation of the union in the face of repression from guards. First of all, they had to end the race war between the prisoners, a war that was encouraged by the guards. Leaders from all groups of prisoners brokered a general truce which they guaranteed with the promise to kill any inmate who broke it. The prison union was supported by an outside group of media-savvy civil rights and religious activists, though communication between the two groups was sometimes hampered by the latter’s service-provider mentality and orthodox commitment to nonviolence. It helped that the Corrections commissioner supported the idea of a prisoners’ union, rather than opposing it outright as most prison administrators would have.

Early on in the life of the Walpole prisoners’ union, the prison superintendent attempted to divide the prisoners by putting the prison under an arbitrary lockdown just as the black prisoners were preparing their Kwanzaa celebration. The white prisoners had already had their Christmas celebrations undisturbed, and the black prisoners had spent all day cooking, eagerly anticipating family visits. In an amazing display of solidarity, all the prisoners went on strike, refusing to work or leave their cells. For three months, they suffered beatings, solitary confinement, starvation, denial of medical care, addiction to tranquilizers handed out by the guards, and disgusting conditions as excrement and refuse piled up in and around their cells. But the prisoners refused to be broken or divided. Eventually the state had to negotiate; they were running out of the license plates Walpole prisoners normally produced and they were getting bad press over the crisis.

The prisoners won their first demand: the prison superintendent was forced to resign. Quickly they won additional demands for expanded visiting rights, furlough, self-organized programs, review and release of those in segregation, and civilian observers inside the prison. In exchange, they cleaned up the prison, and brought what the guards never had: peace.

In protest of their loss of control, the guards walked off the job. They thought this act would prove how necessary they were, but embarrassingly for them, it had the exact opposite effect. For two months, the prisoners ran the prison themselves. For much of that time, the guards were not present within the cell blocks, though state police controlled the prison perimeter to prevent escapes. Civilian observers were inside the prison twenty-four hours a day, but they were trained not to intervene; their role was to document the situation, talk with prisoners, and prevent violence from guards who sometimes entered the prison. One observer recounted:

“The atmosphere was so relaxed — not at all what I expected. I find that my own thinking has been so conditioned by society and the media. These men are not animals, they are not dangerous maniacs. I found my own fears were really groundless.”

Another observer insisted “It is imperative that none of the personnel formerly in Block 9 [a segregation block] ever return. It’s worth paying them to retire. The guards are the security problem.”

Walpole had been one of the most violent prisons in the country, but while the prisoners were in control, recidivism dropped dramatically and murders and rapes fell to zero. The prisoners had disproved two fundamental myths of the criminal justice system: that people who commit crimes should be isolated, and that they should be recipients of enforced rehabilitation rather than the ones who control their own healing.

The guards were eager to end this embarrassing experiment in prison abolition. The guards’ union was powerful enough to provoke a political crisis, and the Corrections commissioner could not fire any of them, even those who engaged in torture or made racist statements to the press. To keep his job, the commissioner had to bring the guards back into the prison, and he eventually sold out the prisoners. Major elements of the power structure including the police, guards, prosecutors, politicians, and media opposed the prison reforms and made them impossible to achieve within democratic channels. The civilian observers unanimously agreed that the guards brought chaos and violence back to the prison, and that they intentionally disrupted the peaceful results of prisoner self-organization. In the end, to crush the prisoners’ union, the guards staged a riot and the state police were called in, shooting several prisoners and torturing key organizers. The most recognizable leader of the black prisoners only saved his life through armed self-defense.

Many of the civilian observers and the Corrections commissioner, who was soon forced out of his job, ultimately came to favor prison abolition. The prisoners who took over Walpole continued to fight for their freedom and dignity, but the guards’ union ended up with greater power than before, the media ceased talking about prison reform, and as of this writing Walpole prison, now MCI Cedar Junction, still warehouses, tortures, and kills people who deserve to be in their communities, working towards a safer society.

—  Peter Gelderloos, “Anarchy Works”
*~cherik fic rec~*

so, to keep record of some things I’ve read, I decided to do a list, then I thought: why not make a fic rec of it?
it’s not in a favorite/rate/word count order, it’s very random, though I’ll include these infomations

when I say random, it’s because some of them are just 2k of porn with plot that you can read in 30 minutes before going to sleep and some are 100k+(or almost 100k) that will take days to finish

and I’m going to add more fanfics everytime I finish one


thank you to authors for the beautiful writing and for making me cry or roll on the ground or laugh out loud 
i love you all

they’re all cherik

here it goes

 One Life for Yourself and One for Your Dreams ♥ by endingthemes

23K / Explicit

When 00 Agent Raven Darkholme manages to capture the elusive Magneto and bring him in for questioning about a dangerous arms deal involving international criminal Sebastian Shaw, it’s up to Quartermaster Charles Xavier to get him to talk. With time running out, Charles needs to convince Magneto to trust him, but they’re both far too good at keeping secrets, and the growing attraction between them is only making things more difficult.

Playing With Fire by professor

6k / Explicit

Charles is a detective determined to catch a serial killer.

 The stars incline us, they do not bind us ♥ by ikeracity and Pangea

162k / Explicit

Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he’s settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.

Paper Monsters by Clocks

39k / Explicit

Fill for this prompt: Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr, his favorite novelist of all time at a coffee shop, but doesn’t know it’s him, and Erik just criticizes his own writing in front of his biggest fan.

Rumor Mill by ikeracity

7k / General Audiences

Erik is the grumpiest, most foul tempered worker at Stark industries. His grumpiness is the stuff of legends.
So it’s obviously the talk of the office when Erik is being made to go to the company party and he’s bringing his husband. There’s rumors flying round about how much of a masochist or equally antisocial bastard Erik’s husband must be to put up with him. Others think he must be a meek mouse perhaps bullied by Erik.
What they weren’t expecting was the confident, charming, adorable and unbelievably nice Charles that turns up on Erik’s arm. What they certainly weren’t expecting was how much Erik obviously adores his husband and how happy he is to let others see this.

part 2: Theraflu and You by ikeracity

6k / Teen and Up Audiences

Summary:The story of Charles’s proposal to Erik will never fail to make Charles blush. Erik summarizes it as, “He literally threw the ring at me,” to which Charles will always protest, “There’s more to the story than that!“Rumor Mill verse backstory. How Charles and Erik got engaged.

The Courtship by dvs

98k / Explicit

A story about a courtship that began five hundred years ago.

Dreaming Men are Haunted Men by ikeracity

2k / Explicit 

Erik wakes up to discover that the Beach Divorce was really just a vivid, terrible dream. Charles comforts him and changes everything.

 Anarchy In The U.K. ♥ by Yahtzee

162k / Explict

"Good God, Erik thought. The Prince of Wales is gay.”

Charles lives in the unceasing glare of the public spotlight, yet keeps his sexual orientation a closely held secret, afraid he could lose his throne and force his deeply troubled younger sister into a role that would crush her. Erik, journalist and world traveler, has been a loner most of his life; he has little patience for closet cases. But a chance meeting in Kenya brings these two opposites together and sets in motion a love affair that will challenge the British monarchy – and their most deeply held beliefs about who they are, and who they should be.

 Good Boys ♥ by zamwessell (greencarnation)

34k / Explict

Charles has always been a good boy.  Erik Lehnsherr is about to change this.

Is it Erik with a C or a K?  by ikeracity and kageillusionz

5k / Explict

When Charles sexts his boss instead of his latest squeeze during one late night of report writing, the first thing he expects is a sexual harassment law suit and the last thing is Mr. Lehnsherr actually fucking him hard into his desk.

(Or the one where the moral of this story is don’t check who you sext if you want your boss to bone you.)

In The Punch Line by zamwessell (greencarnation)

29k / Explict

From the kinkmeme!
Basically, Charles Xavier needs a date to his tenth high school reunion. Enter Erik Lehnsherr, Raven’s best friend, who happens to be a model and the new face of Calvin Klein.

Roses are Red ♥ by ikeracity

4k / Explicit 

Being a mob boss’ associate has its ups and downs. Having sex in the back of a limo on Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the ups.

part 2: A Private Affair by Pangea

7k / Explicit

Summary: Charles is not Erik’s Bond Girl.

part 3: A Pertinent Reminder by ikeracity and Pangea

17k / Mature

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that getting involved in Erik’s mob business isn’t all fine dining and sex on yachts. There’s nothing like taking a couple of bullets to remind Charles of the reality.

Guilty by Association by Regann

61k / Mature


While investigating the homicide of a John Doe who he suspects might’ve been murdered while working the streets as a prostitute, Detective Erik Lehnsherr finds an unexpected ally in a hooker named Charles who seems as determined as he to solve the case. As they become more deeply involved both with the case and each other, there’s just one thing that Charles neglects to mention – that he’s really an investigative journalist, one quickly convinced that what they’re dealing with is more than simple murder. cop!Erik, fake-hooker-slash-reporter!Charles, Modern AU.

Rumor Has It ♥ by blueink3

165k / Teen And Up Audiences


“Did I hear the doorbell earlier?”

“Yeah, but I’d steer clear if I were you. It seemed a little tense. I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s a kid out there who looks freakily like the prof.”

Nearly six months after Cuba, Charles’ life is turned upside down for the second time. Though he’s slowly learning to adapt to the first, he’s not sure he can handle the second. Luckily for him, there are a few people out there more than willing to help.

To Have and To Hold by ikeracity

4k / Explicit


The wedding hasn’t even started and Charles is already bored. When he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he doesn’t expect to find a gorgeous, stern-faced man having a quiet freak out at his reflection. He doesn’t expect said gorgeous, stern-faced man to turn around and start climbing him like a tree. And he certainly doesn’t expect to discover only after they’ve got their clothes back on that the man he just had glorious sex with is the groom.

Remis (Comic) by Arisu

this fanfic is in comics, so there’s not a word count / Teen And Up Audiences

After Cuba, Charles isolates himself from the world, while Erik rages against it with his brotherhood.

Eventually their paths will cross again, forcing them to face all they have lost.
There can only be one winner on the chessboard. But maybe the world is not all that black and white…

♥ Never Take Biology for Granite
by ikeracity and Pangea

7k / Explicit

(or you won’t be cummingtonite)

Charles is an internet celebrity who garners his fame from posting educational, in-depth videos about a different animal every week, though for some reason his viewers are always more interested in his sex life with his geologist husband, Erik, who happens to frown heavily upon all living things.

Except for Charles, of course, whom he’s missed these past couple days while attending a geologic convention–though considering the subject material of Charles’ newest video, he’s wishing he would’ve stayed away longer.

Order Up by ikeracity

4k / General Audiences

Charles has a terrible habit of multitasking, and that is probably why he absentmindedly tells the pizza man that he loves him when hanging up.

Then the pizza man says it back. And Charles is pretty much smitten from there.

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I'd imagine those M stans had spent the entire day raging after witnessing Darren looking cute and having more chemistry with literally any other Elsie guests that they started hearing things only to feel better among themselves. I feel like giving them a sympathetic pat on the shoulder now.

Every single person. Including his pics with Elvis and Alan, who are gay and bi respectively. The pics with both men is D making such a point. But they riot about the staged hugged where she looks like she is trying to squeeze the life out of him.

In the Moment

Summary: Now that Oliver’s been home for a few weeks, he’s starting to learn more about what happened to his loved ones while he was away. Finding out Tommy kidnapped Felicity wasn’t what he expected. 

Part of the “Home Verse”

As always, thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline​ for being my cheerleader. And you can thank @realityisoverrated-fic​ for this one-shot. I thought that this verse was done, but her posting fic inspired me to share more from this verse.

Starling City 2012

Oliver lays in bed next to Felicity, gently tracing patterns on her body while she comes back down to Earth. They’ve been together for two weeks now, but his insatiable need for her hasn’t diminished in the slightest. If anything, he’s even more determined to come up with new and inventive ways to get her off. He sees it as a challenge, to see how quickly he can drive her crazy. Figure out how long he can keep her on the edge of bliss. How many times he can make her come.

She’s not complaining. Her need for him hasn’t diminished at all, either.

Felicity glances over at the clock. It’s nearly 6am. In less than an hour, the sun will be rising. It had been a long night. They’d spent a majority of the evening saving Peter Declan and Laurel from a staged prison riot at Iron Heights. Afterwards, they’d both been high on adrenaline and unable to sleep, so they’d naturally passed the time with their new favorite activity: exploring each other’s bodies.

Oliver’s lips find the back of her neck and she sighs in content.

“You should try to get a little rest before you have to go to work,” Oliver whispers into her skin.

She shakes her head. “If I sleep now, I’ll be even more tired. At this point, I just need to power through.”

“We’ll stay in tonight. Get to bed early,” he promises.

She’s been burning the candle at both ends ever since she started helping Oliver and his little crusade to take down everyone on his father’s list and save the city.  She’s hoping John Diggle comes around soon and joins the team. Maybe it’ll help lighten the load for them both.

“Can we order Toro’s?” she asks, giving him an innocent smile over her shoulder, knowing that he’s not a huge sushi fan, but he rarely says no to her when she smiles at him. It’s one of the many things she’s been learning about Oliver now that they are officially dating.

“Whatever your little heart desires,” he says with a matching smile.

They lay in comfortable silence for several minutes as Felicity basks in the feeling of his hands on her body and his weight against her. It’s almost enough to lull her into sleep, but she fights it off. She knows she’ll regret it all day if she goes to sleep now. She’d learned that lesson the hard way her first night on Team Arrow when she’d gotten only 90 minutes of sleep and had a pounding headache the rest of the day.

Oliver’s fingers make their way to the outside of her thigh as he traces over the 4 inch long scar she has there. “I’ve been meaning to ask… Where did you get this?”

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When there’s five minutes left until the bell rings and I’ve exhausted my lesson plans for the day.


The Riot Fest 2017 stage map at beautiful Douglas Park is out and it looks a lot like last year. The festival shrunk by one stage, so there is only one “small stage” this year, which is the Heather Owen Stage. Weather is looking mostly good and we will have summer-like weather like we had last year. Sunday is a bit iffy re rain. Hopefully the “scattered thunderstorms” will be scattered somewhere other than the West Side of Chicago.

I live in the Chicago area and this will be my 5th consecutive year at Riot Fest, so if you have any questions about the event or getting around Chicago, I can probably help you. Questions? Just ask!

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Hi there! What are some of your favourite Cherik fanfics? :)

Here you go, anon. :)))

April by nextraordinaire

Summary: In the sharp, unforgiving plains of the Canadian Arctic, Erik is since long adapted to solitude and silence. Separated from civilization, dedicated to nothing but his research, he has formed a life that suits him. There is nothing he would ever want to change. So, naturally, the arrival of grad student Charles Xavier upends everything Erik ever thought he wanted, for better or for worse.

(I’m currently reading this and it’s amazing!)

Tough little baby telepath series by aesc, pearl_o

Summary of Part 1: Teenage telepath Charles Xavier takes a job as a consultant, working with prickly police detective Erik Lehnsherr. Charles is used to being on his own and taking care of himself; he has no reason to think that his relationship with this stern, icy man is going to change any of that. 

This Harbour (that we call home) by nekosmuse, verilyvexed

Summary: It’s hard not to get swept away by Charles’ enthusiasm. The idea of finding others like him–of belonging–is seductive, but it is the thought of spending his life at this man’s side that decides it. Crane or man, Erik cannot help but fall into Charles’ orbit.

An alternate meeting loosely based on the Japanese folktale, The Crane Wife.

Reeds by widgenstain

Summary:Southern France - 1240 AD

The abbot of a secluded and unusual monastery is severely sick. His life companion won’t leave him in those cold winter hours that could be his last.

The Secret of the Knights Templar by madneto

Summary: Erik is a CIA agent who has been tracking down black market dealer and occultist Sebastian Shaw for the past ten years with no real end in sight. When he stumbles upon an unexpected lead that will put him one step ahead of Shaw at last, archaeology professor and Templar enthusiast Charles Xavier becomes unwittingly entangled in the fray, and Erik suddenly finds himself with a brand new partner who is the only one who can truly help him on what’s become a quest to find the Holy Grail. But Charles is even more than Erik bargained for, especially after they’re forced to pretend to be a married couple as a cover while racing to find the Grail before Shaw does, and both Erik and Charles find they’ve possibly bitten off more than they can chew.

Powered AU vaguely inspired by Indiana Jones and James Bond movies.

The House Spouse by Butterynutjob

Summary: Erik Lehnsherr is an out-and-proud gay author, columnist, and television personality (a la Dan Savage). Charles Xavier is a straight widower with two children who hosts a radio show dispensing (somewhat conservative) advice about sex and love to teenagers (a la Drew Pinsky). Their mutual attraction is undeniable, and yet, frustratingly, Charles still denies it. Erik figures with the right opportunity, Charles will act on his feelings, and when the opportunity to ‘bid’ on Charles to be his ‘spouse’ for the week comes up, Erik wins the auction.

Lost and then Found by Gerec

Summary: Erik Lehnsherr is a detective in the NYPD, happily married for four years to Charles Xavier, Professor of Genetics at Columbia University. At least that’s what he thinks when he wakes up in a hospital bed, arm broken and head swathed in bandages, his mother Edie holding his hand. A lot of things happened that he doesn’t remember…the most important being the fact that he’s no longer married to Charles.

In Sound and Silence by endingthemes

Summary: Erik is assigned to care for the special patient in room 301.

The Unchartable Truth by Sophia_Bee

Summary: The day Erik plunges into the sea because he has nothing left after the death of his father is the day he’s rescued, pulled from the water by Charles Xavier. Charles brings Erik, the poor son of a ship builder, to live in his house, where they become more than friends but less than brothers. Ten years later, Erik’s growing feelings for Charles send him running to the sea aboard the Mystique, the very ship that had crushed his father to death a decade before. He returns to Ipswich and Charles hoping that his feelings can be contained and discovers that they cannot. A journey of pain and self discovery begins, all set in homophobic 18th century maritime culture. While the people around him might kill him if they knew that Erik longs for the love of another man, his greatest enemy might be himself.

Alternate summary: Hot Gay Pirate Sex. With plot. Lots of plot. And hopefully some character development.

(this is another one I’m currently reading and it’s so, so good.)

Math Reasons by pearl_o, pocky_slash

Summary: “Mom says Erik always knows what he wants, it just sometimes takes him a little while to actually realize it,” Ruth said.

Charles fell in love with Erik the first night they met, the first week of freshman year. Two years of friendship, adventures, arguments, hijinks, secrets, and summer visits later, Erik is starting to catch up.

As Dark Longs For Day by Yahtzee

Summary: A daring young thief escapes from the wicked bishop’s dungeons, thinking herself free – until she encounters a rider with a black horse, a tame hawk and a dark secret. And who is this mysterious young man who only appears at night, accompanied by a protective wolf?

Yes, it’s the XMFC/Ladyhawke pastiche the whole world’s been clamoring for!

The Sonnet Series by afrocurl, nekosmuse

Summary of Part 1: Erik Lehnsherr is a visiting professor at Columbia University, as well as an acclaimed and award winning poet. Charles Xavier is a lead researcher with the Genetics Department who is well on his way to tenure. But what happens when Charles has to cancel a class because half his students abandon him in favour of a mysterious new English Lit professor? Naturally he ends up sitting in in the class, where Professor Lehnsherr mistakes him for a student. It’s really too bad Erik has such a strict policy against dating students. It’s also too bad Erik doesn’t seem to know how to use Google.

lay down beside me (so still and so soft) by C_Gracewood

Summary: A different take on the events of the film.

Faerie AU by pearl_o

Summary of Part 1: There’s a war between humans and the Fae, and Erik’s gift makes him a unique and powerful weapon. Of course, Charles makes everything more complicated.

The stars incline us, they do not bind us by ikeracity, Pangea

Summary: Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he’s settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.

City by the Sea by Black_Betty

Summary: It never bothered Charles that he essentially belonged to someone else from birth. Ever since he could remember he had been told stories about the mysterious prince who was his betrothed, and who one day would be called husband. As he grew older, Charles caught his thoughts drifting away from lessons under strict tutors, his mind slipping into the hazy daydream of his life yet to come…