riot granny



Riot Granny edition

  1. The now defunct £1 note
  2. Van insurance
  3. Energy
  4. Hail
  5. Cup-a-soup sachets
  6. “Pyjama weather” (unspecified)
  7. raining leaves (also known as autumn, fall)
  8. Scottish
  9. Seagulls
  10. Snowing
  11. Starbucks weather
  12. Robbie Williams’ tears
  13. Snun (the british government’s artificial sun, wheeled out twice a year in june-august)
  14. Bailey’s (exclusive to Northern Ireland)
  15. Fog
  16. Riots
  17. Granny
  18. That weird weather where you have to squint to try and see if it’s snowing, and you say “is it snowing?” and everyone says “i’m not sure. maybe. it looks like it?” and then the sun comes out
  19. Glasgow’s notorious “Taps Aff”