riot cops

Some extremely common lies used to turn the public against a protest

“Most of those who were arrested at the protest about this local issue were not from the neighbourhood”
Very often untrue. Outsiders posing as ‘concerned local citizens’ does happen but this is almost entirely a strategy of white supremacists. Anarchists and other left wing radicals don’t use this stategy as it runs counter to their goal of winning over the people.
Some ways the police manipulate statistics:
- defining ‘the neighbourhood’ in extremely narrow terms
- assuming all those arrested who did not give their address are outsiders
- just plain making up statistics.

“The road block prevented emergency services from doing their job”
Almost always untrue. Road blocks pretty much without exception allow ambulances to pass. When police report this some likely explanations are:
- ‘emergency services couldn’t pass’ just means ‘the police couldn’t pass’
- the police organized a blatant trap, driving an ambulance to the blockade followed closely by lots and lots of riot cops, and the blockade didn’t fall for the obvious trick.
- it’s pure fiction

“A mindless mob destroyed it’s own neighbourhood.”
Just not what protestors, rioters or mobs do. Some reasons you may hear it:
- protestors entered local stores to get essential supplies to defend themselves against police violence
- protestors destroyed windows close to protest lines because that is much safer than waiting for a rubber bullet to smash that window and send glass flying everywhere
- locals damaged businesses known to collaborate with the police
- locals destroyed surveillance equipment
- locals accepted an amount of physical damage to their neighbourhood in the struggle and their efforts to clean up and repair the next day were not covered by the media
- the police send people into the protest whose only intention was to cause mayhem and reck the neighbourhood.
- More fiction

There are way more like these and different police forces and governments have a different set if them that they use often. Know some? Reblog and add!

re berkeley

From a friend: “We totally begged UC Berkeley administrators to cancel Milo months ago. We begged them directly to cancel this thing earlier this week after we read aloud death threats we and others have received for even so much as asking them to consider cancellation. But they refused to listen.

When a student asked Nils Gilman (Chancellor Dirk’s Chief of Staff) under what conditions administrators would cancel the Milo event, he responded, ”…If there is a ‘clear and present danger'—this is the standard articulated by Justice Brandeis a number of years ago—but 'clear and present danger.’ That can only happen when the event is either basically happening or about to happen in order for it to be clear so you can actually literally see that there is a danger. So in other words, if there’s about to be a riot, and the police judge that there is about to be a riot, the police could, as a matter of public safety, say, 'This is not a situation where we have enough manpower where we can control and provide public safety. We’re gonna shut this thing down.’ But that can only happen if there is, as I say, a clear and present danger. That’s basically the standard that the supreme court, a hundred years of jurisprudence, has upheld. Did that answer your question?“

Conclusion: the UC Berkeley administration wanted a riot.”

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The stars say that sometime this week you’ll land a hella dunk without noticing it.

Taurus: Make your point by crushing a glass orb in your hand as you finish your sentence.

Gemini: Are some things too hard sometimes? Evolve a stronger beak.

Cancer: Crumble the prisons. Let their charges walk free. The repentant will make do. The guilty will face the justice of the hunt.

Leo: Cover everything you own in small barbs. It will make your possessions difficult to steal, and you will always know whether something is yours or not.

Virgo: Learn to dance, it will help you find a partner. Also, with the addition of a knife you become a force to be reckoned with.

Libra: Te convertirás en el mejor luchador de la historia.

Scorpio: The four horsemen will pass by you this week in the form of a wicked bluegrass band.

Ophiuchus: Today is Sauce Day.

Sagittarius: Riot cops have bulletproof body armor. You know what they’d never expect? Longbows.

Capricorn: Cornfields are a prominent source of disruptive energy. A vast filed cultivated with mathematical precision. They are also a prominent source of corn.

Aquarius: Ghosts in the neon.

Pisces: The song Take on Me will be a harbinger of intense hunger.

“Anarcho” capitalists on tumblr: haha yeah fuck the police *freely reblogs pics of riot cops on fire*

Actual capitalists in real life: *regularly calls the police to break up and suppress worker strikes*


Την γνωρίζω καλά
Αυτή την ακριβή Κυρία
Πού από καιρό έχει πάψει
Να ομολογεί την ηλικία της.

Κάθεται, στον ίδιο
Με τον δικό μου δρόμο
Στη γωνιά ακριβώς.
Απ’ τα παράθυρα της
Μπορεί να δει κάθε πρωί
Τις παιδικές φυλακές των « Πέντε Αγίων»
Το νεκροταφείο
Και, την αστυνομία πόλεως.

Το εσωτερικό του σπιτιού της, λένε,
Είναι υπέροχο
Αν και φθαρμένο λίγο
Από το Χρόνο
Από τη σκόνη
Κι από την ίδια
Πού χρόνια τώρα κάθεται
Στις ίδιες καρέκλες.

Λένε πολλά γι’ αυτήν
Μα πιο πολύ μιλούν
Για τις πολλές ερωτικές της σχέσεις
Με Στρατηγούς
Με επαγγελματίες Πολιτικούς
Με Διανοούμενους
Άλλα και με Αστυνομικούς.

Δεν υπάρχει αμφιβολία γι’ αυτό
Το μαρτυρούν άλλωστε οί εκκλησίες
Τα πολυάριθμα σχολεία
Οί φυλακές και τ’ αναμορφωτήρια
Πού γενναιόδωρα έχει χαρίσει.
Εις το Κράτος.

Το σαλόνι της είναι ανοιχτό
Για όσους δεν έχουν ασχολία
Κι αργοπεθαίνουν από πλήξη.
Κι όσοι πηγαίνουν τ’ ομολογούν
Πώς όλα είναι υπέροχα
Στο σπίτι της καλής αυτής Κυρίας…

Ιδιαίτερα το δειλινό
Στην ώρα του δείπνου
Με την ακριβή ιεροτελεστία του φαγητού
Το σπίτι γίνεται χρυσό
Ένα μνημείο ιστορικό
Με τα πορτρέτα των προγόνων της
Αγωνιστών και δολοφόνων

Με τ’ ακριβά παράσημα των «εθνικών υπηρεσιών»
Με τις περγαμηνές και τα χρυσά μαχαίρια
Με τα κεριά και τα ψηφιδωτά…
Και μες σ’ αυτά
Αισθητικοί κι ευαίσθητοι
Προσφέρουνε στους καλεσμένους

*Το ποίημα αυτό του Μάνου Χατζιδάκι είναι από το βιβλίο του «Μυθολογία και Μυθολογία Δεύτερη», Εκδόσεις Άγρα (σελ.105 – 107).