Schools Across North America Compete in uLoL Rivalries by Yahoo Esports

By Hunter Leigh, Head of Esports Operations

Back in September, we asked you to tell us which schools in North America had the most passionate University League of Legends teams and the best rivalries. Well, the votes are in and the schedule is set!

The uLoL Rivalries by Yahoo Esports is set to kick off on November 4 with BYU vs. Utah. In partnership with Riot Games, uLoL Rivalries will be running five matches over five weeks every Friday, with the series concluding with Florida State vs. Florida on December 2.  

Voting took place over a one month period, with each rivalry jostling for position. Over 300,000 votes were cast to whittle down the list to the top five. The full schedule includes:

  • 11/4 - BYU vs Utah
  • 11/11 - North Carolina vs Duke
  • 11/18 - Ohio State vs Michigan
  • 11/25 - UBC vs Simon Fraser
  • 12/2 - Florida State vs Florida

*all events are at 3pm PST

uLoL Rivalries by Yahoo Esports will bring North America’s most passionate uLoL teams together in a series of competitive, passionate showdowns. Riot Games and Yahoo Esports will be rolling into town, covering the competitions, interacting with the teams and players and engaging fans from both campuses. Stay tuned for details on the viewing events we’ll be announcing once the final details are settled.

uLoL Rivalries will be streamed live on Yahoo Esports and on Riot Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels. If you can’t make it to your school’s viewing event, make sure to tune in live and chat with us on Yahoo Esports, Twitter and Twitch.

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🍩 Officer Caitlyn and Officer Vi! 🍩

Hey everyone!!! So finally after a long long time since the last, here’s another LoL pin-up! I tried something a little different with this one, and honestly am not so sure how it turned out after seeing and working on it so long. I hope you like it nonetheless!

As always the hi-res version can be found here (1440x1920) <3

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