riot grrrl tattoo


Mega babe @missselfdestruct & the hunky @mouth-of-leviathan tagged me to post my face. Couldn’t say no, bc I adore them both

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So I’ve done a decent amount of shite recently. I graduated high school, I got my first tattoo, and I got drunk as hell and went night swimming with my best friends. Summer so far has been pretty fun.

90's Themed Sapphic Asks:
  • 1: Early to mid 90's sapphic, or mid to late 90's sapphic?
  • 2: Neon windbreaker sapphic, or denim jacket sapphic?
  • 3: Spice Girls sapphic, or Backstreet Boys sapphic?
  • 4: Beads on your bicycle spokes sapphic, or streamers in your bicycle handlebars sapphic?
  • 5: Furby sapphic, or Beanie Babies sapphic?
  • 6: Overalls sapphic, or jumper skirts sapphic?
  • 7: Xena: Warrior Princess sapphic, or Buffy The Vampire Slayer sapphic?
  • 8: Ripped jeans sapphic, or cargo pants sapphic?
  • 9: Nirvana sapphic, or Pearl Jam sapphic?
  • 10: Tommy Hilfiger sapphic, or Calvin Klein sapphic?
  • 11: Christopher Pike books sapphic, or R.L. Stine books sapphic?
  • 12: "Take a chill pill" sapphic, or "talk to the hand" sapphic?
  • 13: Clueless sapphic, or The Craft sapphic?
  • 14: Nintendo 64 console sapphic, or Nintendo Gameboy sapphic?
  • 15: 90's Euro-Pop sapphic, or 90's grunge sapphic?
  • 16: Platform sneakers sapphic, or Mary Jane shoes sapphic?
  • 17: Maybelline Roll on lip gloss sapphic, or Lip Smackers lip balm sapphic?
  • 18: Toe ring sapphic, or ankle bracelet sapphic?
  • 19: Walkman sapphic, or hit clips sapphic?
  • 20: Push pops sapphic, or ring pops sapphic?
  • 21: Plaid flannel sapphic, or baggy sweater sapphic?
  • 22: Eyebrow piercing sapphic, or tongue piercing sapphic?
  • 23: Rollerblades sapphic, or skateboard sapphic?
  • 24: Tori Amos sapphic, or Fiona Apple sapphic?
  • 25: Hair parted down the middle sapphic, or thick straight across bangs sapphic?
  • 26: MTV sapphic, or Nickelodeon sapphic?
  • 27: Slap bracelets sapphic, or mood rings sapphic?
  • 28: Bucket hats sapphic or bandanas sapphic?
  • 29: Christina Aguilera sapphic, or Britney Spears sapphic?
  • 30: Valley girl sapphic, or riot grrrl sapphic?
  • 31: Tattoo choker sapphic, or puka shell necklace sapphic?
  • 32: Skip-It sapphic, or hacky sack sapphic?
  • 33: Ying yang signs on everything sapphic, or alien faces on everything sapphic?
  • 34: "Whatever" hand sign sapphic, or "loser" hand sign sapphic?
  • 35: Are you a 90's baby sapphic, or 90's kid sapphic?