Darkstar Kog'Maw Skin - FANART CONCEPT, Kanon Noel
This is a pet project of mine that I started 3 months ago but abandoned only to pick it up and finish it today! It really highlights the importance of breaks and looking at things with new eyes & body. This was such a fun exercise, teaching myself about isometric drawings and also about how they do things at Riot Games! They've got this cool 3 Saturation Levels rule that will always stick with me. I also had a lot of fun trying to apply the motifs of the Darkstar line of skins for League of Legends to my favourite champion! This is the most layers I've ever used for anything ever (at least 12) and probably the most fun drawing I've ever had. +x+x+x+x+ Fun fact: I'm Mastery 7 on Kog'Maw c:



Riot Gods: Congratulations! You’ve earned enough LP to get into your series! Please pick one prize from the prizes below.

- One AFK

- Toxic Team Member(s)

- 1st Time Playing Selected Champion

- No Team Work

- Extreme Tunnel Vision/Terrible Map Awareness 

- Everyone Thinks They’re The ‘Carry’

- Too Aggressive or Too Passive 

- “One By One They Go” Team Fights