Games the zodiacs should never play

Aries: League of Legends

Taurus: League of Legends

Gemini: League of Legends

Cancer: League of Legends

Leo: League of Legends

Virgo: League of Legends

Libra: League of Legends

Scorpio: League of Legends

Sagittarius: League of Legends

Capricorn: League of Legends

Aquarius: League of Legends

Pisces: League of Legends

I really appreciate the deep level of detail the modeler/texture artist(s) put into this skin. Like… Wow.

Beyond that, all she’s missing is a cute little sidekick creature for her to be a proper magical girl. Unless her staff is like the talking Kaleidosticks in the Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya series. It does look very similar after all!



Last year I decided to join a contest for the very first time in my life (Riot Games Art Contest over at Polycount). Participants were asked to do illustrations, characters, animations, 3D models and environments referred to the game League Of Legends .

I participated, because I wanted to challange myself and leave my comfort zone. The thing is that I get tired of my own work while doing it very easily. That´s why I hardly finished things I started in the past. With the contest I tried to force myself and stick to a plan :) And it was actually pretty fun!

I chose to design a new skin for the already existing champion Diana and wanted to show her in an environment that fits her story and powers. Even though the result doesn´t really show the level where I want to be, I want to share it with you guys, because it´s all about learning and getting better. There is a first time for everything and the journey continues.

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I wanna see how many summoners out there actually enjoy the game without being butt hurt about losing and stay friendly to their fellow players