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PSA for comrades intending on engaging in acts of Direct Action or are looking to protect themselves and others whilst protesting (please share this and spread it around) : How to make a cheap/disposable “Book Bloc” shield, (disclaimer, these types of shields are only good for blocking police batons, kicks and punches and pepper spray not less lethal rounds or live ammunition) Step 1. Find or buy some heavy duty tough cardboard sheets or sturdy lightweight wood hardboard, Step 2. Punch or drill 4 holes through the sheets or boards in the middle, Step 3. Find or buy 2 hooked bungee cords, one should be slightly longer than the other in order to provide enough slack so your arm can fit through, Step 4. loop the bungee cords through the holes and attach the hooks at either end together to create handles, Step 5. Paint or draw on a design or message of your choosing, people tend to paint on the title of a book and the name of the author hence the term “Book Bloc” shield.

Anthony Suau (1988)

A mother clings to a riot policeman’s shield at a polling station. Her son was one of thousands of demonstrators who were arrested because they tried to prove that the presidential election on December 15, won by the government candidate, had been rigged. (South Korea)

Just saw a most amazing production of Les Mis

at the Dallas Theater Center. So tired but OH MY GOSH.

-SET IN MODERN DAYS! COPS. POLICE BRUTALITY. GUNS AND EXPLOSIVES AT THE BARRICADE. Riot shields. Caution tape set up after the barricade fell. Hearing their radios reporting as they stepped over the students’ dead bodies. It was chilling.

-guns as an active part of the story, more so than the 1800s version. JVJ literally knocked a gun from Javert’s hand and took it when he ran after Fantine’s death.

-the only non-ensemble characters portrayed by white people were Javert, Enjolras and a couple other students (not including Marius), and the Thenadiers. Eponine MAY have been white but I’m not quite sure. The subtext of racism played into the story that already existed SO BEAUTIFULLY that it made me cry MORE than usual

-In “One Day More” they were holding signs that said “living wages for all” “everyone deserves clean water” “we are all God’s children” “freedom” “never slaves again” and I just !

-Thenardier during “Dog Eat Dog” song, which is always disgusting ANYWAY - but at the line, “Someone’s got to collect their odds and ends / As a service to the town!” He reached down and lifted up the head of one of the dead students, Courfeyrac I think, and squished his lips to “sing along” to the service to the town part, and I was so disgusted and angry I started crying furiously. 

-The costuming. Not just cop uniform for Javert, but the SWAT-like masks and uniforms for prison guards, the fact that those were the SAME men who later showed up in “Lovely Ladies,”  and later barricade police forces, orange jumpsuits for JVJ and the other convicts in the prologue, seeing the factory workers dressed crappily while the foreman got a white shirt and dress pants and the CEOs and Mayor walked through in their nice suits and barely looked at the workers, a home being foreclosed and a family being kicked out and the homeless men and women with their cardboard signs being “cleaned up” in the streets of Paris, and all the sudden the distance and “how could that even happen” in the historical version became “oh my gosh, I am literally doing this in my life, how many times have I been part of this problem and not known it?”

-ok lol hipster Enjolras and other students with their mac laptops and coffee cups at the cafe

-But SERIOUSLY, each cast member was so talented, and each of their heritage highlighted something about the story of the character and how those struggles exist NOW. Indian Jean Valjean. Black Fantine and Young Cosette. Asian Adult Cosette (it was a little awkward having her change ethnicity as she grew, but I’m SO HAPPY they didn’t just make her actress be Eponine because of the tradition of casting Asian women as Eponine ever since Lea Salonga…), diverse ensemble including latin@ men and women as well…I could cry. I DID cry. JVJ being punished more extensively for a simple crime and the implied subtext with his being easily mistaken for Middle Eastern. Fantine as a single black mother being singled out for aggressions at her factory workplace and later brutality. The tender, TENDER moment with her on a modern hospital bed in a hospital gown as she’s dying, and he looks at her and UNDERSTANDS the prejudice that she’s faced - that he played into! And that the privileged students were similarly diverse, so no one race was pigeonholed into a certain role of suffering, and, and, everythiiiiiing

-“Turning Through The Years” with police caution tape and red and blue flashing lights

-Realizing that I could read on the news about a riot involving students somewhere, under 10 dead, etc - and be sad but not have it mean as much to me as it should. Because it SHOULD. Every time this happens, now, and it IS happening now, it’s Les Miserables.

-“Will join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? … Tomorrow comes!” This production effectively took the passion I always feel at the end of Les Miserables and directed it to look at myself and the true injustices of our age, our lives, our society. Bam. 

I’m sure there’s more I’ll think of later but I was just so…wow.

If you live in the Dallas, TX area and want to see it! 

I had a student last year who was from Kiev, and she did a series of work based around her memories around the city. I don’t know if it was just her telling me about various parts of the city and growing up around there or what, but for some reason seeing the coverage of the riots seems particularly heartbreaking to me.

Gemsona weapon ideas part 10

in case you didnt already know. I’m steven universe trash and i love helping people with making stuff.

parts 1  2  3  4  5 6  7  8  9

The Pata gauntlet sword is Indian and similar to the Katar but more sword-like

The Kaiser blade is a landscaping tool. but if ninjas have taught us anything, its that farming tools can be excellent as weapons.

The Sonic Shotgun is from the movie minority report. its hard to describe so just see this video that shows how the gun worked in its unfortunately short screen time. just know it shoots non-lethal sound waves and is really freaking cool.

Now i’m sure many of you know about the chakram, Indian throwing rings. well here is a variant that can be split apart and used as a melee weapon rather than a throwing one.

The Predator from the similarly named movies has a plasma gun over his shoulder for hands free shooting.

The Chain sickle is what i think Alexandrite’s fusion weapon is. a blade and a weight connected with a chain.

this is a riot shield, but this one has flashbang grenades built into the front to disorient enemies while leaving the user unharmed.

The Bola is two or three weights around a small rope that can be thrown at opponents. or you can throw them at their legs to tangle them up and prevent them from fleeing.

the Gaderffii stick is a weapon used by the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars. usually consisting of two ends, a club and a mace, each with a huge spike on it.

and finally there is the trench knife, for when you cannot decide if you want to punch or stab.

good luck with oc creating.

My Body Armor

The police may have their kevlar vests and riot shields, but I have my wire bodice hanger to protect me in dangerous situations.