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✨  = Favourite
🔥  = Slow Burn

❗️  = Manga Spoilers

✔️  = Complete

📔  = Multi-chapters
👊  = Excessive violence / whump
🍆  = they do the do or something like that


  • Yesterday Upon the Stair by PitViperOfDoom ( ✨ ❗️ 📔 ) 148k
    Izuku has a quirk that lets him sees ghosts. Twists canon in ways that makes the whole story feel new and fresh whilst retaining the charm. Beautifully written and every time there’s a new chapter released I cry because I love it so much (seriously no exaggeration). 
  • Flourish by wildcrisis ( 📔 ) 23.8k
    Baby Shinsou gets adopted by Aizawa. This fic is full to the brim with domestic sweetness, with a lot of potential angst in the future. There’s also very very vague background EraserMic but if that’s not your thing it can be very easily ignored (or not if you’re into it). Good time and a wholesome fic.
  • But You Gotta Get Up At Least One More by simkjrs ( ✨ ❗️ 📔 ) 104k
    Loosely based off One Punch Man, but not necessary for the read. Quirkless Izuku has ridiculous super strength and is basically really badass hero. He accidentally becomes a cryptid of class 1-A, whilst Bakugou’s and Izuku’s relationship is the forefront. Great fic with a lot of development and is very very well written. 
  • Know what I’ve Made By The Marks On My Hands by simkjrs ( ✨ ❗️ 📔 ) 17.7k
    Also referred to as My Spirit Academia, quirks are abilities that are granted to people by spirits that no one can see. The only exception is Izuku, and this makes him an outcast to both spirits and people. And when heroes start loosing their quirks, it turns out that Izuku is the only person who can help. Sassy child who needs a good nights sleep and a hug.
  • Daymare by IntrospectiveInquisitor ( 📔 👊 )  132.9k
    Izuku gets hit and hit and hit and just can’t catch a break. Basically, the main story but Izuku has a quirk that he finds horrifying, ball of nerves. Just want to wrap him up in a blanket and give him all the love in the world.
  • The Thin Gray Line by A_ToastToTheOutcasts ( 
✔️ 📔 ) 89.6k
    Quirkless Izuku gives up being a hero to become a vigilante. Ends up doing quite a lot of the same stuff in canon, but quirkless. Sassy child going against the law.
  • The Difference Between by phaunts ( ✨ 📔 👊 ) 11.9k
    Kidnap fic with a lot of promise. Or alternatively the mall conversation with Shigaraki ends up with a different outcome, well written and angsty. Man I can’t wait for the next chapter. 
  • The Mentor’s Rage by BeyondTheClouds777 ( 📔 👊 ) 35.7k 
    Izuku gets hurt real bad during the USJ attack. I nickname this fic the great whumping of Deku. Nice mix of angsty and sweet? Also at a point in time where the main story is done, but there could always be more if the author thinks of more. I regularly go back to read this whenever I want to read some good whump fics.
  • The World Without Me by BeyondTheClouds777 ( 
📔 👊 ) 38.6k
    Izuku dies whilst out with the class, it’s emotional and Izuku isn’t dead for long. Beats you up in a dark alley with feels, whilst throwing flowers on you ft 19 over protective children and the boy who just needs a rest.
  • Sound check, one two three by shibo226 ( ✨ 
📔 ) 41k
    Izuku befriends a quirkless girl, later she ends up becoming his big sister. An OC involved story, but don’t let that put you off. It’s well written, and honestly one of my favourite fanfictions right now. I rarely like OC fanfics, but this one has my soul. 

Kirishima / Bakugou

  • Those Ten Moments by Kivea ( ✨ 
✔️ ) 11.8k
    Kaminari sees his friends are crushing hard on each other and decides to help set them up. It’s adorable and it’s just a wholesome fic where Kaminari ends up bonding with all the girls whilst setting his bro up. Not gonna lie this fic is 60% responsible for how much I love Denki. 
  • One to Ten by crunchrapsupreme ( 
✔️ ) 7.4k
    Kirishima is all kinds of gay for Bakugou and makes up a friendship scale deciding that when he gets to 10, he’ll ask the explosive blond out on a date. He starts on a -4. Really sweet bonding fic and honestly Kiri is absolutely not subtle. 
  • 2am Knows All Secrets by Sarahhaley ( 🔥 ❗️ 📔 ) 55.8k
    Bakugou gets nightmares and our sweet child Kirishima does his best to help out his bro. It’s really sweet and wholesome, and full of pining. Definitely want to check this one out.
  • Fight Me by ryonello ( ✔️ ) 2.4k
    Bakugou gets wrecked for once and ends up in the hospital with a really hot nurse. He’s still stubborn as hell, and Kiri is a cutie so this is a really fluffy fic.
  • The Beauty of a Beast by starofjems ( 🔥 
✔️ 📔 ) 101.7k
    Bakushima but with Beauty and the Beast elements. Really well written, Kirishima has scales and there’s magic. It’s gay and whenever I read it I usually have the intense need to watch the third ending over again because it’s got that kind of feel to it? God it’s great.
  • License to Kill by thats_a_secret ( 🔥 📔 ) 44.2k
    The Villain Bakugou fic. He’s kidnapped as a kid, and ends up becoming a villain. The shipping is really low key, so technically this should be in the no ship category but not really. Follows canon events but ya know villain Bakugou. 

Midoriya / Todoroki

  • Pulling the Wires by catsplosionxd & PsychoLimbo ( ✨ 👊 📔 ) 47k
    Izuku is kidnapped as a kid and forced into being a villain comes across Todoroki, they become unlikely friends. Two children who just are in desperate need for hugs and protection. Accurate portrayal of trauma and every chapter I feel I need to rage at any who want to hurt these children. Very gay children. Yaoyorozu is 95% of their impulse control.
  • Erased Potential by theslytherinpaladin ( 🔥 📔 ) 45.2k
    Instead of Izuku being taught by All Might, consider Aizawa taking him under his wing instead. Izuku trains to become a hero despite being quirkless, he’s going to fight tooth and nail for his rightful place at UA with Aizawa’s help. Great fic, honestly could be canon. I love quirkless fics.
  • United In the Storm by theslytherinpaladin ( ✨ 🔥 📔 ) 49.2k
    Set after USJ, Inko gets killed, and Izuku is adopted by All Might. Sweet and very angsty as you would expect, baby Izuku just wants to get stronger to protect those he loves. There’s also Dad Might so that automatically makes it brilliant. 

    {{ I should mention that I am a sucker for all of PitViperOfDoom’s MHA works, so whilst I could suggest all their works these following are my favourites in particular. }}

  • Tenth by PitViperOfDoom ( 
✔️ ) 2.5k
    A sad fic that tears at your heart. If you love a heaping serving of angst and sadness involving these two then here’s the perfect fic for you. Really well written and leaves you wanting more without feeling incomplete. 
  • Count Your Blessings, Not Your Flaws by PitViperOfDoom ( 
✔️ ) 7.4k
    Full of pining and misunderstandings involving these two nerds. Sadly relatable for some, but good job the rest of class 1-A has their backs to sew everything back together.
  • Burn and Breathe / Bedhead by PitViperOfDoom ( ✨ 
✔️ ) 13.2k
    Soulmate AU where you share pain. With these two it’s like gasoline on a bonfire, angsty and beautiful. Well worth a read, especially the latter. It’s easy to say the first is more angsty than the latter, but the latter is a lot sweeter and fluffier than the first. 
  • Riddles in the Heart by PitViperOfDoom ( 
✔️ ) 18.8k
    Super intriguing storytelling, the premise is that whoever answers three riddles correctly gets to marry Prince Shouto, but if you get one wrong you’re executed in front of the public. Izuku decides to give it a try. 
  • An Arrow to a Bundle by PitViperOfDoom ( 
✔️ ) 5.9k
    Based off a tumblr post, a no-quirk AU. Endeavor is a dick, but it’s okay because Izuku ropes his friends into helping. It’s a great fic full of support for Todoroki. At the very least read the tumblr post it’s based off.
  • Send Endeavor to the Shadow Realm by PitViperOfDoom ( ✨ ❗️ 
✔️ 📔 ) 79.7k
    A six part series, the first four are Izuku vaguing Endeavor and throwing shade. The last two entries are full of angst with helpings of adorable moments, primarily deals with how shitty Endeavor is and helping Shouto. There’s also a really gay part in it. I reread it very regularly.

    {{ Here ends my PitViperOfDoom fic recs, onto more TodoDeku }}

  • sore must be the storm by pouler ( 
✔️ ) 10.4k
    Todoroki and Izuku get into a near death experience and get to talk about some stuff. It’s so well written that you can practically feel the tension and fragility of the situation.
  • i am cold, can you hear? by midoizuku ( 🔥 📔 ) 33.7k
    #DadMightIsCanon - Todoroki and Izuku meet before UA and they bond over the fact that their dads are really famous heroes. It’s sweet and well written, one of the first fics that I read.
  • prince & prince by authoress ( 🔥 📔 🍆 ) 141.1k
    Izuku’s been sent from the Kingdom of Yuuei to spy on Prince Todoroki in the Kingdom of Endeavor, hoping to prevent a bloody war. Only the royals have Quirks, and the Kingdoms are named after hero names. Really intricately written, and man I just really love it.
  • One of “Those” by Ultimatum ( ✔️ ) 6.5k
    A take on how the MHA world of heroes would deal if two pro heroes get outed as gay boyfriends. Endeavor is a homophobic ass. 
  • Confession Through Text by anonymouseling shameless self promo 4.1k
    Todoroki knows he has a crush on his first friend, many people worry about how they would confess their love and they’d do so in a well thought out and careful manner. 
    Todoroki doesn’t quite get that concept.
I think every man should read Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence, not only because Edith Wharton is the biggest badass of all time (she was the first lady author to win a Pulitzer, FOR THIS VERY BOOK), but also because it is the quintessential ‘nice guy’ novel. A 'nice guy’ is a guy who thinks he’s a real gentleman/upstanding citizen/sweetheart/feminist, but is really just a self-obsessed, self-righteous, obliviously misogynist asshole. Unfortunately, women deal with 'nice guys’ all the time. I imagine there might be fewer 'nice guys’ in the world if they just read The Age of Innocence and realized that they all sounded like the biggest douchebags ever.
—  Zoe Triska, Senior Editor, Global Content Strategy (Book Riot’s 22 Books Women Think Men Should Read)

anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to expound upon your Love for the Amalgam Comics and describe what you Love & Dislike about the "Big Mix" to those of us who take an interest? (Please and Thank You).

spectralspices said: Remember speed demon? And Dark Claw? And spider boy? And fucking FUSED CAPTAIN MARVEL

Conveniently, spectralspices’ version of that ask largely answered for me. It’s just silly and charming in a way gimmicks like this once aspired to but rarely achieved.

Not that they were all winners - the Justice League/X-Men book by Waid and Porter wasn’t nearly as good as you’d have expected, for instance, and having only read around 1/3 or thereabouts (I had to pack ‘em away in the middle of my full reread) I’m sure there are some other stinkers. But there’s some real gems hidden in there too: Challengers of the Fantastic and Super Soldier are both highlights, with concepts that really fit together smoothly and dream creative teams in the form of Karl Kesel/Tom Grummett and Mark Waid/Dave Gibbons. Not to mention the excellent letters pages, set up to act as if this was the relaunch of a preexisting comic line and responding to unseen previous adventures. That was the thing with these books: there’s no history beyond references to the source material or thematic underpinnings to draw on because they didn’t exist last month, and there’s no point trying to establish them because they won’t be around next month, so these were knowingly for the sole purpose of being a rollicking fun time that played on the inherent once-in-a-lifetime entertainment value of being able to properly play with both DC and Marvel’s toys at the same time on equal footing.

And in that regard, the best of the bunch has to be Spider-Boy Team-Up.

A merger of Peter Parker (well, really Ben Reilly, but that’s a whole thing) and Kon-El, Pete Ross was grown as an attempt at creating a new Super Soldier prior to him emerging in the modern day; the experiment was sabotaged, and his gravity-warping powers were limited to enhanced physical abilities and being able to essentially stick to walls by bending his personal mass. When his adoptive uncle General Ross was killed by a mugger right in front of him, Peter realized that with great power comes responsibility and decided to become the hero Spider-Boy…while also leveraging his talents into showbusiness, both because the mugger overlooked him when shooting his uncle and he therefore wants to be a center of attention rather than innocent people being thrown in the line of fire instead, and also because he’s 16 and it’s fun to be on TV. All that was covered in his first appearance, along with confrontations with Bizarnage and King Lizard, but it was his second appearance where things got wild.

In the Team-Up, Spidey finds himself thrown into the future in the middle of a battle to meet The Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099, only to learn this is a Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? situation where they’re paying their last respects in the moments before his demise. But instead, an attack by the Frightful Five and Spider-Boy’s newfound knowledge change thing…leading the book to cycle through 2 distinct reboots of the Legion as the timeline keeps getting fucked with over and over again, with an homage to 5 Years Later on top. And all that’s before Spider-Boy 2099 and Chronos-Tut gets involved. It’s an issue-long shameless in-joke at the expense of the Legion of Superheroes and really the very concept of a ‘definitive’ future for DC or Marvel, and at the same time a celebration of all the weird fun and sense of meaning and legacy it inevitably brings with it. It’s a riot, and I fully recommend grabbing it if you ever catch it in a longbox.

Compilation of all of SCANDAL’s “SCANOMICS” radio broadcasts so far. The band have started as regulars on TOKYO FM since 2nd Apr 2013 and the radio programme is still ongoing.

I have provided most of the overall translations with the exception of the earlier broadcasts. List is as follows below:

I only started taking the translations more seriously (?) from the June 2013 broadcasts onwards and nowadays, I try to translate as much of the programme as I can. Do enjoy them!

This post will be updated whenever I finish the latest SCANOMICS broadcast and its link will be available at the top of fyscandalband’s page.